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Community-driven discovery. “People get really hyped when they find me,” said Danielle Sykes, the creator of Podcasts in Color, an individually driven digital project that’s working hard to build out an online space for people of color who produce and consume podcasts. I had asked Sykes, who goes by Berry, if she felt like the podcast ecosystem had been adequately accommodating of different voices and communities — that is, for demographics other than “the white guys with mics” stereotype the space has become saddled with. read more

James St Green is headed to MTV 

In the living room of an art residency in the woods of rural Wisconsin, I heard my first podcast.
A Hackintosh in the center of the room quietly played the entire catalog of This American Life among the clatter of kitchenware and keyboards. Subtly, I found myself transported into different lands as I explored my art practice with remnants of these stories finding their way into my writing, intertwining like the linen pillows I curled into. The shared space reminded me of my youth, riding around with my grandfather in his pickup truck while he listened to AM radio.
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"Each week on the “Historically Black” podcast, we explore one object and its connection to a moment in black history. "

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