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Below are three new podcasts added to the directory chosen from last August submissions

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The Beehive Product Launch Show

Alisa Ivory Smith interviews inspiring female entrepreneurs around the world...


Eavesdrop as Kai, Karinna, and Simeon have raw discussions about the diversity woes and wonders of advertising from the bottom up. They’ll say all the things you never do in mixed company. Send advice questions, share stories (good and bad) and suggestions to AskMixedCompany@gmail.com

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The Root Podcast.png

Unique Views

The Root’s new podcast, Unique ViewsUV for short—will be hosted by Senior Editor Stephen Crockett along with Senior Editor Yesha Callahan and Social Content Producer Danielle Young. Unique Views will cover everything from current events to pop culture and politics. In our first episode, UV discusses the black Oscars, aka the BET Awards, as well as Jesse Williams and Justin Timberlake.