Father's Day Spotlight 2018



The 700 block - Fathers raising daughters part 1

Welcome back to the Block. I'm joined by Jae, Chris and Kenny and in this episode we're talking about being fathers to our daughters. The challenges we face as parents. 


You had me at black - a fathers day special

For Father's Day We asked a number of men to reflect on how fatherhood influences their understanding of masculinity, and how that's similar or different to their fathers' parenting.

schoolin life - parents are people

On this week's episode we talk the parentals. Both who they were before they became out parents and how their lives and decisions have long standing impacts on ours. Also we ask the important question, who are our parents outside of being "our parents"? At what point do we realize that our parent are people?

it's your world - fathers day episode

This week's Guest is my Stepfather Robert Brown wanted to have him on in order to show just how much I APPRECIATE Him! We talk Fatherhood, Life as A Black Man & Family!  

bonnets & durags

On episode six of Bonnets & Durags: A Pillow Talk Podcast, Simone has some serious pillow talk with two young, black fathers from NYC named Jordan and Naj in honor of the upcoming Father's Day holiday. 



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