3 Black Geeks - iOS -  Podcasters/Bloggers/Critics/Gamers/Black Geeks of everything but card games, D&D and ratchet chicks

Anime Podcast of Some Sort - iOS -  David Majors & Count Jack cover all of the news in anime, games and nerdiness. Yes, that's the title of the podcast.

Black Comics Chat - iOS - stitcher - #blackcomicschat A podcast at the intersection of Comics and Blackness. Join us as we chat with comic creators and promote diverse comix!

Black Girl Nerds iOS -  An online community devoted to promoting nerdiness among Black women & people of color. Live tweeter. Ranter. Raver. Geeker Outer.

Black Nerd Power iOS -  We discuss the worlds of sci if, fantasy, and pop culture from a black POV.

Blacker than Black Times Infinity (iOS) - West Coast Blerds with attitudes dropping dank geek knowledge and telling jokes. Anime, Comic books, videogames and pop culture are all in our wheelhouse. IF YOU UP.... SMASH DAT LIKE BUTTON FAM!!!

Brothascomics (soundcloud) - iOS - Brothascomics podcast. Join us weekly as we discuss nerdly topics from the world of comics. sci fi, and pop culture! New podcasts every Tuesday!

Carefree Black Nerd - iOS - soundcloud - A weekly conversation about the importance of representation in comics (and related media); from the characters to the creatives and how those, or lack of, effect what's seen on the big screen and in homes alike.

Comic Book Chronicles - iOS - #ComicBookChronicles - Hosted by The KLIQ Nation, this weekly podcast and live YouTube show looks at the latest in comic book news and reviews the books that hit the shelves.

Comic Book Junto - iOS - soundcloud -  A weekly Podcast about all things geek culture hosted by B3AR FRUIT creator Octavius A. Newman, and his good friend Adam J. Teterus. Junto: "A club of mutual improvement in which we discuss Morals, Politics, Philosophy and Geek Stuff.” (we added the part about geek stuff)

Fan Bros iOS - soundcloud -  The Fan Bros Show is the "Voice of the Urban Geek". Fan Bros discusses the week in geek while keeping an ear to the street for the topics and controversies

GeekKnight - feedburner - The GeekKnight crew discusses all things Gaming including, Video Games, Tabletop Games, RPG Gaming, War Gaming, etc..

GeekSet (iOS) - The only podcast that blends Hip-Hop Culture & Geek Culture together in one place. 3 Hip-Hop heads (Bacardi, Deuces & Lib) from Milwaukee sit down to give you their take on Geek Culture. Everything from Comics, Video Games, Anime, Comic Book Movies, News, Reviews & More.

Geek Soul Brother (blog talk radio btr)- iOS - Want to check out what’s happening in the world Sci-Fi or Fantasy from an older brother’s perspective, or if you want to get put onto some cool and classic stuff from back in the day, then stay tuned to GEEK SOUL BROTHER

Geek Therapy - iOS - Google Play -  "Geek Out, Do Good"

Geekswagg BJ Bunneh3000, Jason DirtyHelmet, and Makeda The Grim Phreaker are here to help unleash the geek in you.

GettingAnimated (bumpers) - iOS - Google Play - hosted by @DestinySenpai,the "Getting Animated" podcast is a weekly show that goes over anime news,topics,& of course fangirling.

GrandShuckett iOS podomatic -   At The Grand Shuckett, we review the latest Movies, Network and Cable Television Shows, Japanese Anime and Manga, Comic Books, and Novels

Ignorant Bliss - iOS - Google Play - Ignorant Bliss podcast is podcast where I (Julian Lytle) talk about things in popular culture that interests me. The podcast cover comics, film, television, music and video games.

MAH NAMEKS (Soundcloud) - iOS -  Is a predominantly african-american based Anime review show, Hosted by Antoine Lucus, from Newark, NJ, and his 6 co-hosts, Pauly, Chachi, Flip, Thomas, Kat and Ghong. Each week the cast of Mah Nameks watches and reviews new anime from the current anime season and provide a rating thematically based around the beloved Dragon Ball character Piccolo. If the show is good its awarded a rating of "Mah Namek"; if its okay its awarded a rating of "Needs More Training"; and if its bad its awarded a rating of "Special Beam Cannon". Our goal is to help the viewers make informed choices when viewing anime for that season and provide hilarious hijinks during the process.

MEGASheen - iOS - soundcloud Our podcasts is geared toward queer people of color that identify as geeks or nerds. We highlight relevant issues that affect our community. 

MisanthroPlay - iOS Hosted by game critics Robert Fenner and Alvin Chua, each episode of MisanthroPlay is focused on a close analysis of a theme within video games, which can be anything from concepts, genres, and even entire games themselves. In the second half, Robert and Alvin discuss what games they've been playing that week.

Nerds In Luxury (iOS) - Join Hostess Veronica with Montaego, Sosa, Ceedro and Wise as they share humorous observations of all things nerdy within pop-culture!

Nerds of Prey Podcast - iOS - soundcloud - Meet Shannon, CG, Lauren, and Mel. Come hang out with four Black women who are bonded by nerd culture as they discuss all things comics, games, movies, and television.

Planet Blerdom (soundcloud) - iOS - Planet Blerdom is a podcast composed of blerds, bonded by comic book fandom, anime, gaming, music, movies, sci-fi, and everything in between! Our hope is that this podcast will reach and touch the hearts of people who may feel like outcasts because of their choice of interests and that Planet Blerdom will become their home.

Pondering Nerdcast - iOS - Google Play - Feed your nerd with the Pondering Nerdcast. Where talk about everything nerd under the sun.

Running on Rooftops: The Comic Book Adaptation Podcast - iOS - Google PlayFrom page to screen, we run in between, analyzing and reviewing your favorite comic book media. If any comic book property has been adapted to another medium, Darryl and Phil will be there to cover it.

Sounds Of Bleekness (acast) - iOS - stitcherThree guys from London discuss some nerdy stuff (Comics, games, tech, and some other stuff) with 0 facts and only opinions. Should really rename to Tangent: The Podcast or Talking into the Mic and Laughing Obnoxiously Loud: The Podcast...but here we are. (UK/London) 

The Black Geeks - iOS - soundcloud Bringing you the latest news from Geekdom with a Blackish twist. The Black Geeks lend our years of knowledge and passion for all things Geeks, as we talk about news, reviews, gaming, tech, social issues, movies, tv, comics, books, current affairs, and more. Our mission is to uplift diverse voices and perspectives into everyday conversations.

The Defended (stitcher) - iOS - Google Play - The Defended podcast - A team of hosts band together breaking down all things Marvel: shows, movies, and other nerd entertainment.

The Knights of Nerdom (rss) - A group of lifelong nerds gather to discuss the nerdiest things in life all while trying not to kill each other in the end. 

The Kugali (Stitcher) - iOS - Google Play 4 Nigerian men all located in different continents come together on Skype to talk about games, comics, TV, animation, film and more created by Africans and people of African descent in the diaspora. We interview some of these creators too.

The Lando Cal Experience - iOS - stitcher -  Inspired by the 1st black man in space this is a podcast that discusses comic books. movies, technology, and overall nerd culture but with a different flex. 

The Lemonade Show - My podcast is my sweet/sour blerd perspective on pop culture, comics, tv/movie news and everything inbetween. 

The Longboxing While Black Podcast (soundcloud) - iOS - Google Play - We discuss elements of Blerd Life (Fandom, Politics Parenting), Pop Culture and Current Events.

The N-Erd Council (iOS) - A podcast by nerds for nerds and the nerd at heart (UK podcast) 

The Nerdpocalypse - iOS - Nerd News and Opinion! Focusing on all things nerdy from movies, science, technology, comics to the strange and bizarre stories from around the internet. The Nerdpocalypse Podcast aims to entertain as well as engage in intelligent conversation about what makes up our nerdy world! 

The Negro Justice League (libsyn) - iOS - Google PlayWelcome to The Negro Justice League: A Black Nerd Podcast. We are a group of geeks, nerds, and dweebs here do discuss what matters to you! Each episode is different. We cover comics, movies, and TV shows and address social issues from a unique perspective. If you're into The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Marvel, DC, Harry Potter or anything considered "nerdy" this is the show for you!

The NerdGeekNinja - iOS - Iman, Greg, and The NinjaBaby discusses movies, tv shows, and books. Shows include The NGN, ReadUp, and NiteNite NinjaBaby.

The Pondering Nerdcast - iOS - Google Play - These nerds ponder HARD! An anti-boring team talking about video games, comics, nerd culture, art and tech.

Two Nerdy Black Guys - iOS - David Majors AKA Djm and Brandon Cooper AKA kingkaz, and occasionally friends discussing nerdy stuff with race occasionally coming up, too.

VsTheNerdWorld (Stitcher) - iOS Rob & E go on to talk about Video Games, Movies, Comics TV and Books.