18 to 49 - iOS - StitcherJoin two friends, Alaia Williams and Brandi Holmes, as they come together once a week to dish about the latest in TV, film, celebrity gossip, and the hottest viral sensations. Sometimes organized, always relevant and extremely hilarious, Alaia and Brandi will keep you entertained with their thrilling banter on all things pop culture. 

Beacon Hills: After Dark (soundcloud) - iOS - A Teen Wolf haven where grown folk (way too grown) pontificate our way through teenaged werewolves, Stiles Stilinski, workout montages, sassy Peter retorts, Jeff Davis fatigue and so much more.

Black Chick Watching (stitcher) - iOS  -Listen in to hear about the good, bad and ugly of how black women and girls are treated in the media and the world at large. With occasional guests and exploring other groups this show is for fans of black chicks and diversity in general.

Blaze EntertainmentBlaze Entertainment bio: Join these two powerful personalities, Kwame & Miss Free on Blaze Entertainment as they cover some of pop culture’s most popular TV shows. Also giving their two cents on hot topics and most trending in a blunt and hilarious style. As two friends working hard every day to make a living for themselves they utilize Blaze Entertainment as a place of venting and releasing their feelings about everyday life. You don’t want to miss one episode!

Educated and Faded - iOS - stitcher -  Educated and Faded is an entertainment podcast hosted by 3 black men from wall street looking to move into Hollywood. Every week we explore topics in Hollywood ranging from religion to trends.

Dear Showrunners (soundcloud) - Dear Showrunner is a podcast where two friends watch, praise and critique their favorite shows! Each week your hosts Jo (@jo_justjo1) and Am (@AmBeeC) pick their favorite shows and nominate them for Showrunner of the Week. We also watch new shows and let them know if they are worth your time! Do you love TV? Or are you tired of spending hours flicking through Netflix’s and Amazon for that perfect show? Look no more!

Hand Me That Remote (soundcloud) - iOS - A podcast about Black women in television, film, and theatre by Black women.

LetGo, LetFlo; A Girlfriends' Apperciation Podcast (iOS) - A Girlfriends' appreciation podcast where we review and breakdown episodes from the iconic sitcom of the early 2000s. 

Madanddtalktv (iOS) - It's simple we talk TV.

On The Couch with the Wilsons - SoundcloudThe Wilsons are a husband and wife team that took their years of late nights and lazy Sundays bonding over their love for great (and sometimes not so great) television and movies and decided to share their views from the couch. Join The Wilsons On The Couch. 

#PodOfThrones (buzzsprout) - iOS - The Shiznit Show is a podcast about everyday life, from the ridiculous to the sublime, from the outlandish to the mundane; with a little bit of improv and comedy thrown in for good measure. Whatever the topic be sure there will be plenty of laughs.

Podcast Fandom (Stitcher) - iOS Podcast Fandom is the official podcast of Project We cover The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, The Flash, Queen Sugar, Sherlock, The Strain, Mr. Robot, Humans, The Leftovers, The Night Of, and more. 

Pondering Godscast (stitcher) - iOS - Google Play - A seasonal podcast that breaks down each episode of the American Gods TV show.

ReVisiting Sunnydale (libsyn) - iOS - Just a couple of FanGirls, going back to Sunnydale to rewatch Buffy the Vampire Slayer. One episode at a time. New episodes on Tuesdays, of course!

Saturdaying (Soundclooud) - iOSGet to Saturdaying with ya favorite homegril Venus as she serve up the must see in tv, movies and shows (streaming) from the Black perspective. Recorded in Chicago, ya favorite homegirl Venus, invites guests from across the country to weigh in on hit shows and blockbuster movies. She also picks a lesser known show or movie for you and your boo to Netflix and chill to. This weekly podcast is very smart, very funny and very Black. #Saturdaying

Say What Simone? (soundcloud) - iOS - stitcher - Join Bee as she gives you candid and comical responses to all of today's pop culture news and reality TV drama. Enjoy some of Bee's weekly rants about everything from Stevie J and Joseline's tumultuous relationship to some juicy Kardashian scandals.

Sci-fi Party Line -  iOS stitcher -  The Sci-Fi Party Line Podcast. A casual podcast about your favorite (and not so favorite) science fiction television shows and movies. 

Shamefree TV (libsyn) - We LOVE TV. We are two Gen X besties (black girl/white dude) who grew up on TV. This podcast is about many current Sci-Fi shows - typically anything that is supernatural, space, or superheroes, and sometimes we'll talk movies. Join us if you want to hear our chatty conversations and also get a glimpse of the poor man's version of Howard Stern and Robin Quivvers.

So Fresh So Prince The Fresh Prince Podcast - iOS -  The ONLY podcast talking about The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Will Smith's greatest TV accomplishment. Each week, we sit down and talk about how a full episode of the show holds up under a modern comedy microscope. Can Carlton still do the Carlton? Join us and find out!

Talking to the Screen (soundcloud) - iOSThree panelist compete for points while debating, creating, and critiquing Black television shows and movies.

That ADHD Show  (A Digitally Humorous Discussion) -  iOS - stitcher - The audio reviews give Jeff and his co-host Krissy Bri the chance to breakdown their favorite shows and discuss the craziest topics in the world and on social media. Guests will appear from time to time also. Don’t you love it already?!

The Good Villains (soundcloud) - iOS -  We put ourselves in the shoes of your favorite tv & film heroes and villains to tell you what normal, cool people like us would do!

The Introverted Nerd Watches (iOS) - The Introverted Nerd Watches is where I overanalyze and pick apart tv shows and movies as a way to avoid awkward social situations.

The Pilot - iOS - Google PlayWe (co-hosts BJ & Mitu) are a couple judgmental black kids who want to put our judgy skills and intense love of television to use for you! We watch the pilot episodes of TV shows and answer your question: 'Should I Watch This?' We watch TV shows in the following categories: Classic, Popular, Animated, Teen, Obscure/Alternative & Reality.

The RealiTEA Show - iOS - soundcloud - We're the friends in your head who throw shade and spill ratchet reality tv tea. Email us your opinions, show reviews, or tea that you've heard on the street and we'll share it on the show!

The RUNDWN: Love & Hip HopiOS - stitcher - Each week Jon and Chelle break down the latest episode of the ratchetly delicious Love & Hip Hop reality series. Putting their own spin on the antics and nuance of the cast plus dishing on the latest news and rumors surrounding the series.

The Slept On (soundcloud) - iOS Hosts Vision and Rhythm discuss what you've been sleeping on in music, TV, and movies. Check out their blog at Don't sleep.

The Whovian Report (iOS) - A diverse Doctor Who podcast with a unique take from three friends who love all things Whovian.

Through Thick & Thin (iOS) - Google Play - Ashleigh grew up watching Girlfriends. Edwin started watching because Ashleigh asked him to. And here we are, 17 years later from the show's premiere, discussing it and the timely topics brought to us by Mara Brock Akil. Listen as we reflect on Joan, Toni, Lynn, Maya, and William and their lives and friendships.

Tv Movie Mistress (stitcher) - iOS - soundcloudTV Movie Mistress is a weekly podcast navigating the many different entertainment mediums that I'm obsessed with at any given time. From the highlands of Scotland to a futuristic world thousands of years from now. From TV shows, movies, books, and much more.

Two Brown Girls - iOS -  soundcloud -  Two Brown Girls is a pop culture, film, and television podcast hosted by writers and critics Fariha Roisin and Zeba Blay.

Two Dead Chicks | A Walking Dead Podcast - iOS - Google Play - Kia and Melissa may be completely unprepared to live in the world of The Walking Dead, but they're still ready to discuss the episodes, top to bottom, from a woman's perspective; no dudebro-ing here. They're also still crossing their fingers for an Andy Lincoln call...

Wine and Popcorn - iOS stitcher - A hilarious black bourgie podcast about ABC's hit show Scandal, hosted by Krista Summitt, Wine Gladiator. Also discussing pop culture, fashion, wine, music, and the social media created around the show. 

With Sunshine & Moxie (iOS) - A podcast for people who know that following your dreams isn't all glamour and fairy dust - it's also full of grit, dirty moments and determination. And, of course, it's also for friends and family of people who work in Film & TV Production and have no idea what the hell they do.