Chat/Conversations with Friends

2 Shots & Talk (soundcloud) - iOS - 2 Shots & Talk is a podcast hosted by Leticia H. The podcast is reflective of conversations you would have with your friends at a bottomless mimosas brunch or after "2 Shots". The host and her guest talk life, love, culture, and everything else under the sun after taking a few shots. 

2 Woke Gurls - iOS - "Kinda woke, kinda problematic, kinda funny"

3P's in a Pod (rss) - Friends since middle school, the hosts of 3P's are back together this time, chatting on a podcast instead of the lunch table. Self described as "a bunch of know-it-alls and experts of nothing, 3P's are serving you all of their hilarious opinions and advice. Join the 3P's as they share their black, urban-millennial women experiences of friendship, sisterhood, dating, love, traveling, hot topics and self-care.

3 The Grown Way (rss) - iOS - 3 The Grown Way is a weekly Podcast where 3 college friends who met as "kids" on their college campus over 25 years ago now talk about the what it really means to be GROWN as they discuss topics that shape their everyday lives.

And Then You Graduate - iOS - soundcloudRemember When Your Parents Said go to College? Then You Went to College, Graduated from College, Then Questioned Why the F*** Did I Waste My Time Going to College ? We Do Too. Our podcast explores the topic of what happens after following all the rules with discussions and interviews.

Baby Boy (soundcloud) - iOS - We are a couple....2 guys. Been together over 5 years. We always find ourselves talking about the crazy things that celebrities would do. No matter it being singers, rappers, athletes, actors, or even the crazy man at the grocery store. We have a few cocktails and discuss it all with no filter. We debate, we get loud, we laugh but most importantly we have fun.

BAKTalk (stitcher) - iOS - Google Play - Join hosts Rhea Ban, LaKae and C Rich for their weekly podcast covering music, pop culture and social issues that matter. Ranging from deep to humorous commentary, listen to them break down the news of today.

BarbershopPod - Unsolicited Opinions and Terrible Advice from 3 men who have life figured the fuck out.

Beauties & Banter (libsyn) - iOS - Google Play - Beauties and Banter is a lifestyle podcast where real conversation takes place. Join authors and opinionated friends, Renee and Toya Nicole as they share laughs and banter about business, life, and love. Relevant, Witty and Opinionated.

Before I Forget... (soundcloud) - iOS - Follow 3 black girls who don't have it all together, but are trying to navigate the world the best way they know how. Join Serene, Lydia and Sunshine as they share their hilarious and insightful outlooks on life, love, friendships and anything that may cross their paths. They have a lot to say and they want to tell you before they forget...

Best Fren Pod (soundcloud) - iOS - Every week Alden and D’mani try to navigate through adulthood, friendship and drunkenness. Your weekly dose of some BULLSHIT.

Best Friend Weekend - iOS - Google Play - Aldo NICE, Rog Smuve & C.A.P. discuss current events in the world of popular culture, sports, and music from the perspective of three cool, black guys with interesting and often opposing life views. Now that I think about it, cool and black are kinda synonymous.... so let's just go with black

Black Balance - iOS - SoundcloudA weekly podcast hosted by four beautiful, banging ass female artists that discuss all types of ish. Listen in!

Black Girls That Say Awesome!Black Girls That Say Awesome! (soundcloud) - iOS - Google PlayTwo best friends...who have never met in person decided to make a podcast! We'll talk about anything...seriously.

Black Out Of The Box (stitcher) - Google Play - Two friends came together and decided to open their daily conversations for the world to be a part of. These discussions consisted of mimosas, intellect, bullshit and laughter. The self-declared socially unorthodox pair candidly affirms their thoughts and opinions to be heard on everything from politics, personal experiences, to piping hot tea. They are both open-minded yet unbothered by outside opinions. Shaun and Kris encourages everyone to socially, mentally and physically to get out of the box.

Black Pearls (soundcloud) - Join best friends Blake and Delani as they talk about life, faith, fears, and their everyday experiences as black women.

Bonnets & Brunch (iOS) - Brunch is a lifestyle and the most ESSNTL meal of the week! Join us and unwind at the brunch table as we sift through the beautiful struggles of life, womanhood, and adulthood as young Black 20-somethings taking on the world. You can sit with us here! Hosted by the ladies of @essntl: Aleah, Dana, and Velle.

Brothaspeak (libsyn) - Where we discuss black LGBT issues and topics

Brothers From Another Podcast - iOS - Collectively, we, Antonio and Branden, are the two brothers behind Brothers From Another. This podcast is basically just us talking about stuff and things to ourselves. We provided our own perspective about life things. Sometimes we swear but that's okay.

Brown Faces White Spaces (soundcloud) - iOS - Listen to two brown faces navigate their personal and career lives every week while discussing issues of equity & diversity in predominantly white spaces; sprinkled with a little laughter in between it all.

Brown Holy Water (iOS) - Welcome to Brown Holy Water Podcast t we bring the truth with no filter and baptize our audience every Sunday at 7pm. Our podcast features Mr. I am Black Success (Jay Black), The Handsome one (Handsome Lah), and the voice of reason (Real Talk Marv). We are here to bring fresh takes on todays issues, and bring you the unapologetic truth that the brown holy water is known to provide.

Brunchism (soundcloud) - Table talk style podcast discussing all of the random conversations had at brunch, each segment is brunch themed.

BrwnBoujieBlessed (soundcloud) - iOS - Three best friends discussing what's going on in social media, pop culture, and just their lives in general.

Can I Live show (soundcloud) -  Matthew Faroul and Adarius Smith tackle the existential question "Can I Live?" giving their hilarious and unfiltered perspective on all facets of life.

Chicken & Jollof, Rice - iOS -  soundcloud - A podcast featuring 4 first-generation African-Americans and their humorous perspectives on current events, pop culture and growing up in "bi-cultural" households.

Choppin It Up w/ Q (speaker) - iOS - Google PlayJoin Q every one's favorite Podcaster, VJ, and Kailah K as we discuss relationships, life, culture, sports, and whatever else comes to our mind in an inappropriate but funny and intellectual way.

Chuckie Online - iOS - #HalfCast -  ChuckieOnline is the official Dj for UK rising Star AnGel. When ChuckieOnline isnt touring the country with Angel, Dj'ing at clubs around the country or promoting his own events, you can catch him Live on his new ‘Power Hours’ radio show  (UK podcast)

Colour Out The Box - iOS - soundcloud - Your bi-weekly podcast bringing you lively discussions from the black female perspective. Two London based black women of Nigerian heritage navigating the complexities of life. Join us as we discuss everything from work life to dating and all the in between. Alternative thinking that challenges and informs …… Colour Out The Box (UK podcast)

Conversations With Friends (soundcloud) - iOS - The Conversations With Friends podcast is a pure example of what adult friendships are. A simple telephone conversation about life and where we’ve been vs.where we are going, mixed in with a bunch of sarcasm and “that what she said” jokes

Corporate Streetz (soundcloud) - iOS - This is the podcast for people who can list all 26 amendments of the Constitution and all 10 of Biggie's crack commandments.

Crown and Collards - iOS -  Welcome back to another edition of Crown and Collards, a weekly discussion podcast starring Dan (@Danchrism) and Jeremey (@Blike_Dante).

Dabeeside (soundcloud) - This podcast is our POV on everything that's going on around us. All the big cities have the same point of view. We have no industry ties so we feel we can say the real with out worrying about backlash or being black balled. We also like to educate and raise awareness to our listeners. The capital of OHIO has something to say.

Deathcakes iOS - stitcher - The 80s and 90s: We lived it, now we’re dragging you back!” Running the gamut of all forms of entertainment and consumer goods, follow as Jay and illy revisit their memories and wax nostalgic about what is arguably the last great era to have been a kid: the 1980s and 90s!

DefCon Jive (soundcloud) - iOS - Google Play - 6 30+ #HU grads that make you laugh until you fart while breaking down news, politics, sports, dad stuff and music.

Duolystic - Google Play - soundcloud - Two gemini's with like minds merging together to provide what is honest and true in a world that is fake AF.

EBPR (soundcloud) - iOS - RSS -  E.B.P.R. - Everything But Politics & Religion is a podcast for black women, by black women, where we talk about anything and everything, except politics & religion.

Fiya Starter (podomatic) - iOS -  We (TKO & Basa) Talk About It

FoGetDatYo - FoGetDatYo (Fo-Get-Dat-Yo) is really what you want to say when asked to work on your day off! This podcast is hosted by two cousins from the country (@Creative_Bully) (@StoneElTerrible) that discuss everything from current events to aliens! Simply sit down comedians that are too lazy to stand up!

Food 4 Thot - iOS - soundcloudA new podcast about boys, butts, books, & brown people. Like NPR, on poppers.

From da Bottom (speaker) - Our show is about two friends more like brothers who talk about the craziest things. We joke about everyday questions, memories, and sports. Our podcast is mostly a comedy but sometimes we do have serious topics to discuss. Plus we have a guest on from time to time in order to spread the love of podcasting around. 

FSGPodcast (For Shits and Giggles) - iOS - FSGPodcast is a chill, comedic, music infused conversation between two friends who live completely different lives. Irene is single in DC usually turnt up somewhere on the weekends. And Shell's is a married mother of 2 living in the Chicago suburbs. We talk about everything ranging from Ellen Degeneres (Yes, we LOVE Ellen), politics, and race relations in America, to sports, music and other random happenings in the world of pop culture and current events.

Gone Riffin' - iOSGone Riffin’ is an entirely spontaneous conversational journey between apparent friends Rich Fulcher and Abed Gheith. Follow Rich and Abed down the rabbit hole and see where it leads. They have no idea what they’re doing… or do they? No, they don’t.

Hannibal Is at the Gate - iOS -  Hannibal is at the Gate (Podcast) with Charbie & Ali Shakur 

Harmonize with Nina and Kenya (podbean) - We are Besties, Performing Artists, Moms, Wives and Black Women. We talk about how to balance your life. The answer, you can't! But you can "Harmonize"

Hashtag Blackout (soundcloud) - iOS - Cousins Jared and J discuss Movies, Sports, Pop Culture, Food and Geeky things from a #BlackedOut perspective. Nothing is off limits!!! #TapYoLoveBox

Hear Ye (iOS) - A muted 3 way conversation exposing a fckboy turns into a 10 years + sisterhood.Join Be. and Tan as they discuss the good, the bad, the petty…and everything in between.

HIM (soundcloud) - iOS - Four Black Queer Men discussing topics within the Black LGBTQA+ community, sharing personal insight, and advice.

#hoochim - iOS - soundcloud - We are 4 Hmong women talking about things that matter such as EVERYTHING!!

IBHM - iOS - stitcher - I'm Black, He's Mexican feat. Arizona Verse & Soul Papo. . Current Events minus the bullshit.

ill-Logical Perspectives (soundcloud) - iOS - The podcast consisting of three best friends discussing the randomness that occurs each week within their lives while also giving ill-Logical Perspectives about different life topics.

In Deep Show (stitcher) - A humorous view of life as we see it

In Trouble For Talking  - iOSsoundcloud - Three brown girlfriends talking about celeb news, brand blunders, moral quandaries, and their lives as WOC navigating white spaces.

Jinjja Cha Podcast 진짜 차 팟캐스트 - iOS - soundcloudJinjja Cha means 'Real Tea' in Korean (soundcloud) - Jinjja Cha is a transatlantic podcast connecting two Korean Pop Culture lovers from Kansas and London, England.

Just Thinkin' Out Loud  - stitcher -  Hosts, Lavinia and Boughetto Rising, are cousins living two very different black experiences. Boughetto's a former police officer from Baltimore City. Lavinia's a full-time mom from the outer edges of the suburbs. Tune in as they share their perspectives on news stories, politics, entertainment, pop culture, current events and general rachetness.

Las Cafecitas (soundcloud) - iOSWe are the weirdos, mister. Journalists Isis Madrid and Maria Murriel are couple of empanada-loving weirdos. Las Cafecitas is their bi-weekly podcast chronicling their budding bruja friendship, a smattering of interviews with people they want to talk to and a parallel journey of Latinx self-discovery...or whatever.

La Verdad Podcast - iOS - soundcloud - La Verdad Podcast is a show where two urban Latinos have in depth discussions on history, music, culture, and news. Frequent guests add flavor to the show by spotlighting their personal journeys and thoughts on life. Listen often and join la familia!

Let's TLK (soundcloud) - iOS - 5 Girls & 5 opinions talking about everything from the Ratchet to the Real. (uk podcast)

Let's Toast (soundcloud) - iOSLet's Toast is a bi-weekly podcast that discusses the journey of young adulthood from the good, the deep, the messy, the marvelous, the bullsh*t, and everything in between! Let's Toast uses a creative, weird, queer, feminist, AND hilarious lens to foster magic in the girls while remaining true to the very trash that we are.

Make Life Real (soundcloud) - iOSWe talk about everyday life, unfiltered and real

Melanin Millennials (soundcloud) - iOS - Imrie and Satia are not your average 20- something Black Women from London. As Melanin Millennials they are determined to create a space for Black Women and Women of Colour across the UK to have their voices and opinions heard. The ladies discuss everything topical from pop culture, millennial struggles to Black Twitter with a distinct British point of view. (UK podcast)

Minority Korner (libsyn) - Just like Blue's Clues only more black, queer, and lady-like

Miss Understood (soundcloud) - iOS - 4 women giving our perspectives without any kind of sugar coating.

Missing What I Never Had (soundcloud) - iOSEdward and Tisa discuss this crazy thing called life and how they make it better. 

Morado Lens - iOS - SpotifyMorado Lens is a feminist podcast hosted by two childhood friends who discuss embracing your inner bruja, sex, and culture always funny, always real.

Mmhmmgirl - iOS -  The podcast with lots of sass. Hosts Lola & Babz provide hilarious unabashed social commentary on all things pop culture, relationships, and whatever else comes to mind. And they drink while doing it.

MTR The Network (iOS) - Mastermind Team's Robcast is a weekly review of weird news and personal musings from two 30-plus year old friends.

My Thing Is Pod (soundcloud) - iOS - Always honest, always laughing; Join @Coco_Abroad & @Simply_Ore for their weekly gist on life, entertainment and the occasional fresh tea. (London, UK) 

My Token Friend (soundcloud) - iOSA podcast where you’re FINALLY not the only one! Mission: My Token Friend’s mission is to discuss culturally and socially relevant topics and issues, while narrating our growth and development as young, fly and woke women of color. Vision: A future where authenticity is the norm and not a niche for women of color.

Necessary Troublemakers iOS - soundcloud - Necessary Troublemakers is a weekly podcast where we give our perspective on issues and events that directly or indirectly affect the black community.

No Nonsense Show - iOS -   What do you get when you cross a self proclaimed philosopher, an ADD sufferer, and a guy that likes to keep everything on the surface? Chaos!!! They argue, fight, and then figure out a way to agree in the end. No matter what, they give you the sometimes moronic, mostly ironic perspectives of todays topics. 

No Tea, No Shame (soundcloud) -   A satirical take on life, love, and pop culture. Join D'jzhai, Rudy, and Markus as they shamelessly tackle the issues that plague us all.

No Work On Mondays (soundcloud) - Dope shit and Entertainment

Normal Girls (iOS) - 2 Young Black Professional Women, Who have been best friends for 10 years Discuss Societal Misconceptions and Life with a sprinkle of wit and humor.

Not For You (stitcher) - iOS - Google Play - a multicultural fandom and friendship podcast by your brown homegirls Luz y Fairuz

Not Just A Regular Podcast (soundcloud) - iOS - Veezy & Bri and their friends Skinny & Krii sit down every week to discuss life (usually someone always has a crazy story to tell) , Music, Relationships(we get in the most heated debates over this topic) & other random things. The team will have you laughing with their usual thoughts, comments and opinions.

Not Your African Cliché (soundcloud) - iOS -  We are four Nigerian women with interesting opinions and a shared disgust for ignorant comments about our continent. Yes, the CONTINENT of Africa. No, not the country! As a result, we have decided to create a platform where we can tell you more about us rather than letting disney channel and Nat Geo Wild do it for us.

Notes From An American Savage (libsyn) - iOS - Notes From an American Savage is where Sunday brunch meets politics. Join us for weekly discussions on politics, Trump shade, race/gender relations, and bust a gut brunch convos regarding pop culture, dating, and other randomness.

N.W.P - iOS - Negus With a Podcast (NWP) was created to give the public a general, yet entertaining look into the thoughts and opinions of four young men from Detroit, MI.

Ooh Honey Chile (iOS) -  A pretty sweet podcast brought to you by #RealSisters KC and Whit. If you know red kool-aid is the best flavor, every line from The Color Purple, and what a “pocka book” is this show is for you. KC and Whit will dish on entertainment and offer their 2 cents on family matters, all while trying not to kill each other during the process.

On The Shelf (soundcloud) - iOS - Come join us on the shelf every fortnight where two 30 somethings, Nemat and Sophie, chat nonsense and try to make sense of the world even though they probably should have figured it out by now.

Our Pink Thoughts (soundcloud) - iOS -  A podcast for girls! Want to listen to three cool girls talk about love, life, work and more from a female perspective? Then listen to Our Pink Thoughts! Welcome to the lives of Tobi, Shaniqua and Temi

Petty By Nature (speaker) - iOS - Google PlayJoin us as we discuss life, love (or the lack there of), all things sexually inappropriate, and our many petty shenanigans. Our conversations are raw, unfiltered, and definitely not for the faint of heart. If you are overly sensitive and/or prone to get in your feelings then you may want to find something safe to do because this isn't it.

Pink Matter (soundcloud) - iOS - Join Jameela Joie and Sam-Rae for their fortnightly podcast covering issues that relate to women from the trials and tribulations of dealing with men to personal issues such as closure and friendships. Giving their real, honest opinions and sharing some anecdotes of their own, no topic is too sensitive or taboo.

Private Conversations (soundcloud) - iOS - tunein A podcast with hosts Ms. Michelle and T-Tokyo devoted to discussing EVERYTHING.

QueerWOC (soundcloud) -  Welcome to "QueerWOC: The Podcast". Join Money and Nikeeta, two Black Queer Troublemakers, on this biweekly podcast celebrating our lives, loves, and laughs. QueerWOC is a space for queer women of color rooted in reimagining healing and community.

Random Tandem (soundcloud) - iOS - Google play - A bi-weekly podcast about life, music, food, wine and spirits from the unorthodox and unfiltered perspectives of Jecora & S.Dot. Each episode is focused on wellness (mental, physical or emotional), pop & societal culture and sharing the experiences of everyday ‘millennials’ and women of color.

Recovering Party Girls (soundcloud) - iOS - libsyn - A podcast about two girls trying to recover from life's bullsh*t without vodka. Listen each Wednesday as NatoyaEbony and Adrianna Cool hilariously and honestly talk bad decisions and mistakes in hopes to recover from it all.

Sad Girls Club (Acast) - iOS -  Sad Girls Club is hosted by two young women of color, Gwen & Zuri. Each episode we talk about what we're listening to, reading, watching, and how the legacy of colonization has been affecting us that week. We also discuss current events, pop culture, race, feminism, academia, and so much more.

#SafeWordSociety (libsyn) - iOS - Google PlayProduced by Collectively Speaking, a #QPOC visibility platform, #SafeWordSociety is a place for hosts - Kristen & Lamika - to chat with guests & each other about living, loving & thriving in NYC.

Salon Talk - iOS - Google PlayIt's real talk. Not girl talk!

Say What Now? - iOS - stitcher -  "Say What Now?" is a completely unfiltered podcast hosted by 3 friends from high school, J. Knows, Oliver, & T. Reid. We cover everything from Beyonce to Black Lives Matter. We're real people having real conversations about real life!

Schoolin Life (libsyn) - iOS - Google Play - A weekly podcast about life, love and (occasionally)libations

SHEnanigans - iOS - soundcloudListen along every Thursday as Aisha, Bria, Brittni, Jenny and Tyra share the SHEnanigans of being black women, giving you a dose of melanin empowerment featuring edu-tainment about life, beauty and health. Send inquiries and questions to: #SHEnanigansPod

Short & Sweet (iOS) - Two women learning to adult one mistake at a time -- all with a little help from the Universe.

so, BASICALLY (Soundcloud) - iOSWe are a London-based feminist podcast, allowing a platform for muted voices and everyday female survival. We discuss the world as we see it – both trivial and impactful. Topics range from sex, family, wellbeing, and social issues – just to name a few. (London,UK)

Social Complex (soundcloud) - iOS Three guys from Houston Tx, get together every week to talk about current events,sex,politics, and questions from our listeners

Somewhere Over The Rainbow (libsyn) - iOS - Ever wonder what Jack and Karen from “Will and Grace” would look like if they were a brown gay boy and a black straight girl who are besties and have a podcast? So did we! Listen to our musings on pop culture, life, love and whatever comes up on the other side of the Rainbow.

Sophisticated Ignorance - iOS - soundcloud -  Steven & Nieema Simone, best friends out of Brooklyn, NY; candidly and bluntly tackle social issues in today's society. Which makes for a hilarious and no holds barred conversation. Mondays on Apple Podcasts, Soundcloud, Stitcher & Google Play. Watch new episodes on YouTube every Wednesday. Use the #SIPODCAST for all things, Sophisticated Ignorance.

SOS in Oz (soundcloud) - iOS - Join the fam with Christine and Chido, two Melbourne sisters serving up trending topics and thought-provoking conversations about our society and culture. From talk about Beyoncé's unfailing slayage, to interracial dating, or trophy hunting -- everyone's got an opinion! (Melbourne, Victoria)

Spit Sessions (soundcloud) - iOS - Google Play - This podcast is the result of two friends deciding to come together to discuss an array of topics. Any episode may include insight on everything ranging from politics, social norms, and issues regarding race, to music, and food preferences. We’re complex.

Stay Woke (soundcloud) -  Stay Woke Podcast is a bi-weekly podcast and venting session with Olivia and TyLisa serving the truth on life, news and culture as we live it and see it. We encourage all of out listeners to stay informed, stay witty and stay woke. Stay Woke podcast is recorded bi-weekly by TyLisa and Olivia in Florida and New York City, respectively.

Stuff I Don't Like : An Irreverent Look at Modern Society - Stuff I Don't Like is a talkshow style podcast that discusses current events, societal ills, and everyday #millennial drama in a breezy, humorous tone with a variety of guests.

Table For Three (soundcloud) - iOS - We're brothers, We're happy and we're singing and we're coloured! Welcome to our Podcast:) Join Aaron, Ibby and Abs where we talk about good music and social issues with our wild opinions. ( London, UK)

Tha Haven (soundcloud) - iOS - soundcloud Come escape with Kera & Nataja Zanelle.Grab your lemonade and have a seat at the table because this shit is for us. This is where we come to escape. This is where we come to be free. This is your place. My place. Our place. No judgements, no fears, no restrictions. Just two black girls spreading their magic unapologetically. Welcome to Tha Haven.

Thanks for Asking (soundcloud) - iOS - LGBT, Arts & Entertainment and whatever we think of at the moment. 

The All the Fly Kids Show (stitcher) - iOS - Google Play - Where the Cool, Calm and Connected talk straight - No chaser.

The Beytheists (soundcloud) - iOS - Besides being dedicated to Beyoncé, we talk pop culture, music, social issues, and general nonsense.

The Blawg (iOS) - rss - The Blawg offers a unique perspective on life using wit and pop culture sound bites.

The Brut Point (iOS) - The #BrutPoint brings you 2 black "20-somethings" coupled with semi-irresponsible amounts of liquor as they navigate through topics we love to hate, tv, music, and more.

The Chicken Social (soundcoud) iOS Join Obes & Cha each week as they give you the real in society today and the gems of the pop culture of yesterday (or even yesteryear) with the help of an array of entertaining guests. This is life, from a slightly askew point of view.

The Conversation Theory - iOS - SoundCloudA podcast created to build understanding and knowledge about each other and the world that surrounds us, through conversation and healthy debate.

The Cook and The Gooch  - iOS - Stitcher - The Cook and the Gooch are two friends navigating life through motherhood, love, news, inspiration, and hood-rat shenanigans...

The Cure - iOS - soundcloud - Podcast Profile 2 "Kidult" Cousins discussing current events and the random BS happening in society today. Enjoy their weekly sitcom theme song intros and their random rants.

the get. - iOS - soundcloud - The Get. is hosted by Ivy and Rhiana, women of color who are committed to social justice, living, and being free. We are inspired by by LaVerne Cox's concept of "possibility models" and the growing representation of marginalized voices in all forms of social media. The Get is our effort to take up space, to share our voices, and to encourage our listeners to do the same. We're manspreading in the podcast world. Won't you join us?

The Good Life - iOS - soundcloud - Welcome to The Good Life! A lifestyle podcast with a moral center, where we SPEAK freely, THINK critically, and LIVE authentically. Join five college friends also known as "The Last Disciples" monthly to talk about life, current events and culture.

The Link Up - iOSsoundcloud The Link Up is a podcast based out of the Washington, D.C. area. The topics cover a variety of social/cultural issues through the eyes of three very outspoken, educated and unapologetically black women. 

The Receipts Podcast (soundcloud) - iOS - #TheReceiptsPodcast is a fun, honest podcast fronted by four girls who are willing to talk about anything and everything. From relationships to situationships to everyday life experiences, you can expect unadulterated girl talk with no filter every fortnight on Soundcloud and iTunes. 

The Palava Hut - iOS - Soundcloud -  Join the ladies of the Palava Hut podcast as they explore life, friendship, and what it means to be Liberian-American. #thepalavahut

The Poor People's (soundcloud) - We're a brother and sister team giving our opinion on the world from the viewpoint of siblings who grew up poor in America

The Safe Space (soundcloud) - The Safe Space Podcast is two sisters with a significant age difference navigating through life in their 20's and 30's. The Safe Space Podcast covers careers relationships pop-culture commentary and whatever else these women have on the mind. Also, Shyanne tries to include bits of her holistic and spiritual journey with the listeners while keeping it light and fun. The Safe Space is a place where these women can say whatever they want how they want because it truly is a safe space. #safespacepod

The Swirl (soundcloud) -  Kodi is black, gay, single and living in the big city. Ruby is white, straight, married and living in the sticks. No topic is off limits.

The Thick (Spotify) - iOS - AudioboomA podcast about love, life and lipo.

The THRST: A Podcast (lisbyn) - The THRST is the premier entertainment talk show podcast that brings you gay-best-friend and kitchen-island conversations on love and relationships, celebrities and pop culture, and social scandals...all flavored with shade, humor, and opinionated-truth!

The Wine Down (soundcloud) - iOS Get into the conversations of EPintheCity and Ant Bee as they discuss all things under the sun in their unique way the unique way they have labeled "sophisticated ignorance". You'll be entertained by these intelligent women's homor, wit, and knowledge on many diverse topics. From life, love relationships, politics, same sex topics, religion, entertainment, and etc., they make sure there is enough to keep everybody interested! Make sure to WINE DOWN with these ladies.

The Wretch & The Righteous (soundcloud) - Podcast about two women living in a wretched world while they work out their righteousness.

The Zoe View (soundcloud) - iOS - Boe and friends talk about everything and anything from a Caribbean islander point of view. For example; culture, education, TV shows, college life, sex, and more.

They Ain't Your Friends (soundcloud) - iOS - Google Play - A podcast all about evaluating and navigating friendships at every stage of life with three longtime friends who share hilarious accounts of being there for each other when no one else was. They are also more than willing to share their girlfriend advice with the listener too!

Token Talk (soundcloud) - iOS -  Token Talk Podcast is a cross-cultural podcast with three cross-cultural guys (Thomas, Tario, and Darius) who just so happen to be black. Despite coming from different backgrounds and a slight age gap, these men have a lot of commonalities evident in their weekly discussions as they attempt to bridge a gap of cultural understanding with a dash of humor. With roots in the South, follow their unique perspective and journey as they encourage feedback, questions, and comments. This is Token Talk- Social Commentary from a Minority Perspective

Truths and Lies (soundcloud) - iOS - Google Play - What happens when too much honesty and cocktails mixes with two girls from the South? You get 'Truths and Lies', a biweekly podcast featuring "southern girls gone rogue"- BTaylor and Jay, who share their thoughts from two different locations in the 'Great State of Texas', on the biggest truths and lies on real life experiences, the proper way to do this adult thing, pop culture and every other thing in between.

Unfriendly Black Hotties (stitcher) - iOSChristina and Kamille (The Hotties) are here to give you global takes on higher ed, books, TV, movies, fashion, culinary arts, and whatever the hell else they feel like.

University College (overcast) - iOS - soundcloud - University College Podcast cover politics, entertainment, pop culture, parenting, relationships, sports, and everything in between from a Black, male perspective.

Unreasonable Doubt (soundcloud) -  iOSWe live by the rules of the Barbershop. 1. Speak your mind 2. Don't get offended. Come on in and get this culture you been missing out on.

Unwritten & Unbothered - iOS - soundcloud - A girl from Rochester and a girl from Brooklyn who have a lot to say about nothing at all. Teaching others that minding your business can only do you good. New episodes every Monday.

Views From The Cube (stitcher) - iOS - soundcloud - Being black in corporate America is never easy. You have to constantly bite your tongue and hold back on doing things you enjoy. We're two black men, Lonald & Thomas, currently going through this and to make things worse we are both piled into the same cubicle. This should be fun.

We Come From Queens - iOS - soundcloudLong Description: Eddie Murphy got it right when he decided to navigate Queens to find his Queen. On our podcast, we explore the parameters of life as we evolve into Queendom. What does that even mean? Well here is our space to turn our regular conversations into an open forum for others to listen in, comment and engage in conversation. Topics range from dating, money, societal issues, life tips, health, etc.

We Did That S#!+ (stitcher) - iOS - We Did That S#!+ is a weekly podcast hosted by two professional black women, Mya Hilton and Bibbi Stokes. Mya and Bibbi are hilariously insightful in their view of the world, current events, and pop culture.

We Just Got Back (soundcloud) - iOS -  Three Nigerian girls share their stories about the joys (and sorrows) of moving back to Nigeria. We talk about the ups and downs of being back, how we're coping (or not) and the ridiculous things we find ourselves getting up to back in Nigeria. (Nigerian podcast) 

What About Your Friends (soundcloud) - iOS - stitcherWhat About Your Friends is a weekly conversation between longtime friends Charneil and Frankie. The duo discuss life and all it's messiness from the lens of queer people of color. If you fee a lot about a lot and have a lot to say about it, this show is for you. 

What Will They Say Next iOS  - Liquid Slap and Phlatt bring you the podcast where you will be likely to hear anything. ANYTHING... No seriously. ANYTHING

Whiskey Wine & Moonshine - iOS - podmatic - - Listen to ATL and DC's Lady Buddha, Ms. Think Pretty Smart and Sojourner Verdad discuss everything from current events, relationships, education, politics and entertainment, all with a feminine twist!

Wine o'clock Podcast (soundcloud) - These are the ridiculous wine-fueled rantings of two bffs who talk about everything and nothing on a weekly basis. Nik & Wums speak openly and honestly about maintaining friendships, relationships, tv and social media/pop culture. Wine o'clock is brought to you by Chipped Diamond Magazine.

WudUpdoePodcast (soundcloud)- iOS -  A brand new podcast comin' straight outta the 313. We're gonna be vulgar, funny, AND intellectual. No topic is safe.