News/Social Commentary

American Desis iOS - A podcast trying to discover what it means to be South Asian in America. 

APEX Express (iOS) - APEX Express is a weekly magazine-style radio show featuring the voices and stories of Asians and Asian Americans from all corners of our communities.

AUA Hope Podcast (podbean) - This podcast focuses on uplifting Americans body, mind and spirit with positive and inspiring content. 

Autumn & Natalie Talk About Art - iOS - soundcloud - Autumn & Natalie Talk About Art is a podcast about art as a force for social change and radical self-expression. In each episode, your co-hosts (webcomic artist Autumn Crossman-Serb and arts management student Natalie Thielen Helper) interview an artist / activist who is making the world a better, more beautiful, and more interesting place.

Backtalk - iOS  - soundcloud- Bitch Media is a feminist response to pop culture, home to whip-smart writers, artists, and activists who analyze popular media with an eye on gender, race, class, and sexuality.

Beautifully Complicated (soundcloud) - iOS - Google PlayBeautifullyComplicated podcast is a medium to have nuanced conversations on social, political, and cultural topics. Intersectionality is at the center of each conversation especially those with guest co-hosts.

Blacks with Power (blubrry) - iOS - Google Play - This show exists to empower new leadership that can reunite the Talented Tenth with the Ninetieth. We need a strategy that combines the wisdom of W.E.B. DuBois & Marcus Garvey…of Malcolm X & Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., in order to protect the legacy of the Black Experience in America and advance the Cause of Freedom that began with overcoming Slavery and Jim Crow Segregation through the Civil Rights Movement.

Black at Stan (soundcloud) - "Black At Stan" is a series that discusses topics as such news, music, politics, and BSU meeting recaps. Tune in every Wednesday! #UniteUpliftUprise

Black Pill Radio (BlogTakRadio) - iOSDelivering conscious commentary on issues affecting our community and businesses, as well as events happening on a social, political and global scale.

Cape Up with Jonathan Capehart - iOS - Google Play - Jonathan Capehart talks to the people who shape our news and our culture, making important topics and the people who know them best come alive.

Choices & Chismes - iOS - soundcloud -  Choices & Chismes is a bi-monthly podcast for real talk about what’s happening in our country, our communities, and our daily lives. In this podcast, we are going to be looking at the choices, big and small, that we make every day as young Latinos and immigrants and the chismes, AKA gossip, that makes life interesting. 

Conversation For Adults (iOS) - culture-critic jimi izrael rediscovers America one person at a time. two people, two mics, sometimes wine or coffee. but no filter.

Counter Stories - iOS -We discuss race, identity, social justice and culture in a region grappling with demographic changes.

#FacingRace: Stories + Voices - iOS - Soundcloud - #FacingRace shares the many paths and experiences of those doing racial justice work.

HeadRAPS (soundcloud) - iOSIslam has been a hot topic given the political climate. While Muslims are speaking out there is a section of the Muslim community whose voice is missing, that of the Black Muslim American. HeadRAPS highlights the Black Muslim American Experience by giving Black Muslim American the platforms to tell there stories. Hosted by Malikah A. Shabazz

Identity Politics (stitcher) - iOS - AcastIdentity Politics is a podcast that features new stories and perspectives about race, gender and Muslim life in America. From pop culture to politics, each month co-hosts Ikhlas Saleem and Makkah Ali invite guests to talk about issues impacting their lives as Muslims at the intersection of multiple identities.

Independent Underground Radio Network - iOS - Michigan's sole African-American Owned and Operated Independent-Left Progressive Politics, News, Commentary and Talk Radio Network known as "Detroit's Voice of Progress"

InJustice (iOS) - How well do you know your legal rights as a citizen? Are you comfortable in the eyes of the law when it comes to statutory situations? If your answer is "no", then check out InJustice! Here, we will cover civil and criminal weekly headlines and provide legal tips to give you the upper hand! You can reach us on twitter at @TheSphereTV with the hashtag InJustice.

Jude 3 Project - iOS - podbean - The Jude 3 Project is dedicated to equipping the African American community in the area of apologetics.

Kerning Cultures - iOS - Google PlayMiddle East stories for a deeper and more complicated narrative of our region than we're currently hearing in mainstream media. (Dubai )

Latino USA iOS Latino USA, the radio journal of news and culture, is the only national, English-language radio program produced from a Latino perspective.

Latinos Who Lunch - iOS - Stitcher -  Latinos Who Lunch is a podcast with FavyFav and Babelito. Join them as they engage in conversation about everything from pop culture to art and identity politics.

Legacy of 1804 - iOS - Bringing you #Haitian citizen media since 2005! 

Loa - Broadcasting Vietnam (podbean) - Loa is a podcast that explores the ideas and stories that shape Vietnam today. We amplify the voices you need to hear and broadcast the perspectives you haven’t heard.

Model Majority - iOS -A podcast that brings the Asian-American and grassroots organizer perspective to the public discourse.

Off White - iOS - OFF WHITE brings together a panel of minorities (and one token white hetero male) with host Dino-Ray Ramos to discuss the portrayal of people of color, women, the LGBTQ community and other minorities in today's movies, TV, music, pop culture and media.

Onyx Truth - iOS - stitcher -  The Onyx Truth Podcast is extension of the Onyx Truth website where it basically serves as audio journal discussing current events, pop culture, personal issues, & topics directly related to articles posted on the Onyx Truth website.

PhD Trekkers (soundcloud) - Join us, Mari, a Latina soil scientist from Massachusetts, and Yan, an Asian chemist from California, on our graduate trek towards a Ph.D. and beyond. A podcast on the interface of science, socio-political discourse, activism, and intimate life journeys. #CornellAlumni #PhDLife #NSFGRFP #WeAreMcNair

Roland Martin Reports Daily (stitcher) - iOS - Mr. Martin is a commentator for TV One Cable Network and host of “Washington Watch with Roland Martin,” a one-hour Sunday morning news show.

Safe Space - iOS - Google Play - A weekly show about news and politics. A safe space for bad takes hosted by Vicky Mochama and Ishmael Daro. A Metro podcast.

Society Now (iOS) - You deserve news without bias, ulterior motives, or leanings toward a political agenda. You deserve news that gives you facts and reality instead of fiction and rhetoric. Society Now is here to deliver your weekly news with integrity, honesty, and a healthy dose of realism. You can reach us on twitter at @TheSphereTV with the hashtag Society Now!

Someone's Wrong on the Internet (soundcloud) - iOSA straight black woman/gay Asian man pair of besties who met freshman year at Harvard use their own intimate friendship as a safe space to talk politics, race, sexuality, popculture, and how to get through this life here life with humor and cuttingly honest introspection. (searchable as SWOTI on iTunes)

Tea & Biscuits (soundcloud) - iOS -  Mad News blog and the Rinse Online,com come together to bring forth a weekly podcast covering news, entertainment and everything in between.Hosted by Sherryl Blu and Janice Miss Mad News, expect raw but candid conversation from two British ladies that have a lot to say about everything! (UK Podcast) 

The Black Juice - iOS - soundcloud - The most important podcast to the culture!

The Extraordinary Negroes (soundcloud) - iOS - Each week, writers Jay Connor and Alex Hardy delve into humorous explorations of relevant issues within the African-American community, such as Black masculinity, financial literacy, mental health, and real estate.

The FiteMe Podcast (soundcloud) - Fueling ideas. Triggering evolution. Mastering Existence. The FiteMe Podcast brings edgy commentary, analysis, debates, stories, & more! "Tiff the Golden Mean" (@isispaperzz) & co-host Alicia Fiasco (@aliciafiasco_) with new guests each week, bring jaw-dropping convo & unapologetic truth to the world. The purpose is to cultivate critical thinkers that will spark change in humanity!

The Get InPowered Podcast (stitcher) - iOS - blubrry - The Get InPowered Podcast: Fostering Community through our Shared Stories is about raw, meaningful and relevant conversations with people who are transforming the way we think and approach social justice and social change. These individuals, in various sectors and industries, are working on issues that impact their communities to advance and accelerate sustainable social progress.

The Insanity Report - We provide social commentary on a wide range of topics, from politics to sports to work.

The Spin - Radio Host THE SPIN via BBC Accra & NPR New York; Adjunct Lecturer AUCC - Sex & Politics in Ghana; Playwright; Creator of 'Emotional Justice'

The UnMute Podcast - iOS - I have conversations with young, extraordinary and cool philosophers. These diverse philosophers give their take on controversial issues, pop culture, and the political and ethical dramas of our day. We learn. We laugh. We plot revolutions.

The Young Old Souls (iOS) - Chicago Red & NateTheActor attack issues that are of importance to the millennial generation. Their view points are hilarious, intellectual, and insightful. The Young Old Souls aim is to bridge the gap between the younger generation and the older generation.

UnLearned - iOS - Google Play - UnLearned is a bi-weekly podcast focused on challenging the harmful narratives taught to us about blackness, womanhood, sexuality, and religion.

Veer Queer - iOS - Veer Queer is an all inclusive LGBTQ+ podcast based out of Houston, TX about local and national issues affecting our community, hosted by Endesha Haynes and Bianca Gomez and moderated by Mai Ha.

What in the World? (soundclooud) - What in the World (WITW)? makes issues of U.S. foreign policy understandable and relevant. Explained by experts of color and women, we connect America's engagement with the world to everyday life.