One Host, Many Formats

20-20 Vision Podcast (iOS) - MikeChuck1212 comes through to discuss what you think, but don't say each week. No more, no less.

Am I Allowed to Like Anything? A Podcast. (soundcloud) - iOS - #AIATLA - Nowadays, kinda feels like our critiques don't hold true worth unless we act skeptical before we act open minded. As if we live in this culture where it's never cool to be like, "Hey, I like this, I enjoy this. Let me tell you why." Publicly. So, I created a space where I can hop on record with a friend for about 30 minutes to talk about things we legitimately like, and why...join us!

#AndFriends w/ J'na Jefferson (iOS) - The show stars writer J'na Jefferson and figures in the media field and independent creative communities- a new guest each episode! J'na and friends honestly and openly discuss the ins and outs of the entertainment industry, the latest hot takes in pop culture, and assorted film flam pertaining to this crazy thing called life.

BARS - iOS - BARS: Real Talk for the Young People, is a cutting edge podcast breaking the barriers of traditional podcast structure. Join Breezy as she and her guests provide the raw reality on current topics from pop culture to politics and everything in between.

Behind the Brilliance - iOS stitcher With a mix of humor and inspiration, Lisa Nicole Bell interviews innovators about their lives and work.

Closer Than They Appear (iOS) - Who or what is in your own past right now that you need to face, but aren’t facing—and why not? Carvell Wallace talks to Americans grappling with the state of the union while trying to reconcile his own family’s fractured history.

 CoCo's Tea (soundcloud) - iOS - IamtherealCoCo provides the tea on entertainment news, politics, education, and so much more! Every week she interviews different media personalities and occasionally has her friends on the show to co-host!

Fresh Out the Cocoon (soundcloud) - Google Play - The podcast that gets real about being Black, being fat & and being fabulous all at the same damn time! Fresh Out the Cocoon is a breath of fresh air for those ready to take life by the horns and live unapologetically!

Froesha's World (soundcloud) - iOS - Inspired by her off-the-cuff Snapchat rants, Froesha's World is born. Tune in as host, Mo, and her homies uplift people of color through relatable conversations about cultural issues, being young black and gifted, and most importantly, the problematic yet comical experiences in Froesha's World.

Girl on Guy - iOS - a podcast about stuff guys love, brought to you by the ultimate guy's girl.

hey, girl. (iOS) - hey, girl. is a podcast that unites the voices of phenomenal women near and far. Created with sisterhood and storytelling in mind, author Alex Elle sits down with people who inspire her. From friends to family members and strangers, the hey, girl. guests give us a peek into their stories through candid and intimate conversations.

Hile on Life (libsyn) - iOS - Google Play - Hile on Life is a podcast where the host, Noelle, gets to know more about people who inspire her. She finds out more about who they are, what they do, and what inspires them.

I hate Average Podcast - iOS - soundcloud - A podcast where an ordinary guy interviews extraordinary people.

Inspiration With E Radio Show (btr) - iOS - "Inspired to inspire and healed to do the same", is the self proclamation that fuels "E". Each show she strives to encourage others while sharing different genres of great music, interviewing amazing guests and raising awareness about matters close to her heart!

In The Myx with Myxter Hyde (rss) - iOS - Each week, Myx. Hyde talks about cultural things (race, sex, gender, queer stuff, life) and talks to people making culture (usually podcasters). "Everyone out there has a story, and i intend to hear and share as many as possible." - Myx. Hyde

Keep it 100 Girl iOS - The Keep it 100 Girl podcast keeps it 100. I keep it real and true. A place for women to celebrate their embarrassment. Women tell the whole truth nothing but the truth even if it's totally embarrassing or super cray cray. I talk to you like I talk to my own girlfriends over din din and drinks.

Mixed Kid Chronicles - iOS - libsyn - Mixed Kid Chronicles is a podcast about those who check the “other” box. Join your host, Katie, as she explores identity, race, and popular culture.

Revelations (stitcher) - iOS - Revelations in an all-interview podcast/show that focuses on communicating truth to power. The platform is intent, and focused, and changing the world one conversation at a time!

Snoop Dogg GGN (Libsyn)- iOS - This podcast right here is hosted by none other than me…yours truly…music legend and pop culture icon… Snoop D-O-double G ya dig?!? This is nuthin but a smoked out session rolled tightly into podcast form that features me choppin’ game with and doin’ full-length interviews with a who’s who from the entertainment world.

Socially Awkward Gets Social (soundcloud) - Scott has awkward conversations with family and friends about any and everything from current events, pop culture, relationships, etc. We also take time to vent and get some things "off our chest."

Sooo Many White Guys (WNYC) - iOS - Phoebe Robinson is tired of being the token black woman in an ocean of white dude comedians. So in this podcast, Phoebe’s calling the shots. She’ll host intimate, funny and super honest conversations with musicians, actors, writers and comedians who are killing it in their fields--AND who aren’t white dudes! Stay tuned for the one token white guy (it’s only fair), cameos by Phoebe’s ball-busting executive producer Ilana Glazer, and a whole lot of hijinks. WNYC Studios is the producer of other leading podcasts including 2 Dope Queens, Radiolab, Death, Sex & Money, Freakonomics Radio, Note to Self and many more.

Studio 78 (stitcher) - iOS - android - Studio 78 with Nache Snow is a podcast about finding, pursuing, and building your creative passion or next business endeavor. She will dive into how she’s been able to do this on nights and weekends, while keeping her sanity. Nache talks to guests about design, software, finance, crafts, product love, lessons learned and how they’ve achieved success in business and life. This podcast sets out to inspire all to get the right mindset for success.

The Digital Life with Kevin Lockett (buzzsprout) - iOS - stitcher - The #1 Tech Diversity Podcast w/ a Pop Culture Twist in the Midwest!

The Donald POV (soundcloud) - iOS - My goal in this show is to educate ,inform and entertain. While most of the topics will be financial in nature, I’ll be discussing other topics as well, from attitudes to current events and everything in between.

The Most Extraordinary Ordinary (libsyn) - iOS - The Most Extraordinary Ordinary Podcast is an interview based podcast that brings stories of life, business, success, failure, and triumphs from Pro Athletes, Coaches, Business Owners, Musicians, and Sports Agents.

The Grey Ave (iOS) - A conversation about business, lifestyle, and success.

The Little Miss Entertainment Podcast (soundcloud) - iOS - Weekly interview style variety topic podcast

The MECE Muse Unplugged (stitcher) - iOS - Google Play - The MECE Muse Unplugged Podcast is a weekly pop-up variety show with interviews, career advice, and trending topics that affect new or aspiring consultants hosted by management consultant, speaker, author, blogger, and expert mentor Christie Lindor.

The Perfect Podcast - iOS - Stitcher -  The Perfect Podcast celebrates the highest achievements in music, film, literature, food, visual arts and more! In each episode I talk to a different person about the creations they believe achieve perfection. From the perfect short story to the perfect music video to the perfect cocktail to the perfect skyscraper – the show explores and celebrates the artists who have achieved the elusive, intimidating, confounding and 100% subjective state of . . . Perfection!

The RuggedAngel - Back in college, I was given the nickname, "RuggedAngel". It's meaning has evolved over the years, as my personality has. Basically, I will say that a RuggedAngel is a kick ass woman, living a kick ass life. I have decided to extend the name to so many other women that I know. And I will be chatting with them on this podcast. Please enjoy.

The (Secular) Barbershop - iOS - speaker - A podcast hosted by an atheist of color having conversations that are commonly found in the barbershop.

The Unconventional Woman with Summer Martin (stitcher) - iOS - a podcast featuring conversations with a few cool people (mostly women) I know discussing different topics. Nothing is off limits and we keep it real. Welcome to the world of the unconventional woman

The Wonder of Ivy Podcast (soundcloud) - iOS - The Wonder Of Ivy Podcast by Lisa Tejada. This is a weekly podcast where I discuss different topics, from personal and professional development to relationships, friendships, family, and more.

We Got the Jazz soundcloud - We Got the Jazz (WGTJ) is a podcast hosted by Autumn Woodland. WGTJ can best be described as an enlightening and entertaining verbal jam session. Each episode, Autumn shoots the breeze and has a quirky conversation with a new cohost.

What's Goodie with Blujay (soundcloud) - I talk Pop Culture, Art, Coding and Life hacks

What You Need When You Need It (stitcher) - iOS - Google Play - A weekly podcast with young aspiring individuals sharing tips and tricks to navigate the world through their experiences and life stories.