1stGens (iOS) - 1stGens is a new podcast about first-generation Americans and filling in the blanks beside the hyphen. Each episode shows the challenges of balancing between two different cultures and reveals that being a local citizen is not always so black and white. Co-hosts Perrine and Skye correlate their Liberian-American experiences with the stories of 1stGens from other countries, while tapping on a variety of issues and topics. 

2 And A Bottle (soundcloud)  - iOS - Welcome to the parlor! Brandon and Deej talk politics, lifestyle and the culture over libations every week. The guests are dope. The conversations are informed. The drinks are plentiful. 

2 Bricks Podcast (iOS) -  THIS IS THE BEST FREAKING PODCAST. Hosted by two guys outta Brick City Newark, N.J.

2 Live ( iOS ) - We're 6 black men from New York City sharing our views, life experiences and jokes openly and honestly.

2POCS (soundcloud) -  Paxl Rose (@shutupcole) and Donny (@dante_web14) are two peoples of color that generally hate everything and now feel a need to talk about it. 

2sides1coin (soundcloud) - iOS - 2Sides1Coin Is a podcast that likes to dig deep into social issues that take place in relationships and the everyday world with a bit of banter. Come and listen to Mikky Wisperz, Bobby Digital and Dee Apple's banter filled conversation.

2 Shots and a Brew (Stitcher)  - iOS - Welcome to your local bar conversation, where interesting topics flow like the beer that's always on tap. New podcast every Sunday; comedic convos about 'ships, sex, news, pop culture, and more!! 

20 Something - iOS - soundcloud - Twenty Something Podacast is a weekly series aimed to make you laugh, cry and think. Each episode Naomi invites guests to discuss a variety of topics affecting the global black community. Get involved in this cultural discussion by using #20SPodcast on Twitter. 

20six07 (soundcloud) - iOS - We have guests, we ask questions. (London)

2 Tones (soundcloud) - iOS2Tones consists of the ambiguous duo Tony Lee & Tony T. , join them every week as they discuss & debate a plethora of things that primarily include Music, Culture, and everything else in between.

3 THE HARD WAY (iOS) - Fave, Jay Reed and Sincere talk about all things dealing with sex, dating relationships, love and current events in a way only they know how.

90s Baby Show - soundcloudThe 90s Baby Show is a podcast brought to you by Fred Santana and Temi Alchemy. Both hosts grew up south of the river In the 90s and gave decided to bring you a podcast based on their personal experiences. Topics range from growing up black in London, losing their virginity to random topics on religion and sleep paralysis. 

About Nothing (soundcloud) - iOSWe're the about nothing podcast yet we talk about EVERYTHING!

Afronerd (btr) - iOS A dynamic talk show that discusses topics from an educated, conservative Black perspective-debunking ghettoized stereotypes. A show for contrarian people of ALL ethnicities.

Ain't No Free Lunch (soundcloud) - iOS -  Two black millennials (@TaikeinCooper & @dmgreene18) discussing how to create change in these streets - an hour episode at a time. Let's Eat.

All Steak No Sizzle Podcast (soundcloud) - An honest,no bs look at life,sports, and entertainment

Are You Listening? (libsyn) - iOS - Short Orange - A podcast about real life from the perspective of authentic New Yorkers. They talk wellness, career, pop culture, politics, and anything in between.

Area 21: The Underground Takedown (stitcher) - iOS - Google PlayWeekly podcast: Real & Unfiltered

Awkward Minority (soundcloud) - iOS - The Awkward Minority Podcast is the break that you need from the monotonous pace of the week. Commentary from two of your favorite creators, Jesus Shuttlesworth (of Planet Of The Sanquon) and Lady Godiva ( of Words By Lady G). Covering topics that are sure to touch the soul, tickle the funny bone but most important unlock the mind. Breaking you feel of the group think. Leaving you too an Awkward Minority.

Another Round iOS - Acast -  Heben Nigatu and Tracy Clayton cover everything from race, gender and pop culture to squirrels, mangoes, and bad jokes, all in one boozy show.

Bar Babes (soundcloud) - iOSBar Babes was developed with the millennial Black woman in mind. As each of us have started our post-college careers we've learned that some days in the workforce and in life are just too much to handle alone! We hope this podcast and blog can be the relief you may need when everything seems to be falling apart. We don't know the answers to all the challenges in life but we're here working through it with you. One drink at a time!

Beware of Wolves (soundcloud) - iOS - Google Play - give us 5 minutes....

BlackBox Radio (soundcloud) - Dave Carter and Kilah G,who are two good friends, join forces every week to discuss sports, music, relationships and more.

Black Girls Laughing - iOS - soundcloud - Three black girls talking all things, politics, pop culture, fitness, mental floss, and how to be a Boss. Listen to Britney, Rashanda, & Bee as they #GlowUp, giggle, cackle, and roar. They are black and they love to laugh! All currently living in Philadelphia Bee, Rashanda and Brie created Black Girls Laughing as a way to bring their projects together and fellowship in the power and beauty that is being a black woman.

Black Girl Squee! (simplecast) - iOS - Google Play -  Black Girl Squee is a podcast celebrating the achievements of and discuss current events pertaining to Black women. Hosted by Inda Lauryn and Didi Jenning. Located in WI and the DMV.

Black Sexy Geeky Mental iOS -  A weekly podcast delving into the mind of a Black, former Burlesque performer, sci-fi fan with bipolar disorder

Brilliant Idiots - iOS -  Charlamagne Tha God and Andrew Schulz are The Brilliant Idiots. Join them each week as they explore the issues of the day in a style that's often idiotic.

Brothers podcast (podbean) - iOSWere two brothers that grew up in the inner city. Through those years we grew to gain an opinion on different topics and would like to share those opinions. We discuss topics from politics to entertainment. There’s no category we won’t discuss and although we often disagree we learn through discourse we can obtain a higher level of understanding. 

Brunch Culture - iOS - Brunch is a common weekend activity among young professionals in the city. At brunch, we discuss politics, family, faith, race, relationships, and current events. Brunch Culture (BC) is a podcast dedicated to bringing brunch conversations to the airways.

Campbellism (iOS) - Two brothers of the same Household, College, and Fraternity discuss their differing personal views around current events and taboo topics.

Cafe Con Pam (soundcloud) - iOSCafe con Pam is the weekly podcast featuring fearless Latinx (or people of color) that are breaking barriers, changing lives and making this world a better place while living in the US. Cafe con Pam mostly honors the accomplishments of women, however, the opinion of men is extremely valuable and humans that identify with the male gender get invited to the show to allow them to share their perspective in all things Latinx. Cafe con Pam is the platform where Latinx are able to share their stories and inspire one another through conversation of course while enjoying a fabulous cup of coffee.

Chroniclez (rss) - An Uncensored, Unfiltered & Unbiased look into the world of news, entertainment, music, politics, movies & sports.  Hosted by Cuzzo & Docious, we hope to bring you great conversation and take a little of the stress out of your day. Nothing is taboo and you never know what topic will be discussed. 

Clapback Calamity (soundcloud) - Socio-political issues affecting Black Community & others. We sprinkle in pop culture & serve all comers with our "Clapback's " We are an opinion outlet w/Street Cred.

Clearly Misunderstood - iOS - Google Play - Formerly a radio show, we are an opinion podcast keeping the balance between ign'ant and intelligent on pop culture, politics, relationships, and random tomfoolery.

Comatose Podcast - iOS  - soundcloud Comatose is a weekly series of amusing anecdotes,insightful commentary and pithy stories. Every week three contributors are featured in segments of three to five minutes. The segments, though often unrelated, are tied together using music and narration to set the scene. Relax and enjoy the ride while listening to topics as varied as words, family, and fears.

Conversation Con Artists iOS - soundcloud - Self-Serving persuasive talkers of everything and nothing. We are Conversation Con Artists. We're a couple of individuals giving our piece of mind on the current happenings in our society, whether they be race, politics, or ratchetry...

Dainty Thug (stitcher) - iOS - Google Play - The Dainty Thug Podcast is a trill ass podcast where Rosa Sparks talks about dating your daddy, sex toys, #blackcomics and everything her Black feminist heart desires.

Dave's Minstrel Show (soundcloud) - The Lord Dave's view on what black culture is; featuring conversations and interviews with people that are a part of our culture.

Dear Superhero -  iOS - SoundCloud - Dear Superhero is a podcast dedicated to preserving the stories of black women. Each episode is packed with stories about what it means to be a black woman in this world and the amazing, heartbreaking and sometimes mundane experiences.

Dey Said Dat (audiomack) - We are three friends who discuss a wide range of topics from music to movies to politricks. Just everyday life in a way doesn't have to be so contrived. We are The Crew AKA Crew Life and we are here to discuss everything we deem relevant. This is live action group text. Creep with us...

Dj Blaze Radio Show (iOS) - A no holds barred conversation about anything from race to religion, politics to relationships.

#Do Tell - Soundcloud - is a podcast for queer people of color to come and tell their story their way. This podcast is available on SoundCloud every other Monday.

Dreadlockconnoisseur - podbean - This Podcast/Blog talks about movies, TV shows, Tech and the life around us. We experience the world and we share it through our perspective which might not be the typical African American perspective.

Drunk Mind Sober Thoughts (soundcloud) - iOS - Welcome to the Drunk Mind Sober Thoughts podcast!! Join the fellas weekly as we bring you our take on life, relationships, culture, music and more on a weekly basis. Everything presented from the black male's point of view. At times offensive...At times off the wall...At times crazy...But always 100% real. When other podcasts talk sh*t we talk real life!! Rock with us!! 

Dupee Deep with Dr Nikki (speaker) - Dupee Deep: (doo-pee d-ee-p), noun, a profound and complex experience, personal and intimate information. Join Dr. Nicole Coleman, aka Dr Nikki, with her co-host O Tomas Bell in her weekly podcast as she gets deep... dupee deep. Each show features Dr Nikki tackling today's issues from pop culture to politics, society to celebrity, and everything in between. This is the place where witty, irreverent, opinionated perspective meets serious, fact-based discussion.

E-Block Radio - SoundCloud -  E-Block Radio is a show that deals with everything from politics to current events and everything in between from an urban American point-of-view. Tackling the even the toughest topics and adding a little humor to keep it entertaining!

Everybody Loves Bliss (soundcloud)- iOS - Everybody's got a story and I've got time and a really good bottle of wine. Political correctness not guaranteed. Leave your shoulds and should nots at the door. Comments, questions and confessions are welcome.

Everybody Eats (soundcloud) - iOS - #EverybodyEatsPodcast powered by Stay Hungry is a conversation with people shaking things up in the world. Join us as we talk food,the hustle and everything in between. We're out here reminding folks that there is room for everybody at the table.

First Year Project - soundcloud - A podcast and community, highlighting the good, the bad and the integral aspects of the first-year experience. 

Fresco's World (soundcloud) - My podcast is a comedic edu-tainment podcast fueled by trending topics, social media buzz blended with personal experiences.

From the bronx with love (stitcher) - iOS - Google Play - Dom and Karen explore pop-culture, food, music, politics and of course rants all done with a multicultural lens. From highlighting the bronx to discussing their work out routines these chicas cover a wide range of topics. 🇲🇽🇭🇹

For Those Who Know (iOS) - Covering everything from Hip-Hop to Quantum physics, Addressing the world the only way we know how, talking about it. Everybody's telling stories— these are just the ones you should know.

Fully Loaded w/ Focus JRJ (soundcloud) - iOS - TuneIn -  is a bi-weekly podcast hosted by Focus JRJ and Malcolm where the two discuss everything in pop culture, politics, news and more. Each episode is Loaded with a few sips of brown juice, laughs, remorseless honesty and some brotherly bickering. New episodes drop every other Monday.

GEMS (twine) - A podcast evolved from a barbershop talk forum interviewing various dope guests to exploring new discussion series.

G.F.T Radio Show (soundcloud) - iOS - Blog Talk RadioGFT Radio, is a group of friends who decided to take an idea of a group and make it into a radio station. We want to open up the floor of all types of conversations that need to be talked about. From relationships to what is going on in the world today. No topic is to taboo. We can respectfully agree or disagree.

Gibbs 501 Show (stitcher) - iOSThree college friends kicking it old school about sports, music, politics and everything else under the sun.

Glen & Her (soundcloud) - iOSThe oddest couple in podcast. Social commentary about life, love, and laughter from the POV of Glen & Her.

GlobalDonnica ... A Cultural Dose (anchor) - Language travel and the global mindset

Grey Matter (soundcloud) - iOS - We're "The People's Podcast". It's not always black, it's not always white, there is always a grey...area that is! We're 3 average, working professionals turning entrepreneurs talking about everyday life w/o the sugar coating.

Grimelords (soundcloud) - iOS - Stab BKA Stab(Don't ask why!), Rustface and Penrose are the GrimeLords. It goes down in the DM....that's Detroit, MI. Follow us as we run the gamut of Podcast debauchery discussing current events, pop culture, news, politics and life. The world is a Grimey place, we're just here to share it.

Guess What Podcast (soundcloud) - iOS - Hey People! Welcome to the Guest What Podcast, a show hosted by Jwande and Delz. Here is where no topic is off limits: daily dramas, controversial issues, the music world and even our crazy generation. whatever it may be trust we've got loads to say about it !!

He Man Woman Haters Club (soundcloud) - iOS - Mouse Jones, alongside Bondsy & Reek, comprise the He-Man Woman Haters Club podcast. Discussing everything from Hip Hop, relationships, women, and whatever else they probably shouldn't. Tune in every week, never know who's going to be dropping by the clubhouse.

Home Grown Radio (soundcloud) - iOSThis is what LA sounds like!

Hung Up Podcast (soundcloud) - iOS - Dial in with @iampryan and @edantecole as they tackle life and society. On Soundcloud, Apple Podcasts, Google Play, and Stitcher.

I'm Hear For It  (soundcloud) -  I'm Hear For It is an outlet to express our queer, black everyday conversations on justice, politics & culture. Hosted by three friends who are based in Oakland, we’re deeply rooted in black friendship, black creativity & black joy.

Just Say Words (soundcloud) - iOS - Web Dev, Gamer, Philadelphia Sports Fans and Semi-Pro Trash Talk. Creator of Just Say Words Podcast.

Klique (soundcloud) -  iOSThis podcast is four young black Canadians trying to figure out life and it's challenges one hypothetical scenario at a time, while still discussing popular culture and sports from the Canadian perspective

Leisure World Podcast (soundcloud) - iOS - previously featured on blogtalkradio now we're back Barking at everyone, NO ONE IS SAFE.

Lemon Pepper Wet (soundcloud) - iOS - Bringing you the latest, the laughter, and the lessons we learn along the way. The lemon is what leaves a sour taste in our mouths. The pepper is that hot topic that has everyone talking. The wet is what quenches our thirst and gives us life.

Let me Speak (soundcloud) - "Let me speak" is a podcast about 4 washington dc native brothers speaking freely about pop culture locally and worldwide and the influences certain events have on the masses

Life Comes At You Fast:The Podcast! (stitcher)- iOS - DJ Knightmare, Moses Danileo, and love_jab are the voice of the people. Listen to them discuss real life shit through interviews, guest appearances, jokes, segments, and sarcasm every week, right here.

Local Color - iOS - Local Color is a podcast about Baltimore's culture creators. Host Jason V sits down with reporters, entrepreneurs, artists and everyone in between to discuss how their craft is telling the story of Baltimore.

Look to the Cookie - iOS - stitcher - Germar Derron covers absolutely everything from TV, to politics, to music, to film, to you. What else do you do with three degrees and no job? Sometimes he interviews D-list celebrities and tells funny stories. Enjoy.

Mad Genre (stitcher) - iOS - Based right out of San Antonio, TX, we consider Mad Genre to be the "podcast for the generation". Join Jenise Jackson and Mardio Lattimore each episode as they give you a look on life from the young adult's perspective. From relationship discussion, to college and career advice and the latest in pop culture, you're sure to be entertained!

Mind.Set. (iOS) - A weekly discussion about social topics and current events from an informed yet approachable perspective. The Mind.Set. team invites listeners to join in on the conversation and laughter. What's your mindset?

Mind Over Matter (soundcloud) - iOS - Mind Over Matter is a show bringing you unfiltered and realistic views of what we know as society. This is a fun show, where important topics are touched on in a entertaining and thought-provoking manner. Sit back and please press play.

Mindstream radio (iOS) - Real talk from real people

Millennial Lov3: Sex, Love & I'm Selfish AF (stitcher) - iOS - Google Play - Just 3 Black millennials from the South trying to figure it all out while slidin thru, throwin some shade & prayin that 90's R&B comes back!

Mocha Minutes (libsyn) - iOS - Google Play - A melanated beauty who discusses current events, politics or anything floating off the top of my head.

More About Something Else (soundcloud) - iOS -  A little bit of inspiration with a little bit of opinion.

Mouthin Off (soundcloud) - Political and other much needed conversations from a milleniald loint of view

MyPotnaB - iOS - soundcloud - I cover just about every topic. No punches pulled. Language can be explicit at times. Still learning.. Im not a pro or anything, but, I'm definitely working to get better for you guys.

N.W.A.P. iOS - soundcloud -  Four Negros. Four opinions. One podcast.

#OccupyABarStool (stitcher) - iOSFat Liver Jones and Reason Jenkins rant and ramble about current events & trending topics while drinking the fanciest of beers.

On My Grown (soundcloud) - iOS - Google Play - Two millennials discuss the confusion, the struggles and the comedy that comes with adjusting to adulthood. Hosted by @leaveitup2mel &@presidentboyd.

Only Child Syndrome (soundcloud) - South Jersey's #1 Podcast bringing you all things NJ and everything under its sun

Other Guyz (soundcloud) - iOS -  Matthew Smith (@BlacktopMessiah), Ben Berry (@B3nBerry) and Michael Millz (@MichaelMillz) are the Other Guyz, discussing everything from current events, music/pop culture and sports. Featuring talented and influential guests from time to time, the Other Guyz put you on to some Other Guyz you should get familiar with. 

Outer Thoughts (acast) - Google Play - stitcherOuter Thoughts Podcast is a podcast about anything. Odion shares her thoughts on life, entertainment and whatever other random things that she's thinking about.

Plant Your Flags (soundcloud) - The unexpecting the unknown is all here. This is Plant your flags Podcast.

Play Cousins (iOS) - Play Cousins is a podcast that seeks to share a diverse group of voices with unique stories and messages. Have an amazing story to share? Contact us at to be featured on an upcoming episode!

Reasonable Ignorance (soundcloud) - iOS - The greatest podcast on earth is upon you. Reasonable Ignorance podcast is a voice for the Chicago and midwest on pop culture, urban premise and overall male ideology. With humor, sarcasm and bombs we talk about current media topics as well as interviews. Hide the ciroc, or get reasonably ignorant

Savage House Live (soundcloud) - iOS - entertaining story telling of daily events that happen in the hood.

School's In (blog talk radio) - Satirical look/critique on a broad array of topics with main focus on nostalgic hip-hop, music in general, film and television.

Sol's Temple (soundcloud) - iOS - Google PlayI'm King Sol and welcome to my temple. I talk about anything and everything: movies, music, ideas, whatever! Aiming to be a voice of change, so please, step into my solar dojo!

Somethin in common - stitcher - Husband and wife worlds collide on this weekly podcast. Michael and Kymberly Nichole discuss everything and anything. Relationships, money, Kids, Love, entertainment, celebrity news, and more. Join us as we bring you into our world.

souledFree Radio (soundcloud) - iOS - souledFree Radio is a weekly podcast promoting enlightenment through dope conversations, a variety of perspectives, and life lessons and experiences of myself and my amazing guest hosts. Tune in as we discuss everything from friendship to relationships, glow ups and growth, to anxiety and much more. vibe out, laugh and just maybe have an "Ah HA" moment.

Sound off LA - iOS - soundcloud -  Sound Off LA was created to discuss a wide range of contemporary issues affecting young Angelenos, with a mixture of sincerity and humor.

Sounds Legit (soundcloud) - iOS -  You can laugh,agree and disagree. We welcome them all. As long as they Sound Legit!

 Southern Soulcast - Android - Dante D. Long (author and blogger) introduces himself and his podcast of controversial topics, funny storytelling, guest dialogue, and music from independent artists.

Stakes Is High (soundcloud) - iOS - stitcher - A real podcast discussing real topics with real people.

Stay Talking Ish (soundcloud) - iOS - A podcast where nothing is off limits and the truth is always told.

Stay Woke! (iOS) - Stay Woke! Podcast started with discussing music, it evolved to movies and social/cultural topics as well. We are searching for deeper understanding and hope you join the conversation.

Straight OuttaLoCash - iOS - stitcher -  A network of shows that talks about sports, life, politics, comic books, film, and hip hop with a comedic twist. Weekly special guests including comedians, music artists, models, and bloggers. Great music provided by DJ Reminise.

Stride and Saunter - iOS - stitcher - Since its inception, Stride and Saunter has been devoted to genuine and thoughtful conversations. We aim to engage our listeners in an honest exploration of our world and its countless components - from technology and history to culture and current events.

Sweats and Suits (soundcloud) - iOS Sweats and Suits is a podcast from Seth and Eric. We want to touch on all things, bring VIBES and CONVO and a good laugh. Give a listen!

Take Off Your CooliOS - libsynTake Off Your Cool is a Nashville-based podcast that covers everything from current events to pop culture to feminist and womanist issues. 

TaKenyahTalks (soundcloud) - iOS - To be honest, I'm a regular girl born and raised in Detroit/Farmington, who took a liking to talk about celebs and give unsolicited opinions. Not to mention I'm a 21 year old hot mess TRYING to grasp life by the balls ,or lack thereof.

Talk At Me Podcast (Stitcher) - iOS - This is a podcast made by Sydnie Montgomery & James Moore II, two black nerds who reside in Dallas, TX. Here they talk about everything from music, TV, current events, and the greatness of living alone to how hard it is to find and keep a good parking spot. Sometimes they suggest music you should listen to and they always suggest a cocktail you should try because boozes makes them happy.

TalkitOut (Stitcher) - iOS Google Play - Are you ready to Talkitout? Dive into a millennial focused podcast that is entertaining, educational, and at the same time controversial. Join Gabby, K.T., and Joy as they discuss topics that fixate on social justice, relationships, and every day life.

Tamarindo (audioboom) - iOS - Tamarindo Podcast is hosted by Luis Octavio & Brenda Gonzalez. We are amigos talking politics, food, music, and life! We are a socially conscious talk show with hilarious segments including one in which we throw "La Chancla" at racists or other deserving jerks.Two episodes a month available on itunes and soundcloud! 

Tha Reality Is - iOS - soundcloud - On this podcast, Host Anthony Roberts and friends, tackle current issues in a world where the true perspective is often overlooked or misconstrued. Tha Reality Is... where filtering becomes extinct!

Thanks for Asking (soundcloud) - iOSLGBT, Arts & Entertainment and whatever we think of at the moment.

That's Absurd (stitcher) - iOS - soundcloud - That's Absurd is a round table conversation amongst three friends about all the crazy and absurd foolishness that takes place on this planet we share.

That's What She Said (iOS) - TWSS is a safe place. Eavesdrop as unadulterated opinions and peer-to-peer advice are exchanged in lively group talk sessions. Pressing and spirited discussions take place weekly on matters of love, money and life as we know it.

The Bad Boys (soundcloud) - The BadBoysPodcast is unadulterated, vicious, filthy, obnoxious rude content which covers everything from basketball and comics to porn and everything in-between . . . ENJOY LOL HA

The Backwoodz (soundcloud) - iOS - Three black men with a mic that discuss everything from life, sports, to relationships, mental health and religion. No topic is off limits. The podcast is aimed to resemble barbershop talk with emphasis further on those topics. We hope the multiple topics will catch every and anyone's attention.

The Big Podcast With Shaq iOS - Much bigger than sports, "The Big Podcast with Shaq" is fun, topical, and slightly irreverent. Shaquille O'Neal talks news, entertainment, controversy, and the crazy life of the Diesel himself. Shaq and his sports sidekick, John Kincade never know who will show up to shoot the proverbial shh..uh, well, you know. 

The Black Astronauts iOS -  Friends that sit around talking tech, pop culture, life, music, Sex and everything in between.

The Black Guy Who Tips - iOS - #TBGWT - A comedy podcast hosted by the husband and wife team @rodimusprime and @SayDatAgain where the motto is 'Nothing's Wrong If It's Funny'

The Bodega Podcast (soundcloud) - iOS - Word around town is that this is the show that introduces new audiences to podcasts but is it true? How could a group of twenty-somethings possibly draw such a crowd? Is it Derick, Jeff, Mariah and RJ’s weekly interviews that showcase other young artists and entrepreneurs that draws in new "customers" and keeps them coming back? Could it be their up to date discussions of current events and trending topics that holds everyone's attention? Looks like you'll have to tune into The Bodega Podcast for yourself and see what all the fuss is about and just like you would in any other bodega... Come get what you need ;).

The Blueprint Live (soundcloud) - iOS - Weekly podcast recorded live in Brooklyn, New York. A plethora of interesting guests join the show to talk about everything from relationships and sports, to society and culture.

The Cole World (soundcloud)- iOS -  Come chill with me as I blab about things I dig, dig me! 

The Critical Dump (soundcloud) - Discussing some of the world's uncomfortable topics with no holds bar but in an entertaining way. No feelings will be spared!!! So join the conversation.

The For the Culture Podcast - iOS - soundcloud -  This podcast is for folks that listen to trap music on the way to work and drink red Kool-Aid with Lobster Bisque for dinner. THE FOR THE CULTURE PODCAST is a show about the people and for the people. It is the most candid conversation you will hear on everything from dating and sex to Black Queer theory and politics.

The Growing Up Black (GrUB) (soundcloud) - iOS - GrUB is an acronym for Growing up Black and is a podcast highlighting stories, topics, and ideas from black people of different ages, shades, and cultural demographics. Think of GrUB as the radio version of Humans of New York for People of Color.

The Idea of Manhood - iOS - soundcloud - This podcast will explore and discuss the idea of manhood; pop culture, fatherhood, relationships, and current events from the perspective of progressive, cultured, and regular dudes; like you; like me. Ladies, you should tune in too.

the indoob! podcast (podbean) - iOS - Google PlayA bi-weekly podcast experiment that covers any and all topics from entertainment, nerdiness, food, spirituality, finances, culture, storytelling and a dash of silliness and nonsense. Sterling and friends invite you to take an escape to discuss he finds intriguing and maybe add a little positivity to your day.

The Interracial Jawn -  iOS - stitcher - An interracial couple discusses pop culture, TV, movies and current events from their unique perspectives as a very white guy and a mostly black woman.

The Kugali (Stitcher) - iOS - Google Play 4 Nigerian men all located in different continents come together on Skype to talk about games, comics, TV, animation, film and more created by Africans and people of African descent in the diaspora. We interview some of these creators too.

The Legends Room (soundcloud) - iOS - The Legends Room is a space for thinkers to be creative, informed, and provocative. In today’s changing society, it is important to be knowledgeable of current events that effect all of us. So why not receive that knowledge in an entertaining format? That is where we come in.

The Life X Times of Eric - iOS - soundcloud - The Life X Times of Eric is a Podcast where I discuss relatable topics like life, business, relationships, sports, books, shows and everything else under the sun. Along with uplifting, motivational and inspiring messages to motivate and drive you. Plus friends of Eric will pop up here and there to discuss their opinions on topics.

The Little Miss Entertainment Show (iOS) - A multi variety interview style talk show with various topics and guests

The Mixed Experience - iOS - Through interviews, essays, reviews, and ruminations, Durrow talks about the varying aspects of The Mixed Experience in the arts, culture, academia, and history. We’re also excited that a rotating crew of guest hosts will join us as well.

 The OTAP Show - iOS - Everybody has a story, everybody has a journey, everyone has been somewhere and everyone has learned something. This podcast interviews everyday people from twitter, Facebook, your neighborhood and anywhere else there are people like you to hear about it.

The Pass Podcast (Podcast About Sports N Stuff) - Rss - Linktree - My podcast covers two worlds that have been finding their own ways to come together...sports and stuff (technology, music, video games, etc). There are few instances when politics lands into the stuff category, but you are guaranteed to get some good worthwhile content on this show.

The Pay Day (soundcloud) - Weekly interviews with REAL LIVE STRANGERS on the streets of New York about current events and entertainment.

The Pequilar Podcast (soundcloud) -  The Pequilar Podcast is an audio exploration of what it means to be a young polymath while black in the 21st century. Come with me, learn with me, laugh with me, and spend this bread with me. In all seriousness guys, this is for the people, the culture, so no matter where you or I are, we can purchase from our community and help make it a stronger one. No you don't have t be black to listen.

The Pennymon Doctrine - podomatic - The Pennymon Doctrine is for millennial's by one. I care about the topics of the younger generation, because hell, I AM THE YOUNGER GENERATION. The difference is, I really really really really really really want to do something about it. I don't want to be a politician, so I'll settle for the the voice of the next generation that is soon to take the reigns of leadership in this world.

The People's Choice - iOS - Google Play - The People's Choice Podcast is a series of stories, jokes, news and entertainment and what ever is on TG's mind. Listen and enjoy.

The Podcast Brothers (soundcloud) - iOS - Google Play - Two Brothers. Two Personalities. Two Geminis. One Show.

The Point Of It All - iOS - The Point of It All is a weekly podcast based out of Illinois hosted by Billie, Freddy Jaye, Darrius, Fred Mac II and Riv. Join the guys in the most in-depth conversations about sending nudes, Love/Relationships, Music, Trump's America, Ex-Etiquette and Pop Culture in general. No topic is safe as they sit down every week to discuss life as they know it. Unapologetically.

The Polar Opposites - iOSsoundcloud The Polar Opposites explores sex, society and culture from the unique perspectives of experts, eccentric characters and everyday people. Join Sean-Vincent and Annika as they search for common ground between polar opposites through candid interviews, powerful testimonies and raw conversations. 

The Quad Podcast (soundcloud) - iOSThis is the Quad, a student podcast collective bringing you voices from our very own world: the UChicago quad and beyond since 2013.

The RecorDads (stitcher) - iOS - Weekly shows that talk social/life issues, effective distractions in consumable media and the other challenges found when trying to be a good father. Black men, speaking intelligently, about things that matter.

The Radio Failed - iOS - soundcloud - The Radio Failed is a millennial talk show hosted by media personalities: E, Perkins, & Austin. With a focus on millennials, the radio failed speaks on topics effecting the millennial generation. We speak on Hip-Hop culture, Pop culture, politics & life. If you're a millennial and want to stay updated on the current news effecting you or just want to watch something you can relate to. This is the show for you! #Takebacktheculture 

The Roguish Gent (soundcloud) - Somewhere in Mississippi, someone decided to give these people microphones... 

The Roommates (soundcloud) - iOS Hafeez, Chris and Sam bring you The Roommates podcast. The best hour of your week, guaranteed. If you don't believe it, listen and see for yourself

The Roundtable (podbean) - From local to global we cover it all and give you the truth as we see it from our center of the universe. Sunny and humid Jackson, MS

The Sativa Experience ( soundcloud) - iOS -  This podcast is a merge between 420 and pop culture. Sativa Jones and friends give their prospective on social issues while sitting around the peace pipe

The Savage Sessions (soundcloud) - iOS - The Savage Sessions is black operated podcast covering everything from sports to politics and pop culture in our own wicked sense of humor. The host are DJ 9 Eight and Sweet James and we have an assorted crew of other who join us on the show to share they opinion. Join us for our debauchery

The Shiznit Show (buzzsprout) - stitcher - A podcast about errday life from the ridiculous to the sublime from the outlandish to the mundane. Whatever the topic be sure there will be plenty of laughs!

The Simply King (soundcloud) - Simply King will be targeted to millennials with a tone of modern intellectualism. The topics will be relatable and at times controversial including but not limited to: healthy living, self-help, quotes, sex and relationships and a dash of politics. In addition, I would include a few reoccurring themes such as a view of my generation’s mentality, social trends, and relevant discourse. I want to present myself not as expert but an observer of life that consistently strives to change for the better. 

The Spann Report - iOS - Real Talk, ALL THE TIME

The Spill - iOS - libsynThe Spill, hosted by Daschielle, is a weekly podcast bringing you into the personal and often times chaotic existence of Florida breed and Haitian fed poet, writer, and recent don’t give a f*ck host Daschielle, whose topics span the spectrum of issues affecting the life of the modern day black woman.

The Tactless Know-It-Alls - iOS - Google PlayThis podcast's goal is to provide a weekly commentary on music, sports, pop culture and current events, as well as, real-life issues like police brutality, racism, sexism, hot-button issues within the black community like interracial dating and color-ism and politics. Although, some of the subject matter is serious, we approach it with (a sometimes humorous) brutal honestly and because the conversation is unscripted, there are no rules or limits to where the conversation can lead. 

The Tariq Elite Radio Show iOS - The official podcast for New York Times best-selling author and critically acclaimed film maker,Tariq "Elite" Nasheed

The Vent (soundcloud) - This podcast is based in Toronto. We talk about any and everything.

The Vocal Minority Report (soundcloud) -  Are you apart of the silent majority? Or are you apart of The Vocal Minority?! The Vocal Minority is a podcast covering arts, entertainment and culture live from Dallas, TX featuring opinion makers and special guests.

The Wes & Woo Show (soundcloud) - The Wes & Woo Show, where raw millennial topics, are discussed and sometimes debated, in a Group Chat like manner. Along with help from “The Good “Bruvah Streets”, Co-hosts G. Wes and Ozzie Woo, will keep you coming back week after week. Each week Wes and Woo will be joined by a new group of guest, as they recall classic nights, hold healthy conversations on risky topics, and challenge many common millennial beliefs.

The Yard Podcast (soundcloud) - The Yard Podcast is a millennial podcast where two southern guys and girl talk about pop culture, politics, and social issues. Continue the conversation with us at @ethanztill, @LosOsorio and @tantalizing_tay

The Zod & Drea Podcast - iOS - Google Play - We host a weekly podcast where we talk about relationships (including our own), politics, and everything in between brought to you by a real-life couple

Trill Withers (podomatic) - iOS -  Sports. Music. Twitter. The bane of my existence. You know, the usual

TRU COLORS (Blog Talk Radio) -  Black empowerment podcast where nothing is off limits building our brothers and sisters up everyday with knowledge.

twoSquares (soundcloud) - iOS - twoSquares Podcast what is so interesting about them? Absolutely nothing the name speaks for its self. We are just two individuals that love anime, music, etc. Take time to listen to our podcast as we discuss topics from a male and female point of view.

Unoriginal Podcast (soundcloud) - iOS - Irish and Afro-Irish hosts Ciara, Dayo and Fredi are three millennials whose cultural backgrounds and life experiences make for a diverse and interesting collective. Topics discussed include race, pop culture, politics, sex & relationships and much more through their own unique lens. ( Dublin, Ireland )

Up Next Radio - iOS - soundcloud - Welcome to UP Next Radio! This is the RAW and UNCUT discussions that you think about in your head everyday. Here's your chance to say it to the world...well we're not there yet, but say what you want and one day your voice will be heard to the world!!!

Uptown Talk (soundcloud) - iOS - New Podcast Alert! Uptown Talk Podcast brought to you by the young millennial's @Button_Bullets, @Damnnn_D, @youngmantoot, and @LightSkinPaid_ #UptownTalk

WhoYaWit The Podcast (soundcloud) - iOS - Garnett Briscoe is just a player with an opinion and the sophisticated hoodrat ImPepperAnne as they host WhoYaWit: The Podcast. Follow them along with their guest as they share theories and views through comedic relief on life topics. #WhoYaWit

Why You Mad Son? (btr) -  We have come to begin a Revolution of the mind. We speak out against injustice and expose the hypocrites wherever they exist. We are the MadMen....join us.

Word Of Mouth Radio - iOS -   a new radio station founded by Q. Shepard, co-founded by Taqee Bond, Co-hosted by Cleverly Chloe. We discuss the latest in Entertainment, Current Events and Gossip every single week. The shows mission is to promote, highlight and uplift the budding talent, entrepreneurs and philanthropists of our generation. The LIVE SHOW broadcasts live every single Wednesday at 7 PM EST.