Frequently Asked Questions 

What is your real name? Danielle Sykes but Berry is my nickname. I rarely answer to anyone yelling or calling out Danielle. Then some want it to seem like we are bff’s and call me Danny, I hate that shit. It’s Berry Syk for all podcast purposes.

Are you on social media? Twitter - Instagram - Facebook

What is the goal of podcasts in color? To elevate podcasts that are in color

What do the donations go? To paying for the site. Helping Berry host podcast meetups, helps Berry have the time to work on podcasts in color. 

I am new to podcasting, where should I post my podcast? This is where you upload your podcast and the hosting service you have gives you an RSS feed to put in itunes/Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, Pandora and RadioPublic 

What are some podcast hosting services? Simplecast fm, Soundcloud,Podomatic, Speaker  

What do I need to do submit my poc podcast to Podcasts in Color? I’d love to add you! 

-Include your Apple Podcasts link, Google Podcasts

-personal hashtags you use (not general ones like #Podcast #Comedy etc)

-website if you have one, a succinct description (check out the current directory to understand further.) 

Can I submit someone else's podcast? Sure if you have enough information 

I submitted my podcast, but it doesn't appear on your site. Email me @ or use the contact form, include podcast information. 

Is this site for any podcast? No that's 99% of podcast sites, obviously not what I am going for on this site. My site targets only podcasts hosted by people of color to help fill the gap that exists in promoting podcast by people of color. 

You've posted my podcast on social media, but its not listed on your site? I attempted to add podcasts manually in the beginning but finding listening links is more complicated than some would believe. Submit (submit link) today! I try not to hold myself to only podcasts on my site

Will you be a guest on podcast? Yes! I have 15-20 minutes, hit me up with dates and times, not just the ask. If it takes over three emails to figure it out, its harder for me to keep responding.

I am starting a podcast…what help can you give? A page of links and Podcast Tips