Frequently Asked Questions

I see you post podcasts during the week, how do I get my podcast added? I'd love to include you! 1. Submit your podcast to (submit link). 2. Include an iTunes link and a link for non iPhone users (non iTunes link). 3. Include your Twitter account and/or a hashtag that users can use to promote listener discussion.

Why hasn't my podcast been included in your social media posts? Email me @ PodcastsInColor or DM me using Twitter. I want to post your podcast! Holla @ me and let me know!

I submitted my podcast, but it doesn't appear on your site. Did you include an iTunes link and a non iTunes link? Do you include a hashtag and/or Twitter account? Could be a few things, lets talk -->  Email me @ PodcastsInColor or DM me using Twitter.

Is this for any podcasts? No that's 99% of podcast sites, obviously not what I am going for on this site. ---- This answer seems really rude and almost angry. Do you really get this question? If you do, I think this might work better, I changed the question by the way, maybe this is my third party non political writer suggesting this -- No, I founded Podcast In Color to promote podcasts by people of color. My site targets only podcasts created, produced and/or hosted by people of color to help fill the gap that exist in promoting podcast by people of color. 

You've posted my podcast on social media, but its not listed on your site. I attempted to add podcasts manually to the list but finding links is more complicated than some would believe and finding a bio? I gave up after I started putting bio's together, submit (submit link) today! Ill still add you :) - I don't understand this one. 

Will you be a guest on podcast? Yes! Let's talk podcast.  I'm sure I have 15-20 minutes, hit me up.

I'd like to be featured on your site. How does this happen? What's your idea? I can post any podcast, why should I post yours?  What will people learn from listening to your podcast?