For The Culture

30 Something, Black, & Gay (libsyn) - iOS - A weekly Podcast Co-Hosted by 4 friends tackling break ups, make ups, friendship, dating, and a plethora of other topics related to being "30 Something, Black, and Gay" These four friends are opinionated, witty, insightful, and best of all a little bit petty.

Black and Highly Dangerous (iOS) - This podcast is meant to focus on many issues and topics within the black community by bridging the gap between academia and The People.

Black Radical Queer (libsyn) - iOS - Spotify - Black Radical Queer Podcast is all about black, queer folx sharing our stories on our own terms. We navigate an array of identities, and BRQ is an outlet where we can see the spectrum of those identities reflected, explored, and celebrated.

Breaking Boundaries (soundcloud) - iOS - Breaking Boundaries Podcast shares the views of two unapologetic Black men who are breaking down the barriers and stigmas provided by society.

Busy Being Black (RSS) - Busy Being Black is the podcast exploring how we live in the fullness of our queer Black lives.(London, UK) 

Busy Being Black (iOS) - Busy Being Black explores how we live in the fullness of our queer Black lives.

Cheers & Queers - iOS - Stitcher - A boozie podcast about Black queer life.

Coffee Conversations (tunein) - iOS - With 10+ yrs of marriage "under our belts" we are always up for a good conversation. Grab your coffee cups and join us, Demetrius & LaToya Hunter, for a lighthearted and "caffeine infused" discussion of topics centered on faith, relationships, life lessons, and all things Flint!

De Colores (iOS) - A production of the Dallas based De Colores Collective, De Colores Radio aims at celebrating the culture through conscious and fun conversation, interviews, and more. Join Host Eva and sidekick Rafael as they discuss news, pop culture, Latinidad, and the arts sprinkled with their Southern Hip Hop flare in De Colores Radio.

Dear Arie (SoundCloud) - Dear Arie is a podcast that focuses on peer to peer advice (Millenials/Gen X) Submissions can range from addressing rocky situationships to post graduation survival. Who wouldn't love to receive advice from a blunt 22 year old who's trying to figure it out herself?

Docs Outside the Box - iOS - Google Play - Podcast that features ordinary doctors doing extraordinary things outside of medicine. The show also features personal finance, career advice, with a splash of hip-hop culture.

Errthang - iOS - Spotify - Errthang is about everything percolating in
Al Letson's head. It's a 'variety show'-esque. Through stories, beats, interviews and music, even some drama, Al Letson and Willie Evans, Jr. breakdown and reflect upon Black fatherhood, masculinity and friendship in this current era of America.

Free Your Mind (stitcher) - rss - Free Your Mind’ is a popular Ghanaian colloquialism which means to let loose; to tell it exactly as it is. And that is exactly what the FYM crew aims to during their weekly podcast. Everything is fair game and there is no holding back!

Gariandpeanuts (soundcloud) - iOSFor the diaspora, from the diaspora. Three Africans (from west and central Africa) in America discussing life and politics and the news in attempt to bridge the gap and multiply the narratives.

Gayside Stories - iOS - StitcherGayside Stories is a weekly podcast about gay life and other relevant topics through discussions and personal stories, hosted by Trillificent

Henny and Hotwings (soundcloud) - iOSHennessy and Hot Wings is a Exciting, exuberant, and sometimes x-rated personal lifestyle Podcast. HotSauce and weekly guest will discuss life's most controversial and debatable topics over Cognac, Chicken, and spirited conversation. Tune in for your weekly serving at Hennessy and Hotwings.

Hippie Cholo Podcast(podbean) - iOS - Spotify - Jesse Gutiérrez and Adam Baca are Chicanos on the run deep in the heart of Tejas. Take a trip with these dope vatos, who are a little more laidback than loco, as they share their lives, thoughts and memorias.

It's a Melanin Thing (soundcloud) - Shanice & Nikia both believe that educating society and uplifting individuals as well as being extremely transparent while doing so is needed in today’s day and age. “It’s a Melanin Thing” is meant to reach all people from different ethnicity and cultural backgrounds. It’s not only a black thing, but a people thing. 

Keene Point of View (iOS) - Keene Point of View is the BEST intersection of Politics, Gay issues, and Christianity EVER.

Kevin Hates Hip Hop -  iOS - stitcher -  From topics on health and fitness to spirituality to even investments, Kevin gives a wide array of reasons why you should tune into Kevin Hates Hip-Hop every week

Just So Y'all Know! - ARE YOU ... (soundcloud)- iOS - Google Play - 1) BLACK 2) A MILENNIAL 3) UNAMUSED BY SMUGLY PPL? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, join host E*Dreezy as she navigates everyday life as a Black 20something on this "informative podcast for the everyday person." Nobody really knows anything...but very few people actually admit it!

L'heure du punch (The punch hour) - iOS - soundcloud - Tea time is over, it's time for punch! L'heure du punch est un podcast montréalais qui soulève la communauté noire et qui croit en ses accomplissements. À chaque 2 semaines, on discute avec des invités contribuant positivement dans la communauté. Le punch, comme l'apéritif, représente le côté rassembleur et festif de la communauté noire. // (The punch hour is a french podcast that uplifts the black community and believes in it's accomplishments. Every 2 weeks, we discuss with guests on our they positively contribute in the community.) The punch, as the drink, represents the unifying and festive side of the black community.

Let's Talk Bruh (stitcher) - iOS - Spotify - Let's Talk Bruh is a show that provides a space for Black Men to challenge our problematic shit, consider new ideas for black masculinity, and uplift ALL black folks in the process.

Living Corporate (SoundCloud) - iOS - Google Play Living Corporate is a writing and podcasting platform dedicated to exploring and celebrating underrepresented identities in Corporate America.

MASKulinity Podcast (libsyn) - iOS - Stitcher Brooklyn-based duo Samantha Nzessi and Remoy Philip invite you into their sometimes loud but necessary banter on masculinity. Hear Samantha and Remoy, sometimes with guests, discuss how masculinity affects men or even how the latest movie, TV and sports trends, etc. are helping or hurting the gender, and everyone else by extension.

Mild Talk (soundcloud) - iOS - Three regular guys with their own stories giving their hilarious and sometimes misinformed takes on what's going on in society.

Militantly Mixed (rss) - iOS - Stitcher - A podcast about race and identity from the Mixed-Race perspective.

Mind Over Matter (soundcloud) - iOS - Mind Over Matter is a show bringing you unfiltered and realistic views of what we know as society. This is a fun show, where important topics are touched on in a entertaining and thought-provoking manner. Sit back and please press play.

MK on the Mic (soundcloud) - This London-based podcast was created as a platform for PoC to celebrate their culture as well as to discuss topics that wouldn’t be addressed correctly, if at all, in the mainstream white-washed media. We are leading The Ethnic Revolution - a movement for proper representation of POC. (London, UK)

Naming It - iOS - stitcherWe are introducing the public to aspects of counseling psychology that are not commonly thought of, and engaging listeners in a conversation that delves deeper than the average show. We address social and cultural issues from the perspective of social scientists and psychologists. This Mission of Naming It is to call out the elephant in the room, and to call in the voices of social justice that are normally muted.

New Hollywood Podcast The New Hollywood Podcast is a platform for people of color, LGBTQ members, women, and other underrepresented voices in the industry to share their experiences, talk about current events, and their thoughts about the state diversity and inclusion in the industry.

Notarized (iOS) - Notarized is a optimized podcast that focuses on black entertainment culture. TBT reviews , Music Debates, Artist Spotlights and Hidden Gems are just a few of the segments that I cover in my podcast episodes.

Other Men Need Help (iOS) - Other Men Need Help is a series about the emblems, habits, and struts in the male performance.

¿Qué Pasa, Midwest? - iOS - public broadcasting - ¿Qué Pasa, Midwest? is a bilingual podcast that shares the lives y cultura of Latinos living in the Midwest.

Raw Urban Mobile Podcast (podbean) - Spotify - Raw Urban Mobile Podcast seeks to entertain and inspire listeners through candid conversations with foreigners and Japanese about life in Japan. Each episode shares a personal experience. Hosts, Cliff and Buddha, meet their guests in the streets of Japan and record inside a vehicle they call The Mobile Man Cave. New episode every other Tuesday.

Shot Caller (libsyn) - iOS - SpotifyLike having a drink or drinks with friends, co-hosts Rashaun Hall and Lucinda Sterling talk to today’s movers and shakers about what they’re drinking, where they’re drinking, when they’re drinking and whatever is going on in the world that makes them want to drink more.

Stakes is High (soundcloud) - Stakes is High is social commentary podcast that discusses everything from being Black in America to hosting guest speakers. Stakes is High is a real podcast, having real conversations with real people.

Tag Me In (soundcloud) - iOS - Tag Me In is all about inspiring people and aiding them through life. Listen to us (Anton and Ola) share our own experiences and cover a variety of topics. (Bristol, UK)

Talk Thirty To Me (iOS) - A show where we talk about the perspective of 30-somethings on life, love and the never ending pursuit of fulfillment.

The Abwaan Chronicles (SoundCloud) - iOS - The Abwaan Chronicles podcast focuses on topics related to our life experiences and identity as Muslim/Somali/Western third culture kids (Toronto, Manchester, Edmonton, Stockholm)

The Black Mile Podcast (soundcloud) - What is The Black Mile? The Black Mile is a Denver based podcast about two black millennials and their lives growing up in a predominately white city. The podcast navigates topics on the workplace, arts & culture, societal norms, relationships, and blackity black blackness of everyday life.

The Brown Liquor Report (soundcloud) - iOS Friends engaged in heated and humorous discussions about current events, politics, pop culture, chicken and liquor!

The Chenese Lewis Show - The Chenese Lewis Show is the #1 podcast for plus size women! Established in 2008, the iconic podcast features in-depth interviews with a wide range of industry experts, including plus size influencers and national brands.

The Official Bozcast (soundcloud) - iOS - Google Play - This is a Cleveland based podcast where each week we dive into the week's events with a unique perspective and a healthy balance of Spirituality and Ratchicity(a form of ratchetness). We will also regularly have guest on to share in this healthy balance. Tune in every Saturday at 2:16pm and then some!

The Shade Parade (SoundCloud) - iOS - Google PlayWe Are: A weekly roundtable conversation with Queer P.O.C. Comedy, Shenanigans, Drag Queens, Special Guests, New York Nightlife, Tea Tea Tea and of course SHADE!

The Shiznit Show (buzzsprout) - iOS - The Shiznit Show is a podcast about everyday life, from the ridiculous to the sublime, from the outlandish to the mundane; with a little bit of improv and comedy thrown in for good measure. Whatever the topic be sure there will be plenty of laughs.

The Simply King (soundcloud) - iOSCultural criticism podcast covering topics of pop culture, relationship, love, history, politics, self-help, and introspection

The Sista Speak Show (Speaker) - rss - Where contemporary meets vision sound and action a talk show for great minds that create impact and evolve.

The Style & Vibes Podcast (Spotify) - iOS - Stitcher - The Style & Vibes podcast is where Caribbean style and culture collide. You’ll get to know from Caribbean tastemakers and celebrities across the globe in Dancehall, Reggae, Soca and more.

This QPOC Life - a podcast that looks at the world through the lens of a Queer Person of Color. We strive to be a safe and inclusive listening space for Queer People of Color. We also have a variety of views and opinions.

Two Nine's podcast (SoundCloud) - aspiring to inspire a generation to but down their phones and talk to their neighbors

U Panic’d - iOS - SoundCloudReal Ones Having Real Conversations with Zero F***s Given... U Panic’d is dedicated to challenging Black American ideologies with authentic dialogue without fear of censorship or retaliation. We aim to awaken the consciousness of Black Millennials through the lens of diverse perspectives.

Unbasic (SoundCloud) - iOS - Google PlayUnbasic is a podcast hosted by spoken word artist Ashlee Haze and journalist Kelundra Smith where we say the words left unsaid about everything from hip hop and home ownership to dating and careers.

+Plus Size Magic Radio - iOSSoundCloudExplores the experiences of those who identify as plus-size, fat, thick, obese, or any other moniker associated with bigger bodies. +Plus Size Magic Radio offers a voice for those silenced. This is a platform to hear our stories and not create our stories.

While Black (podbean) - iOS - Spotify - While Black focuses 100% on life in this country while black. We go deep on any topic in which black folks either by choice, by force, or for survival operate in a nuanced behavior. We talk imperative information, histories, and success strategies to help us be better, survive, and thrive

Wild + Woke (soundcloud) - iOS - Wild + Woke Podcast is an audiowave network production. Half of the show is Wildly entertaining and very transparent. The other half is Woke where we educate and discuss important social justice topics. Our podcast is very pro black and pro community and we love sharing our viewpoints every week.

WokeNFree (tunein) - iOS - Google Play - WokeNFree is a podcast brought to you by Kahlil and Natasha Nurse who are interested in being honest and real with each other and the world. We refuse to leave anything off the table….we are talking about relationships, education, religion, politics, music, history, fashion, diversity in the media, entertainment, empowerment matters, life hacks, technology, cultural disparities in the world, and everything in between.

Working Title with Keisean Raines (iOS) - A series of "pass the collection plate" conversations with a Queer, Creole, Yogi, Femme, Mom with a nomadic soul, a quirky sense of humor and an activator of empowerment; speaking on ways to be mindful in a mindless world. Stories are shared, folks are empowered, inspired and impacted to be more phenomenal versions of themselves through simple conversations about complex shi* like love, life and the pursuit of being real.

Young, Gifted and Abroad (soundcloud) - iOS - acast - "Perspectives on studying abroad from past and present students of color." A weekly interview podcast created and hosted by Danielle G., a former student herself. Stories meant to encourage PoC students and non-students alike to see more of the world.

Young Free and Coupled  (iOS) - rss - A young married couple with 4 children discuss their views on all aspects of society through their "realness" filter. This podcast is our way of putting our unique views out into the world and staying off the beaten track of celebrity news and other fodder out there. (London, UK)