Hot Topics 


2 Woke Gurls (iOS) - Trina and Lauren cover issues that range from exciting to troubling, discuss their weekly music and TV choices, answer listener letters, and give out "Glows & Grows."

3 Piece Set (linktree) - Atlanta based entertainment podcast series where friends discuss art, life and how they intersect through three pieces of media. T.V., Movies and Music. Follow us as we break them down piece by piece.

Aggressive Negress (anchor) - iOS - Google Podcasts - Welcome to Aggressive Negress, where we'll be transgressing on today's taboo topics involving empowerment, gender, race, relationships, and more through the lens of pop culture.

Alternative Facts Chicago (soundcloud) - iOSThe #1 Podcast in Chicago for Music, Sports, Entertainment, Politics & anything Mainstream

Beer, Rap and Banter (iOS) - Kal Sereousz and English discuss the latest current affairs, men’s health, music, pop culture and sport over a few drinks. Cheers! (London, UK)

Blerdish - Our pod is a discussion of comics, movies, and tv. We also try to talk to as many black creators as possible to shine a light on their projects. We may also cross a hot button topic from time to time. We try to keep it light and fun.

BroTalkLive (soundcloud) - iOS - Spotify - A fast paced look at trending topics in black culture. Not just "for the bros"....but millennial perspectives from smart, yet entertaining black brothers.

Category Is... (linktree) - Category Is… speaks from the unique, but authentic perspective of 2 black gay men providing playful banter, organic conversations, heated disagreements, and engaging dialogue about friendship, relationships, & everything going on in the world today. We provoke thought, start conversations, & facilitate introspection but at the core, we want to have fun no matter what the Category Is…

Colored Commentary (iOS) - Spotify - Colored Commentary is a life and society podcast that works to dispel stereotypes of black men with an honest representation of who we are using humor, emotional vulnerability, and earnest dialogue.

Coach Class Podcast (soundcloud) - iOS - We look to speak with people looking to make difference in the community we live in. This is what we call "Coaching". While also touching on pop culture. "They ask me, 'What you coaching' I say, 'Bro I'm coaching Life'"

Day One Fans (linktree) - From multimedia brand UNPOPCULTR, Day One Fans is a podcast that celebrates music, film, art and culture and explores the complexities of being a creative of color.

DMD PODCAST (soundcloud) - iOS - Spotify - DMD Podcast is a weekly podcast that brings real conversations, debates, and discussions on current and trending topics. We cater to a very dynamic audience so there’s also something you can relate to. Whether you're commuting to work, cruising in your car (hands-free of course) or just relaxing at home, tune into DMD for captivating conversations and special guests who will have you either deep in thought, or dying of laughter. (London, England)

Don't Take It Personal (soundcloud) - iOS - One views the world as it should be, and the other views it as it is. Jay Wil and Hollywood Kas present to you "Don't Take It Personal." A weekly podcast that consists of music/movie reviews, segments (Top 10 lists, One Has To Go, etc.), and in depth conversations on current events with an occasional celebrity guest. No topic is off limits.

Durags And Boatshoes (soundcloud) - iOS - A black man walking a fine line between the sun and the moon, find out who's on the Summer Jam Screen, while some folks are out here Selling Hope Like Dope. A few folks might have to Hold This L and not all Heroes Wear Capes. Health Over Wealth is how we always end the show on a positive note. Keep fighting the good fight!

Educated Black Siblings (iOS) - rss - My sister and I talk about Politics, Pop Culture and everything in between. We end every Podcast with a Top 5 of some sort(Top 5 Kanye West Songs, Top 5 Will Smith Movies, Top 5 Most Annoying Racist Microaggressions, etc.)

Eloquently Saying Nothing (iOS) - Five Black British guys from the UK talk about current affairs, popular culture, politics & their lives with their own take on things & a heavy dose of humour.

FIFpodcast (soundcloud) - Couple Shake and L run down the week's hot topics with a special focus on all things nerdy.

Fire & Shade (iOS) - 3 women. 2 very different cultures. 1 podcast. Fire and Shade brings you all the heat with absolutely no chill. Tune in to your favorite shit talkers talk smack about life, love, family and everything in between.

From Where I Sit (Anchor) - iOS - Spotify - Welcome to From Where I Sit, a podcast, hosted, edited and produced by Kristoffer C., that is dedicated to discussion, laughter, debate and commentary about a variety of topics such as pop culture, music, sports, anime, movies, travel and much, much more.

Grownmanishpodcast (Spotify) - iOS - Mike J and Bow Tie Fresh are two mid 30's black men who give our unique often time funny views on sports, politics, fatherhood, relationships, and pop culture.

Hashtag (iOS) - Welcome to Hashtag, where we keep you up-to-date on any and everything happening in the social media world. From politics and media to culture and lifestyle, if there's a hashtag associated to it, we're discussing it! Catch our weekly shows by subscribing below and follow us on twitter at @TheSphereTV with the hashtag #ashtag

#HASHTAGSxHOTTAKES (soundcloud) - ANTDAMN!T and Uncle Stepdad present to you, Hashtags x Hot Takes. They are two dudes giving you their ignorant and sometimes immature takes on every thing pop culture, current events, local news, and trending topics...Nothing more nothing less!

He Said He Said (soundcloud) - Welcome to He Said He Said Podcast with Ray and Jay. Join these two social commentators as they tackle the hottest topics in American culture each week with the intent to entertain while also dropping a bit of knowledge. Buckle up for your newest podcast obsession!

House of Misfits (iOS) - Join podcasters justbeinTRILL and Mr. Cinn for their weekly podcast giving their take on life and today's culture. From comedy to serious real life conversations and building up others in the process. 2 longtime friends in Atlanta, GA, House of Misfits Podcast also serves as a platform to help build others (especially people of color) an opportunity to take people talents to the next level in any way possible.

I Get That Reference!! (audiomack) - A Podcast revolving around the lives of 4 Superheroes. Join them as they tell you about the world as they see it! Entertainment, music, video games and RANDOM A** NEWS!!!!

Last Name Basis - iOS - soundcloud - "Last Name Basis" is a weekly podcast hosted by Franchesca & Patrick. Each week they discuss what’s going on in the world along with what’s happening in their lives as a married couple.

Lawrenxoxo & Friends (blubrry) - iOS - SoundCloudLawrenxoxo & Friends is a weekly podcast that explores different topics ranging from pop culture to love, relationships and anything else that comes to mind. There will be a new co-host each week!

Legendary Lowlifes (soundcloud) - iOS - Imagine your group chat was recording your takes on weekly topics. That's is exactly what Legendary Lowlifes is. Unbiased, straight forward and raw opinions.

Mel in a Nutshell Podcast(libsyn) - I'm Melody Munroe and I do commentary on a variety of topics in entertainment and the world around us! Why not? This is a crazy ass world we live in, the content writes itself!

Melanated Perspective (soundcloud) - iOS - Spotify - Melanated Perspective is a weekly podcast that dives into sports, hip hop culture, & current events without holding back!

No Chill Podcast (anchor) - iOS - 80’s babies. 90’s Children. Millennial Adults. The hosts of The No Chill Podcast, ASAP Funny & Chelle Antoinette are the complementary duo who blend culture with comedy & authentic experiences. Tune in every week to hear their filterless opinions on a multitude of topics ranging from social media to classic black tv to adulting. The No Chill Podcast is guaranteed entertainment.

Notyourblaxkbarbie (Google Podcasts) - iOS - Spotify - Notyourblaxkbarbie is a podcast hosted by Topshada where every Tuesday her and her rotating panel discuss everything from dating, self love, sexuality, politics and much more !!! Welcome to our pursuit of happiness!!

Officially Street (soundcloud) - iOS - Google Play -The Officially Street Podcast is brought to you by Syer and Jayomega featuring Cherry Poppins. During this podcast We will be discussing all sorts of HOT topics, these topics may include, but are not limited to: Music, Movies, TV Series', Sex, Sports, Fashion, Politics, Religion, Global current events, and MORE! 

On My Way (iOS) - Kahlil Daniel, Sylvee Jones & Rob Milton came to give it to you straight. We don't say anything behind your back that we won't say to your face. This podcast will keep you up to date on the latest music and news that's "on the way."

Organic Broccoli (soundcloud) - Young black newlywed couple...woke, and very much in love, talk pop culture, politics, and life issues on a "higher" level.

Pigmented Perspective (iOS) - The most impactful changes usually begin with a conversation. Conversations that cause you to bend and stretch, to learn and live. When we share our own unique perspectives, with everyone receiving a seat at the table, there's nothing we cannot accomplish.

Point Black Period (iOS) - Google Play - Brian and Edna, an opinionated duo come together weekly to talk about hot topics and life from their point of view and let their wit, sarcasm and brutally honest opinions be heard

Polar Opposites (iOS) - Justin & Nicky unpack a variety of subjects ranging from their crazy Nigerian upbringing to their unpopular opinions and hot takes on pop culture. Join them weekly as they navigate their twenties, offer advice to listeners, and explore intriguing topics that spark much needed conversation.

Reelistically Speaking (soundcloud) - iOS - Weekly podcast hosted by TammyTalks and Tenia where we give you our thoughts and opinions on current events, pop culture, and TV shows. Think of us as your verbal group chat.

Reclaiming the Shade (podbean) - iOS - stitcher - “Reclaiming the Shade” is a comedy podcast hosted by friends Ebonie and Brandon. Every week, these two get together to act a fool and throw a little shade.

RNS Podcast (linktree) - The N.W.A/2 Live Crew of podcasts keeps it REAL, Raw and Funny while dropping gems about life and current events

Sarcasm City (SoundCloud) - iOS - The hosts discuss discuss battle rap, current affairs & whatever else they choose too, most of the time in a comical manner & always in a no holds barred fashion so if you are easily offended this podcast is not for you.

Say Less With The Culture (soundcloud)  - iOS - Your favorite podcast with a white guy in a room full of black guys Meet the hosts Shane, Swavey, Deonte, Cheez, Charles, Pache and Nate. The weekly podcasts cover the plight of college students, relationship issues, sports, music, art, politics and many more.

Send The Link (soundcloud)  - iOS - Brandon and Deej keep you up to date with a weekly look at the most important articles you need to read and what's happening on your news feed. Hit and get the weekly link in your inbox.

Slick Radio (libsyn) - iOS - Spotify - A dose of sophisticated ignorance between two brothers discussing the troubles of pop culture, spirituality, and "real life".

Talk Black to Me Podcast (anchor) - A weekly podcast discussing a variety of topics from current events, politics, etc. You name it we discuss it, but all from a black perspective. Hosted by Jah Ali and Elle Elle.

The Ain't Shxt Show - iOS - Spotify - #PodGods Fresh and B. Hill sit down for your weekly dose of booze fueled opinions and unfiltered commentary. From Hip Hop, Relationships, Pop Culture to Politics there are no topics that are off limits or too taboo for this opinioned crew. Sit back, take a sip, and laugh with the controversial Ain’t Shxt Show.

The B-Easy Podcast (soundcloud) - iOS - Spotify - Welcome to The B-Easy Podcast where we ponder life sh*t, things that make us laugh out loud & how to #BE better humans! Join us every Monday as we #SWAP updates, #SERVE up hot-button topics in entertainment, #DO deep-dives into daily matters & #SHARE inspiring BEtter human moments.

The Black Delegates Podcast (Podbean) - iOS - Google PlayAn equally intelligent, ig'nant & informative podcast about current events from black (& brown) perspectives. Listen. Subscribe. Share.

The Breeze (soundcloud) - iOS - Ashley and Jasmine shoot the breeze about a smorgasbord of topics ranging from film to pop culture to the creative process to our idols.

The Hunt Club Podcast (iOS) - Jamel, Austin & Mike 3 friends from Baltimore give their take on politics, sports, relationships and everything in between. Bringing laughs and thought provoking conversations to share with your friends and family

The Mina B Podcast (iOS) - New York born and raised, Mina B. is the epitome of the go getter spirit and will keep you right on your toes. Lush and lavish tips on a budget, while tackling relationships, lifestyle, hot topics!

The Mogul Lounge (stitcher) - rss - Have you ever been a fly on the wall when a group of men decides talk music, culture, politics, cigars, and pizza? The Mogul Lounge is a weekly show where any and everything is within the limits of discussion when the crew gets together.

The New Vernacular (iOS) - Eli and Samir are two friends bringing you a weekly show filled with out of pocket commentary on pop culture, politics, and their lives— get into it.

The Speak Easy Podcast (linktree) - Modern minds discussing the what's what in social happenings, entertainment, & everything in between

The Panel ATL - iOS - soundcloudAn Atlanta based podcast featuring a rotating cast of POC with unique backgrounds, age ranges, and different sexual orientations. Catch up with The Panel ATL every Monday as we discuss sex, love, and dating as well as social issues and current events from our communities.

The Perfect Kast (iOS) - Think barbershop talk, but on your phone. Benji, J-Leaux and Sam get together weekly to discuss today's current events, hip-hop culture and "come clean" about men of color's feelings on a variety of topics including, but not limited to, relationship issues, workplace issues and the mental state. Tune in to hear us crack jokes, drop gems and update you on current events!

TrapTalk (Google Podcasts) - iOS - Spotify - Welcome to the TrapHouse, where we keep shit raw and uncut (no pun intended). From the culture to celbri-tea to unfiltered sex talks, we keep it 100 every single time just like a TrapStar should. What’s Good???

Tyas Tuesday Thoughts (buzzsprout) - My take on current events

UNGENTRIFIED with Kent Johnson - iOS - Google Podcasts - UNGENTRIFIED takes an unfiltered view on pop culture, music, tv & film, politics, current events, and things created by or impacting the worldwide Black community. UNGENTRIFIED was created to be a safe audio space for celebrating Black culture in its purest form.

Unlikely Critics (soundcloud) - iOSElectronic social media allow us to relate to people with our podcast and videos and post. Unlikely Critics will never truly have a fixed topic, although we will often deal with movie reviews, internet videos, current political events, celebrity gossip, bs issues, personal anecdotes, comics and humor. It is defined by a stream of consciousness style.

What's She On About (soundcloud) - iOS - Spotify - Biweekly and bicoastal podcast about life, infatuations, pop culture & one's obsession with #IdrisElba!

What’s This Pod About, Again?! (iOS) - Spotify - stitcher - Jamal, Zeek & Zig shoot on just about anything that comes to mind: Sports, Hip Hop C U L T U R E, and anything "positively black," WTPAA?!

Woke With Kids (Stitcher) - iOS - Adult conversations about a world out of touch with its inner child.