Cassie's World (Anchor) - iOS - Spotify - A lifestyle podcast dropping gems for day to day living.

Chica Travel (iOS) - Lelo Boyana as she chats to travel lovers, friends, influencers and travel industry experts who share tips, tricks and advice on everything travel. (Johannesburg, South Africa)

GetNThaGame (soundcloud) - iOS - libsyn - We help people who are inspired by the Hip-Hop lifestyle to get their "game" up, features include celebrities, sports, sex, relationships and business and media.

On She Goes - iOS - On She Goes; a travel platform made for women of color, by women of color; brings to you, On She Goes the Podcast. The On She Goes team members discuss a range of topics from, Traveling while Black, The Great Outdoors, Volunteer/Do-Gooder Travel, Solo Travel, Road Trips, Ancestry, etc.

Pharoh Runnin (Spotify) - iOS - Google Podcasts - My podcast is about my experience as a runner from registering and training for an upcoming race to race day. I also talk about things outside of running as well.

Pink Lemonade (soundcloud) - Pink Lemonade is a lifestyle podcast produced to help black millennial women feel confidence and free about the decisions, goals, and experiences that mold their growth. The episodes are motivational in nature and often provides a personal experience, history of a topic, and takeaways. 

Tales of a Traveller Podcast (soundcloud) - iOS - Spotify - Tales of a Traveller Podcast is about sharing travel taboos that are missed out on social media platforms but are defining moments that make the travel experiences memorable and long lasting.

The Build On Beauty - iOS - stitcherThe Build On Beauty Podcast covers topics ranging from physical health and spiritual enlightenment to spiritual, relational and entrepreneurial subject matters. Our goal is to ensure that the lives of our listeners is not fragmented by the frailty of aesthetics but fortified with the wisdom and information that builds secure foundations upon which great stature stands. 

The Thought Card (libsyn) - iOS - Spotify - The Thought Card is a podcast about travel and money for people who want to spend their hard earned money on the things and experiences they value. Join Danielle Desir every other week as she explores affording travel, building wealth and paying off debt. Hear inspiring stories from financially savvy people from around the world who are traveling the world, crushing their financial goals and living life on their own terms. To find out more visit

Travel N Sh!t (soundcloud) - I'm a quirky lil travel podcast that discusses more of the "what was learned" than the "how I did it" of travel. I am trying to share the excitement and joy of traveling the world by sharing how enriching it can be beyond great photos. The how-to is only one step in the decision to get up and go. Hopefully a conversation about the "n shit" of travel can give an all inclusive (see what I did there) view of what comes in the travel package.

Travel Quips - iOS - Google PlayTravel Quips is the podcast for travel trends, opinions, etiquette & advice.

Why We Wander (soundcloud) - We run a nonprofit called The Wandering Scholar, which makes international travel opportunities accessible to underrepresented students. The podcast is an offshoot of that effort, showcasing people who are diversifying travel and changing the industry.