18 to 49 - iOS Stitcher - Join two friends, Alaia Williams and Brandi Holmes, as they come together once a week to dish about the latest in TV, film, celebrity gossip, and the hottest viral sensations. Sometimes organized, always relevant and extremely hilarious, Alaia and Brandi will keep you entertained with their thrilling banter on all things pop culture.

2 Bricks Podcast (iOS) -  THIS IS THE BEST FREAKING PODCAST. Hosted by two guys outta Brick City Newark, N.J.

2 Dope Girls (soundcloud) - We're 2 Dope Girls talking about dope things. Entertainment. Politics. Women with Melanin. Find us every week on Soundcloud and YouTube at We2DopeGirls

2 Dope Moms (soundcloud) - iOS - stitcher - Two Afrolatinx mothers that want people to understand that our identities don't begin and end with motherhood. 2 Dope Moms are hood feminists from The Bronx. This podcast touches on current events, on issues that impact our community and irreverent bs.

2 Dope Queens (WNYC) - iOS - Phoebe Robinson and Jessica Williams are funny. They're black. They're BFFs. And they host a live comedy show in Brooklyn. Join the 2 Dope Queens, along with their favorite comedians, for stories about sex, romance, race, hair journeys, living in New York, and Billy Joel. Plus a whole bunch of other s**t. WNYC Studios is the producer of other leading podcasts including Radiolab, Death, Sex & Money, Freakonomics Radio, Note to Self and many more.

2 Live and Pod in L.A. (soundcloud) - iOS - speaker -Two guys from the L.A. area letting off hot takes one podcast at a time. We talk everything from politics, to sports, to pop culture and everything in between. Please enjoy! 

20-20 Vision Podcast (iOS) - MikeChuck1212 comes through to discuss what you think, but don't say each week. No more, no less.

2OAFS (podbean) - iOS - 2 OAFS (Old-Ass Film Students) review and discuss new and exciting films! Our podcasts are spoiler filled. You've been warned!

2POCS (soundcloud) -  Paxl Rose (@shutupcole) and Donny (@dante_web14) are two peoples of color that generally hate everything and now feel a need to talk about it.

2 Shots and a Brew (Stitcher)  - iOS - Welcome to your local bar conversation, where interesting topics flow like the beer that's always on tap. New podcast every Sunday; comedic convos about 'ships, sex, news, pop culture, and more!! 

20six07 (soundcloud) - iOS - We have guests, we ask questions. (London)

20 Something - iOS - soundcloud - Twenty Something Podacast is a weekly series aimed to make you laugh, cry and think. Each episode Naomi invites guests to discuss a variety of topics affecting the global black community. Get involved in this cultural discussion by using #20SPodcast on Twitter. 

3 Geeks Minus 1 (soundcloud) - iOS - 3 Geeks Minus 1 is a biweekly Nerd Culture review & commentary podcast. Hosted by 2 big geeks & a not so big geek who provides a different perspective to all things nerd.

3 Man Break (libsyn) - iOS -  3 guys from Hawaii, Japan & Los Angeles discussing and analyzing NBA basketball, 3 episodes a month.

40's N Flicks: The Podcast (iOS) - An African American actor/writer duo discuss society, race relations, the film industry, and film reviews (both contemporary and classic) in a lighthearted, but insightful, entertaining format.

5 Mics (iOS) - soundcloudTwice a month Highlife and Lelu review, breakdown and dissect the latest albums released in Hip Hop & R&B with in depth reviews of the tracks, production and songwriting. We also have our “Fam have you heard?” section which gives honourable mentions to some of the latest songs and albums we have listened to. (London, UK) 

50/50 Radio - 50/50 Radio is a show run by DJ Geena Marie that includes the best of music across all genres and music by local DMV artist. The show also showcases mixes from DJs and interviews with artist too. New shows are posted every second Monday of each month. 

A La Carte (iOS) - Of course we love food! Who doesn't? A La Carte' is your premier show for new dinners, desserts, and foodie ideas to tantalize your weekly tastebuds. Watch as we bring ordinary foods to life with great recipes, how-to's, and cooking examples. Our segments will include southern dishes, international selections, and healthy choices for those that are calorie-conscious.

A Toast To Truths - iOS - A Toast To Truths is my observation on hushed biz conversations that deserve a public dialogue. These “forbidden” truths often lead to mental, emotional and financial frustration because you don’t know who you can confide in to talk to about these issues. As your Truth Confidant™, my special guest co-hosts and I are going to reveal the ugly truths and consequences of life as a real entrepreneur.

About Nothing (soundcloud) - iOSWe're the about nothing podcast yet we talk about EVERYTHING!

Add Water and Stir - iOS - stitcher - Add Water and Stir will focus on promoting adoption within communities of color, especially within the African American community. We want to give voice and visibility to families like ours who often seem left out of mainstream adoption conversations. We hope to educate others as we talk about our struggles and triumphs of parenting adopted children. Of course, there will be time for Mimi and ABM will kick it about all kinds of not necessarily adoption related topics as well.

Adopting and Fostering In Faith - iOS - stitcher - Inspiration, information and resources for Christians desiring to care for orphans in their own backyard (and beyond!).

Adventures of MechaBetty (soundcloud) - iOS - In an alternate 1950s our heroes Betty and Kenneth go to the New World's Fair to check out the latest gadgets and gizmos and show off Betty's own invention. Suddenly aliens attack and it's up to them to fight back!

Against The Crowd - soundcloud - Against The Crowd make original and classic horror and science fiction audios for free distribution.

Ain't No Free Lunch (soundcloud) - iOS Two black millennials (@TaikeinCooper & @dmgreene18) discussing how to create change in these streets - an hour episode at a time. Let's Eat.

All Steak No Sizzle Podcast (soundcloud) - An honest,no bs look at life,sports, and entertainment

Also Known As (soundcloud) - iOS - Google Play - Musings on life, culture, family, with a little bit of wine and a sprinkle of black girl magic.

All The Things with Melissa Danielle (stitcher) - iOS - Google PlayAll the Things with Melissa Danielle is a weekday podcast series for lifestyles of health and sustainability.

All These Things (PodOmatic) - Stitcher - We are a married couple in our late 20s navigating life and corporate America. On All These Things Podcast we talk about all things relationships, success, culture, wealth, and inspiration. Listen In!

American Desis iOS - A podcast trying to discover what it means to be South Asian in America.

Americans United Again Podcast (podbean) - iOS - New news and politics podcast designed to Unite Americans toward common causes while coming together to discuss things we disagree on.

An Honest Conversation About Hip Hop (soundcloud) - It's time to drop the Coastal Allegiances, bridge the Generation gap, look beyond Hype and come to table to have "An Honest Conversation About Hip Hop." Join myself and my co hosts as we try and discuss Hip Hop without bias.

And Then You Graduate - iOS - soundcloudRemember When Your Parents Said go to College? Then You Went to College, Graduated from College, Then Questioned Why the F*** Did I Waste My Time Going to College ? We Do Too. Our podcast explores the topic of what happens after following all the rules with discussions and interviews.

Another Round iOS - Acast -  Heben Nigatu and Tracy Clayton cover everything from race, gender and pop culture to squirrels, mangoes, and bad jokes, all in one boozy show.

Another Word for Lesbian (soundcloud) - iOS - Another Word for Lesbian is a podcast featuring writers Torrie & Erika, 2 queer, black, carefree besties laughing in New York City. We talk black queer issues, writing life, pop culture, and ridiculousness.

Anum in the AM - iOS - A radio show about art

Aquemini Jam Sessionz (soundcloud) - iOS -  Join DJ Imperial and Baeby Huey in their weekly discussions on pop culture and music related topics.

Arbiters of A&R (spotify) - iOS - Every Friday, the undercover A&R (Eb the Celeb) and the official A&R (Nigel Talley) will break down the week's hottest tracks, mixtapes, albums and releases. Plus, you never know what artists or music industry vets will pop in to get involved in the conversation. Want to be involved? Tweet us @arbitersofAnR using the hashtag #ArbitersofAnR and let us know what tracks you "bump or bust" and you could be featured on the show.

Are You Listening? (libsyn) - iOS - Short Orange - A podcast about real life from the perspective of authentic New Yorkers. They talk wellness, career, pop culture, politics, and anything in between.

Area 21: The Underground Takedown (stitcher) - iOS - Google PlayWeekly podcast: Real & Unfiltered

Arroz con Chicken - iOS -  soundcloud - Hola y bienvenidos to “Arroz con Chicken Podcast” the podcast your abuela warned you about. Buckle up and hold on for this mess fest. We talk current events, entertainment, advice and of course our “Yolanda Saldivar of the week” You gotta tune in!!

Ask The Gluten Free Chef (soundcloud) - iOS - Podcast where questions pertaining to gluten free living, gluten free eating, and celiac disease are discussed, dissected, and laid bare.

Asian Oscar Bait (stitcher) - iOS - Google Play - A podcast that tells stories of real-life Asians — and pitches them for film.

Asterisk History (podbean) - iOS - We are a history(ish) podcast focused on women, their stories, and their culture.

At the Helm - iOS stitcher - Each episode is packed with actionable tips, insights and resources to help you grow and become a better entrepreneur, leader and community member. We have a no-fluff policy and strive to give busy professionals the tools they need to thrive. 

AUA Hope Podcast (podbean) - This podcast focuses on uplifting Americans body, mind and spirit with positive and inspiring content. 

Audacity2Lead - iOS - #Audacity2Lead - Get Focused. Get Started. Be Impactful. Emerging Leaders | Startups | This is the only podcast dedicated to helping emerging entrepreneurial leaders make the leap from potential to productive performance by helping you become more focused with your life, more passionate with your life task and more impactful with your influence. Nigerian podcast network.

Autumn & Natalie Talk About Art - iOS - soundcloud - Autumn & Natalie Talk About Art is a podcast about art as a force for social change and radical self-expression. In each episode, your co-hosts (webcomic artist Autumn Crossman-Serb and arts management student Natalie Thielen Helper) interview an artist / activist who is making the world a better, more beautiful, and more interesting place.

B-Side (stitcher) - iOS - Google Play - A live, in-studio music series, featuring performances from emerging and established musicians. Recorded and produced in Brooklyn, by BRIC. Tune in and get lost in the sound.

Back to Black Podcast (soundcloud) -  Back to Black is a weekly episodic podcast that takes on an array of social, cultural and entertainment topics as seen through the lenses of 3 black millennials. Back to Black features social commentators Coco, Young T and Mary Jane. New Episodes are posted every Tuesday. 

Backstage Spotlight (soundcloud) - iOS - Backstage Spotlight interviews musicians and music professionals to discover the stories behind the music you love. (UK podcast)

BadCulture.net Presents: The Ruckus Boxing Show - Podcasts covering the latest in sports news and entertainment presented to you daily by the BadCulture Radio network.

Bad With Names (soundcloud) - iOS  -  Bad With Names is a weekly podcast hosted by Donwill that features conversations by and for working creatives along with other cool stuff that is still yet to be determined, sort of like life in general.

Back II Reality (soundclouod) -  Back II Reality is a bi-weekly podcast by two reality struck millennials just trying to make it from the Chi. Join Denisha & Joshua as they discuss leveling up from the inside out!

Bahamians On Campus - iOS - The Bahamians on Campus project is a podcast and website dedicated to capturing and sharing the stories of Bahamians who have been educated in The United States. It is very important that our narratives are documented and promoted throughout The Bahamas and the world so we can celebrate our success and encourage others to go even further.

Ball Don't Lie (speaker) - iOS - Carlos Poveda (@Povediitz A.K.A. Pov) treads the line between objectivity and shameless subjectivity. Equal parts sports banter and laughs, Ball Don't Lie adds a dose of New York humor to your run-of-the-mill sports podcast.

BarbershopPod - Unsolicited Opinions and Terrible Advice from 3 men who have life figured the fuck out.

Basic Black - iOS - Produced live in WGBH's Studio B, Basic Black features a panel of the region’s sharpest observers of the current news, events, and topics impacting black communities locally and nationally.

Beast Talk (soundcloud) - BEAST TALK is a podcast featuringt hosts T-Brad and Just Jill that was created to push boundaries by discussing issues within the black community like the representation of black women, rape, and police brutality. Every week we will feature a new episode or interview with a black issue theme. It's black created, black driven, but most importantly needs to be BLACK SUPPORTED

Beginner - iOS - Spotify - In 2003, I came to America with my family. Beginner trails me, a 24 year old Pakistani-American immigrant, as I learn to do the things I never did as a kid, and that are integral parts of an American childhood.

Being Black - iOS - Stitcher Being Black is a podcast/video show where black people come to share their stories about Being Black in America and the black experience with a white person who's there to listen.

Besterday (iOS) - Player FM - Besterday is a weekly podcast where nostalgia reigns supreme. Host Bianca Gracie and her special guest co-hosts reminisce on songs you loved from the '90s, major movie anniversaries, cartoon comebacks and more.

Bigger Dreams - iOS - stitcher - In this podcast I sit with other women who were once working in corporate America or are currently working in corporate America but have now taken the leap of faith to pursue their true passion and life's work. This podcast is to teach, celebrate, applaud and promote these women's hard work and courage. To show YOU that it is possible! That you can do pursue your dreams while working your 9-5 and eventually working solely for yourself.

Birds of a Feather - iOS - The Birds of a Feather podcast featuring Tawanda and EJ, two self proclaimed "sophistiratchets." Listen while they discuss current events, pop culture, give unsolicited advice, and name a Bad Bird of the Week.

Black Girls That Say Awesome!Black Girls That Say Awesome! (soundcloud) - iOS - Google PlayTwo best friends...who have never met in person decided to make a podcast! We'll talk about anything...seriously.

Black/Noir - iOS - soundcloud - We're a couple in a long distance relationship (Black American woman & Black Canadian Man) looking to provide entertainment for the ears and nourishment for the soul through our rants which can be sometimes random, spiritual and ratchet

Black at Stan (soundcloud) - College Student discussion about black politics, social media, news and life here at California State University Stanislaus . Accompanied by the comedic rantings of our six hosts.

Black & White with You & Me - iOS - stitcher - Black & White with You & Me is a weekly social commentary Podcast hosted by comedians Mike Casentini and Pedro Hernandez (aka Black Pedro). If you are interested in learning about perspective or simply understand our individual opinions about everything happening around us in society, then this Podcast is for you. We break things down and discuss the black and white issues, because everything is just black and white at the end of the day.

BlackBox Radio (soundcloud) - Dave Carter and Kilah G,who are two good friends, join forces every week to discuss sports, music, relationships and more.

Black Face White Place (soundcloud) - iOS - Black Face White Place is a stream of thought life and pop culture podcast hosted by Duffie. I keep it real saying all of the things you think but are too cautious to say. This podcast is when keeping it real goes right.

Black Girls Laughing - iOS - soundcloud - Three black girls talking all things, politics, pop culture, fitness, mental floss, and how to be a Boss. Listen to Britney, Rashanda, & Bee as they #GlowUp, giggle, cackle, and roar. They are black and they love to laugh! All currently living in Philadelphia Bee, Rashanda and Brie created Black Girls Laughing as a way to bring their projects together and fellowship in the power and beauty that is being a black woman.

Black Girls That Say Awesome!Black Girls That Say Awesome! (soundcloud) - iOS -Google Play - Two best friends...who have never met in person decided to make a podcast! We'll talk about anything...seriously.

Black Nerd Power iOS -  We discuss the worlds of sci if, fantasy, and pop culture from a black POV.

Black Out Of The Box (stitcher) - Google Play - Two friends came together and decided to open their daily conversations for the world to be a part of. These discussions consisted of mimosas, intellect, bullshit and laughter. The self-declared socially unorthodox pair candidly affirms their thoughts and opinions to be heard on everything from politics, personal experiences, to piping hot tea. They are both open-minded yet unbothered by outside opinions. Shaun and Kris encourages everyone to socially, mentally and physically to get out of the box.

Black Pill Radio (BlogTakRadio) - iOSDelivering conscious commentary on issues affecting our community and businesses, as well as events happening on a social, political and global scale.

Blacks with Power (blubrry) - iOS - Google Play - This show exists to empower new leadership that can reunite the Talented Tenth with the Ninetieth. We need a strategy that combines the wisdom of W.E.B. DuBois & Marcus Garvey…of Malcolm X & Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., in order to protect the legacy of the Black Experience in America and advance the Cause of Freedom that began with overcoming Slavery and Jim Crow Segregation through the Civil Rights Movement.

BMA: Black Media Archive - iOS - The Black Media Archive is a multi-media collection of African and African-American history, including speeches, archival video, movies, music, and more. It exists as a central resource of Black history in multi-media formats.

Back to Black Podcast (soundcloud) -  Back to Black is a weekly episodic podcast that takes on an array of social, cultural and entertainment topics as seen through the lenses of 3 black millennials. Back to Black features social commentators Coco, Young T and Mary Jane. New Episodes are posted every Tuesday. 

Bangnat Show (soundcloud) - iOS - Bangant Radio has been fulfilling it’s mission of entertaining the masses through music, conversation, and current events since 2009. Empress Journee and KB-Heavymixxin deliver an award winning mix of humor, hot topics, and trending talent to fans across the nation.

Better Days: Life, Lessons & Laughter (stitcher) - iOSWelcome to Better Days! Our goal is to uplift you, encourage you and provide you with knowledge and insight through our life, lessons, experiences and laughter. Join us as we walk this path of life and share what we've learned along the way

Black Folk Talkin' (soundcloud) - Black Folk Talkin' is hosted by an activist husband and wife team who turn on the recorder when they are talking about their favorite topic--Black people! This is a place where we have candid 'behind closed doors' conversations about issues affecting black folks and black life from the serious (DC's affordable housing crisis) to pop culture (Jay-Z and Beyoncé).

Black for Higher (speaker) - iOS - We are two unconventional sisters, bringing a casual and comedic element to political and pop culture conversations with a hint of Jesus and a hit of Mary Jane.

Black Girls Talking - iOS - SoundcloudBlack Girls Talking is a podcast wherein 4 black girls discuss pop culture, Beyonce, & the pursuit of the perfect body oil.

Black Girl Tech (soundcloud) - iOSThe black girl tech podcast is a monthly podcast hosted by Lola where she discusses the latest tech news & interviews with industry professionals & gadget fangirls/boys

Blacks In Technology - iOS - Blacks In Technology's mission is to increase visibility, participation, and change the perception of people of African descent in technology through community focused activities, events and media.

Black Is the New Black (soundcloud) - iOS - Black Is the New Black is a podcast that's fully submerged in and tailored to Black culture.

Black Me Up (soundcloud) - iOS - Google PlayBringing you realness from a black girls perspective. Lily, Dae, Soncy, and Ty are four best friends with big opinions and bigger mouths. Expect a new episode once a week plus a#BMUthought minisode where listeners are encouraged to engage in the conversation as well. Sit down, drive, cook, or clean while chatting with your new best friends at Black Me Up. #BlackMeUpPodcast

Black Media Minute with Kimberly Foster - iOSThe Black Media Minute is a podcast that dives into the ins and outs of the media business with Black creatives and industry professionals. The show features interviews and analysis of books, movies and television. Hosted by Kimberly Foster (founder and editor-in-chief of ForHarriet.com), listen to dynamic conversations with the people who shape the media landscape

Black Meets World (soundcloud) - iOS All the things you wish you said at work, but don't because you have bills to pay and Sallie Mae doesn't owe you any favors. We discuss hilarious work stories, travel stories, current events and our crazy and ever so busy social lives! More importantly, we take you on a journey of two young, educated, women in a big city. Though our personalities differ, we are here to be our true selves, take the "work hat off" and express ourselves.

Black Pearls (soundcloud) - Join best friends Blake and Delani as they talk about life, faith, fears, and their everyday experiences as black women.

Black Travel (stitcher) - iOSThe premier podcast for all things black travel and expat living. We out here! As an inclusive, global community that celebrates jetsetting millennials of color, we delve into travel news, crazy stories and hear from expert travel industry vets.

Blackwashed - iOS -  Blackwashed is a podcast featuring four unapologetic black ladies talking about any and everything. This Tumblr is mostly run by J, so opinions do not necessarily reflect those of the other ladies

BLANGUAGE (soundcloud) - iOS - Join Daniel, Janelle & Iman on a weekly journey to navigate the black experience as black Londoners. The BLANGUAGE experience is one that explores music (music that we love), pop culture (what is Drake up to now smh) and nostalgia (flashbacks to teenage antics). As well as light-hearted conversation, the co-hosts also play music throughout the show. It's an experience you don't want to miss. (London, UK)

Blaxiety - iOSWe're black. We're anxious. We talk about pop culture on a weekly-ish podcast. 

Blerds and Nerds (libsyn) - iOS - #SpreadTheNerd - Blerds and Nerds collide for a weekly action & news packed podcast full of geekery, gaming, tech and more! 

Blow The Whistle - Covering both up and coming talent and mainstream sports. (London, UK)

Blunt or Bougie iOS - Soundcloud - Blunt Or Bougie is the podcast of two regular ass girls (NATTEEEEFRESHH and Nina) with an eye and ear for music, fashion, pop-culture, socioeconomics, race relations, politics and whatever the hell else. We can be bold, brash and real, or we can choose sky high proclamations of self-love and deserved indulgence. Either way, we're Blunt or Bougie.

Bois Meet World (soundcloud) - iOS - Google Play - Join Uncle Am as she connects with studs, bois, androgynous, nonbinary, and all masculine QTPOCs through stories about life, love, and Drake songs.

Bo Miles the Artistry of" podcast - iOS - stitcher -  Join Bo Miles as he navigates the rough terrain of being a musician. 

Books, Beats & Beyond - iOS - A source for alternative and progressive issues, marginalized history and provocative hip hop.

Bossip presents: Don't be Scared - iOS  - soundcloud - American popular culture and entertainment news, hard-hitting, humorous commentary. "DBS" is a viciously funny conversation between Bossip's awkward, quirky and at times terrifyingly honest trio - David Dennis, Jason "Jah" Lee and Danielle "Danni" Canada.

Both Sides of the Game (soundcloud) - iOS - Dating and relationship issues discussed from the perspectives of a single person in his mid 20s and a married man in his 30s

Breaking Boundaries (soundcloud) - iOS - Breaking Boundaries Podcast shares the views of two unapologetic Black men who are breaking down the barriers and stigmas provided by society.

BriSteele Untamed (soundcloud) - iOS - Google Play - BriSteele Untamed is a lifestyle podcast sharing personal experiences and advice on motherhood, relationships, and business.

Broad Roots (soundcloud) - iOS -  Broad Roots is a podcast hosted by Elizabeth Estrada, a first-generation Cuban America from Queens and Dondrie Burnham, an African-American queer woman from Louisiana. It explores issues and topics related to women of color.

Brothers podcast (podbean) - iOSWere two brothers that grew up in the inner city. Through those years we grew to gain an opinion on different topics and would like to share those opinions. We discuss topics from politics to entertainment. There’s no category we won’t discuss and although we often disagree we learn through discourse we can obtain a higher level of understanding. 

Brothers From Another Podcast - iOS - Collectively, we, Antonio and Branden, are the two brothers behind Brothers From Another. This podcast is basically just us talking about stuff and things to ourselves. We provided our own perspective about life things. Sometimes we swear but that's okay.

Brown Girls Do (iOS) - A podcast celebrating brown girls breaking barriers.

Brown Girls Rising (iOS) - Weekly features of women you wish the mainstream media was reporting on. These women of color are driving activism, and change for their both their hyper local communities and our world at large.

Brown Faces White Spaces (soundcloud) - iOS - Listen to two brown faces navigate their personal and career lives every week while discussing issues of equity & diversity in predominantly white spaces; sprinkled with a little laughter in between it all.

Brunchism (soundcloud) - Table talk style podcast discussing all of the random conversations had at brunch, each segment is brunch themed.

BrwnBoujieBlessed (soundcloud) - iOS - Three best friends discussing what's going on in social media, pop culture, and just their lives in general.

Business Questions Answered Here - iOS - SpeakerBusiness consultant and MBA J Cleveland Payne answers questions from listeners seeking advice about their businesses

Burning Bridges (soundcloud) - iOS -  A biweekly Central Track podcast wherein local commentator Rodney Blu waxes poetic on the day's most pressing issues and interviews prominent players in the arts scene, all over a guest mix from a roster of several local selectors. It's fast, it's fresh and it's polarizing. 

Byezshow (soundcloud) - Join EZ, little brother Mark and their older sister Cristal, as they give you a tour of: pop culture, music, movies, self-help, food, comedy, dating and relationships! It's the jack of all trades, master of all weekly shows! So grab a cocktail and brace yourself for the entertainment of the BYEZ Show!

Cake And Sausage (soundcloud) - iOSCake and Sausage is Loveline meets Melanin. This Relationship Podcast is hosted by 2 fools with something to say. Nothing is off limits. Love, Sex, Dating, Heartbreak, Marriage, you name it.

Can I Kick It Podcast (stitcher) - iOS - Google Play In this podcast where all music lovers are welcome, hosts Showtime and Eesh Rock do what they love...talk music! The B-Boy at heart and the Dope Chick provide thought provoking conversation, fun debates and informative interviews. Wipe your feet really good on the rhythm rug and settle in as they kick it with some of the most interesting people in Hip Hop culture and in the music business!

Can I Live show (soundcloud) -  Matthew Faroul and Adarius Smith tackle the existential question "Can I Live?" giving their hilarious and unfiltered perspective on all facets of life.

Can I Park Here? - iOS - stitcher -  Nache Snow and Astral Riles are the owners of the directory FindaFashionTruck.com and manage the blog StartaFashionTruck.com. They are new small business owners trying to figure out what works for fashion trucks (mobile boutiques), online boutiques, and brick and mortar stores. They intend to learn and inspire by providing business tips, interviewing industry experts, and having inspirational discussions with small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Ca$hmere Thoughts (soundcloud0 - iOS - The Cashmere Thoughts Podcast dwells on the past present & future of the hip-hop culture. this podcast will be used as a platform for hip hop lovers to share our reasonably objective (& subjective) views on the hip-hop culture. also to enlighten the audience on facts, as well as knowledge, on what the music industry has become in recent years

Certified Clarity (podbean) - iOS - Google Play - Overcoming adversity, taking full advantage of opportunity and turning pain into purpose.

Changing the Face of Power - iOS - Changing the Face of Power Podcast is the first and only podcast in the country dedicated to informing, inspiring, and supporting black women to run for office elected office. Hosted by Rebecca Thompson, each week you’ll meet an inspiring elected official or candidate who is using her black girl magic to change the world.

Channel 10 Podcast iOS -   Singodsuperior and The Almighty A.R. discuss Hip-Hop, history, and whatever else, usually over some drinks

Chai Tea Party (soundcloud) - iOS We are Chai Tea Party, a podcast that recognizes the underdogs, the brave, the creative & the slightly off in the Desi community. We want to help facilitate the start of real, important & taboo conversations that need to be happening for our community. Our emphasis is on growing up as an "ethnic" person in the United States & what happens when you come from immigrant parents with a deeply rooted culture. We discuss topics such as dating, sex, sexuality, relationships, phsyical, mental & verbal abuse, the stigma of mental health, religion, college, growing up in what is considered "white America", art, music, stereotypes & everything else that affects us. #CTP

CharactersHere (iHeartRadio) - iOS - SpeakerHosted by author & artist Sharda @CharactersHere (Twitter), CharactersHere is a show about inspiring and motivating individuals to dream big. As a writer and painter, Sharda shares her personal dreams and goals. She also interviews talented and amazing guests who share their journey to success. Visit charactershere.com for more info.

Chef Chronicles - iOS - Google PlayThe podcast that serves what's on the menu

Chicana M(other)work (soundcloud) -  Through the Chicana M(other)work podcast, we offer a digital community-building space for a new interpretation of motherwork that includes our multiple roles in our communities through activism, carework, self care, healing, survival, and accountability. Join us for interviews with Chicana and Women of Color scholars, artists, and activists while we talk Chicana and Women of Color feminism, activism, and parenting for social justice!

Chicken & Jollof, Rice - iOS -  soundcloud - A podcast featuring 4 first-generation African-Americans and their humorous perspectives on current events, pop culture and growing up in "bi-cultural" households.

Chocolate Starved Lives - iOS - podomatic - Chocolate Starved Lives is a weekly entertainment talk show hosted by Danielle (@DanielleJMe) in Philadelphia, PA and Jarratt (@DaWholeDamnShow) in Atlanta, GA. We invite you to join is as we talk about a variety of generally light-hearted topics including food, tv, travel, weird news, Chocolate Star of the week, and Other People's Podcasts. #CStarved

Chonilla iOS - stitcher -  We are very opinionated and love sharing our unique experiences from polar opposite perspectives. We definitely cross the line of sharing too much information about our personal lives at times, but our listeners love it, and we've made long term friends from the support of our listeners.

Choices & Chismes - iOS - soundcloud -  Choices & Chismes is a bi-monthly podcast for real talk about what’s happening in our country, our communities, and our daily lives. In this podcast, we are going to be looking at the choices, big and small, that we make every day as young Latinos and immigrants and the chismes, AKA gossip, that makes life interesting. 

Cinema After Dark - iOS - Google Play - A weekly, uncensored, indie film podcast, hosted and produced by. filmmaker, Max Cole @maxcolefilms.

Cinemabun - iOS - stitcher - Unabashed film talk from three mahogany film mavens. 

Cinemosity We are 2 AA women with my British husband who talk gossip then feature a genre film every week

Class of Hope & Change - iOS - soundcloud Ideas. Music. Culture. Good Vibes. This project is a podcast documentary focused on telling the story of the past 8 years through the eyes and lives of millennials from across the Diaspora.

Clapback Calamity (soundcloud) - Socio-political issues affecting Black Community & others. We sprinkle in pop culture & serve all comers with our "Clapback's " We are an opinion outlet w/Street Cred.

Climate Voices - iOS - soundcloud -  Climate change is the defining challenge of our time, but it's also dizzyingly complex. In our podcast, we try and break it down to a more human scale. We bring you news, interviews with people on the front lines, and discussions with leading experts from around the world.

Closer Than They Appear (iOS) - Who or what is in your own past right now that you need to face, but aren’t facing—and why not? Carvell Wallace talks to Americans grappling with the state of the union while trying to reconcile his own family’s fractured history.

Cocktails and Conversation w/The Wineohs (soundcloud) - Three fun-loving ladies who love wine, cocktails and talking ish!

Coffee Conversations (tunein) - iOS - With 10+ yrs of marriage "under our belts" we are always up for a good conversation. Grab your coffee cups and join us, Demetrius & LaToya Hunter, for a lighthearted and "caffeine infused" discussion of topics centered on faith, relationships, life lessons, and all things Flint!

Colored People Time (Soundcloud) - iOSColored People Time is a podcast that covers black pop culture, politics, music and entertainment. Created by Levi Who from Rochester, New York & Kino from Brooklyn, New York Your hosts Kino and Levi Who extensive backgrounds in music & radio bring comedy and there own personal insight and opinions on this weekly podcast.

Cognac Small Talk with Anthony J.R - iOS -  soundcloudThe sartorial gentleman himself, Anthony J.R. (@anthonyujr) infuses humor, real-life stories and sociocultural references to aid each episode's timeless topic for a more short-sweet enjoyable experience. You'll receive creative talks, motivational consultation and interviews to get different perspectives on topic discussions at hand. 

Comatose Podcast - iOS  - soundcloud - Comatose is a weekly series of amusing anecdotes,insightful commentary and pithy stories. Every week three contributors are featured in segments of three to five minutes. The segments, though often unrelated, are tied together using music and narration to set the scene. Relax and enjoy the ride while listening to topics as varied as words, family, and fears.

Comedians of the World Podcast (Soundcloud) - iOS - Follow Canadian Comedian Dana Alexander on tour as we are introduced to Comedians from all around the world (Sweden, Scotland, Holland, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Germany, South Africa, India, China, Thailand, Singapore, Myanmar, Kuala Lumpur, Norway and England) talking politics, history, hot local issues and how that relates to the local comedy scene. 

Confidence On The Go! (soundcloud) - iOS - Google Play - Confidence On The Go is a podcast that is affiliated with Modern Day Confidence. MDC is an online blogging boutique for women who need assistance with styling techniques. I want clients to step out of their comfort zone and discovery their personal style so it can be applied to their daily habits with a BOLD approach.

Connected (Wix) - iOS - CNXTD : The Podcast is a platform for Artists I meet during my travels, to share their life story, to connect with their fans, and to connect with other connectors all over the world! 

Conscious Sedation (soundcloud) - iOS - rssThree heaping cups of black girl magic, nearly 30 years of collective nursing experience from labor and delivery, the wonderful world of breastfeeding, critical care and the ICU, laced with a keen sense of humor and a dash of petty. Prepare to be educated, empowered and entertained!

Counter Stories - iOS -We discuss race, identity, social justice and culture in a region grappling with demographic changes.

Culture Custodian (iOS) - The Cruijff Turn is a football podcast presented by CultureCustodian.com Hosted by Oluwamayowa Idowu & Ebitonye Atte.

Creative Tension (libsyn) - iOS - Google Play - Creative Tension gives a voice to people and periods of struggle, forgotten by history. Rev. Elliott Robinson, JD, MDiv guides listeners on the first stop on this journey, “The Jim Crow Years.” With a mixture of interviews, archival audio and group discussions, Creative Tension takes an in-depth look into the messiness of American History and the search for social justice.

Criminal Musings (libsyn) - iOS - Criminal Musings is a podcast where JV aka Myxter Hyde goes over a true crime case each week, focusing on the type of criminal, the origin story, and explaining the social context and psychological factors involved. Come on in and let's begin, shall we?

Corporate Streetz (soundcloud) - iOS - This is the podcast for people who can list all 26 amendments of the Constitution and all 10 of Biggie's crack commandments.

Crown and Collards - iOS -  Welcome back to another edition of Crown and Collards, a weekly discussion podcast starring Dan (@Danchrism) and Jeremey (@Blike_Dante).

Crown Them Royal (soundcloud) - iOSJoin 3 Black Gay Men and Ron's bi-ass for their weekly podcast dissecting pop culture, politics, black culture, dating, and much more! So get your cocktails ready because the boys of Crown Them Royal are ready to serve some tea on the rocks!

Dabeeside (soundcloud) - This podcast is our POV on everything that's going on around us. All the big cities have the same point of view. We have no industry ties so we feel we can say the real with out worrying about backlash or being black balled. We also like to educate and raise awareness to our listeners. The capital of OHIO has something to say.

Dad, Can I Get A Dollar? (iOS) - Google PlayA podcast where Dad and Son(10 years old) shoot the breeze about things we like, make each other laugh and laugh some more....Hosted by Gray and E-Bizzle.

danyelliott (soundcloud) - iOS - #RelationshipGoals  danyel smith + elliott wilson are danyelliott, bringing you Relationship Goals.

DARC (libsyn) - iOS - Google Play - A podcast for and about Dope Ass Regular Chicks and the things they love and love to hate.

#DaRundown South - iOS #DaRundown represents a cultural view on sports and entertainment that’s bred in Atlanta, GA and is hard to duplicate anywhere else. The conversations are framed around sports, Hip Hop, and entertainment but don't be surprised if goes beyond those things. If its relatable then it;s touchable. This is an interesting time for Atlanta and I want you to have some perspective from someone who is here.

Dasoapbox (soundcloud) - ShaiLuv and JusRome will stand on their soapbox each week discussing a variety of addicting, intelligent, innovative, controversial and sometimes idiotic (trending) topics. Join both hosts as they attempt to pimp your minds by exploring “what’s going onnnnnnn” through speculation and hilarity which makes NO ONE OR NO TOPIC OFF LIMITS! Their perspectives will leave you feeling eager to continue the conversation! #dasoapbox

Dating, Relationships, and Love - iOS - Google Play - Tennesha Wood, from the hit show #Blacklove, takes an intimate and honest look at what it means to date in love in New York City. Recounting personal challenges and triumphs of her own journey, Tennesha shares stories and advice with the help of featured guest including singles, couples, experts, and even her exes.

Daughter (iOS) - Daughter is a podcast series dedicated to sharing the untold stories of my mother, who also happens to have to been a child bride, a refugee, and a prison escapee.

Dave's Minstrel Show (soundcloud) - The Lord Dave's view on what black culture is; featuring conversations and interviews with people that are a part of our culture.

DeadFresh (podbean) - iOSThe Dead Fresh Podcast is a weekly debate discussing Black Culture, Science, Art and Opinion. DeadFresh (podbean) - iOSThe Dead Fresh Podcast is a weekly debate discussing Black Culture, Science, Art and Opinion.

DeeTales - iOS - stitcher - Through a mix of current events and pop culture, Deidre James and friends weigh-in with refreshing honesty, humility and humor as they weave in and out of their personal lives as it relates to the topic at hand. They skewer celebrity and anyone else who decides to act a fool. This is a show for anyone who even remotely pays attention to pop culture. Deidre’s laughter is contagious. Her perspective is sincere. Whether cutting up or getting serious, DeeTales serves it up real.

Deep THOTS Podcast (soundcould)- iOS - Deep THOTS is a weekly show where a bunch of idiots talk about everything that has ever happened. This is your pop culture resource for EVERYTHING, TRUST US. THIS SHOW CONTAINS ADULT LANGUAGE AND CONTENT. YOU WERE WARNED!

Dear Superhero -  iOS - SoundCloud - Dear Superhero is a podcast dedicated to preserving the stories of black women. Each episode is packed with stories about what it means to be a black woman in this world and the amazing, heartbreaking and sometimes mundane experiences.

Denzel Washington is the Greatest Actor of all Time Period - iOS - soundcloud Comedians W. Kamau Bell & Kevin Avery are absolutely certain of one thing: Denzel Washington is the greatest actor of all time. And every week they will prove it as they talk Denzel with guests, share the latest “Denzel News” and review every Denzel movie in alphabetical order (mostly).

Depth & Candor (stitcher) - iOS - Depth & Candor is for the ambitious millennial who wants to learn how to live a vibrant life. Follow the show's host, Hiwote Getaneh, as she explores how to live a fun and productive life through expert interviews and paradigm shifting real talk. If you want to learn how to travel more, attain financial success, feel fulfilled in your career, and build transformational relationships, this podcast is for you.

Dey Said Dat (audiomack) - We are three friends who discuss a wide range of topics from music to movies to politricks. Just everyday life in a way doesn't have to be so contrived. We are The Crew AKA Crew Life and we are here to discuss everything we deem relevant. This is live action group text. Creep with us...

Dial Up (iOS) - Aimee and Carrington are here to talk media, pop culture, intersectionality, and all things nostalgic for Millennial of color.

Diary of a Working Actress (soundcloud) - iOS - Iman N. Milner is an actress and writer who hails from Detroit, MI and lives in Los Angeles. This podcast serves as a way to discuss her journey to success, provide listeners with tips for a creative life and promote the art of other aspiring artists.

DiSocaAnalyst (podbean) - iOS - Google Play - We laugh,drink rum, talk about soca and other Caribbean topics and how we can push Caribbean culture forward

Dispatches (soundcloud) - iOS - Dispatches is a storytelling podcast that explores the intricacies of identity, culture, and the complicated nature of human interaction.

Disruptor with Anthony Frasier - iOS - soundcloud - Anthony Frasier is an award-winning entrepreneur, speaker, and community leader. The goal of Disruptor is to explore the daily habits, creative thinking, and little-known tactics behind the most inspiring entrepreneurs and leaders; so you can copy their success.

Dissenting Opinions (castbox) - iOS - Google Play - Two black lawyers discussing legal and law adjacent topics.

Diva Is, Diva Does (iOS) - A pop culture podcast hosted by 3 millennial women of color. We talk social happenings, career tips and everything else on our minds at the moment. Let your Diva flag fly!

Diversity All Star (IntelliPink) - iOS - stitcherInterviews with entrepreneurs from all backgrounds, to help you learn the best business strategies that work, and the steps needed to level up your business.(London) 

Divulge - iOS - soundcloud -  Divulge is sophisti-ratchet podcast where two best friends (one married, one ringless) discuss their very different perspectives on all things love & relationships. 

Do Work Radio -  WE DO WORK!

Don't Live Off The Hype (soundcloud) - iOS Trizzy, Treezus, and Mello Don't Live Off The Hype. Each week we discuss interesting topics with our purely dope perspectives.

Do This 4 Life (speaker) - Join me as I encourage ladies on how to do love, relationships, family, nation building and good sex 4 life. New episodes every Wednesday.

Drankin Patanz (soundcloud) -  Join Deronimo the Don, the Oh-So beautiful Darling Nikki and the Talented Markus with a "K" as they discuss life, love and 'lationships through laughter and liquor...Whoa, now say that three times fast!

Dreadlockconnoisseur - podbean - This Podcast/Blog talks about movies, TV shows, Tech and the life around us. We experience the world and we share it through our perspective which might not be the typical African American perspective.

Drunk On Books - iOS - Google PlayA podcast for the drunken reader in you. Join Valkyrie and Lolo as they navigate the literary world under the influence of alcohol. Every week they discuss a new book or literary topic, but have no fear...it's more detention than English class. NSFW

duhmericana - iOSSocial and culture podcast two friends talk about important issues that face us today and find a new perspective throughout the conversation. Not without talking pop culture, sports, tv, and music first. Based in Orlando and love to support local businesses.

EBPR (soundcloud) - iOS - RSS -  E.B.P.R. - Everything But Politics & Religion is a podcast for black women, by black women, where we talk about anything and everything, except politics & religion.

Educated and Faded - iOS - stitcher -  Educated and Faded is an entertainment podcast hosted by 3 black men from wall street looking to move into Hollywood. Every week we explore topics in Hollywood ranging from religion to trends.

embodied. (soundcloud) - iOS embodied. is a weekly podcast that seeks to center historically marginalized voices as it explores what it means to experience spirituality, broadly defined, through the lenses of race, gender, class and sexual orientation.

Entei & Monae (Stitcher) - iOSStarring Entei Amaré and Devon Monae, 'Entei & Monae' is a podcast full of laughs, controversy, questions and digressions.

Esqxr's "Suicide Psalms"(soundcloud) - iOS - Esqxr, a Toronto and Mississauga based artist, interviews creatives around the GTA. Join him every second Monday for conversations on religion, music, art, culture, food, travel etc.

Etcetera With Est (soundcloud) - iOSMy mission was to create a podcast reflecting how I interact with friends and family in my personal life as well as having an outlet to give my opinion on the world and what I find interesting. I talk about TV shows, music & whatever is going on in popular culture. (London,UK) 

Everybody Eats (soundcloud) - iOS - #EverybodyEatsPodcast powered by Stay Hungry is a conversation with people shaking things up in the world. Join us as we talk food,the hustle and everything in between. We're out here reminding folks that there is room for everybody at the table.

Everybody Loves Bliss (soundcloud)- iOS - Everybody's got a story and I've got time and a really good bottle of wine. Political correctness not guaranteed. Leave your shoulds and should nots at the door. Comments, questions and confessions are welcome.

Extraordinarily Expert (iOS) - 15 intimate interviews. 15 incredibly unique perspectives. 15 real stories about failure, success and what it takes to build a business, they love, their way.

#FacingRace: Stories + Voices - iOS - Soundcloud - #FacingRace shares the many paths and experiences of those doing racial justice work.

Fan of a Fan (soundcloud) - iOS Fan of a Fan is an independently produced podcast for stans by stans. Hosts Kayla (@KayylaLin) and Aggi (@agerenesh) dig deep into the stan world to explore the highs and lows of being a part of a fandom.

Faith901 - The Faith901 Podcast highlights faith-related news, events, organizations & jobs in & around Memphis, TN, and the faith-related global tours, conferences, and events that choose Memphis as a host destination. Follow #faith901 on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Send guest pitches to info@faith901.com. The Faith901 Podcast is produced by bhmedia.org. Listen on iOS, Google Play, Stitcher, iHeart Radio and TuneIn.

Faithfully (Soundcloud) - iOS - Google PlayFaithfully Podcast features religion reporter Nicola A. Menzie in conversation with academics, pastors, activists, artists, and others about the intersection of race and Christianity from an ethnically-diverse and ecumenical perspective.

Faith Uncut (soundcloud) - iOS - Faith Uncut is a safe place to explore faith & spirituality, current events and pop culture through a fresh and honest perspective. We focus on some of the tough subjects not often addressed in religious circles.

Father Teresa's Wine Cellar - Father Teresa's Wine Cellar. This is a place for ideas and entertainment. This is a place for news and comment. This is a place for interaction and sharing. This place... Is the Wine Cellar. Every episode comes a TRIGGER WARNING by default. Politically, Father Teresa is too far LEFT for the left. Socially, Father Teresa practices Empathy and Altruism. You're in the Wine Cellar. LET'S MOVE IT FORWARD

Feeling Some Type of Way (Acast) - iOS Feeling Some Type of Way is the only podcast hosted by teenagers, for teenagers. 16-year-old Dominican American Adriana and 17-year-old Jamaican American Kyle are tired of adults representing who teenagers are. Every other week, hear about their friendships, corny jokes, and social media habits as well as the pressure they feel to get into college and learning to feel comfortable in their own bodies.

Feeling Political - iOS - libsyn - This is a podcast series about emotions, politics, and action. Truth is, I was depressed before the election. In the aftermath, I'm afraid but also motivated. I'm talking to people about how they feel and what they want to do based on those feelings.

Ferguson Response Network Podcast - iOS - stitcher -  This weekly podcast is devoted to supporting citizens working to create lasting social change through sustained civil disobedience and civic action.

Final Level iOS - soundcloud -  #FLTG ICET on instagram 'Final Level' podcast

Finding the Fantastic (soundcloud) - iOS - Three English nerds (rhetoric, creative writing, and lit) read fairytales and folklore from around the world, and talk about it. We talk about themes, adaptation, and random things we love from fantasy literature.

First Year Project - soundcloud - A podcast and community, highlighting the good, the bad and the integral aspects of the first-year experience.

 Fiya Starter - We (TKO & Basa) Talk About It

Flinteresting (Stitcher) - iOS Flinteresting is hosted by three black men born and raised in Flint, Michigan. On the podcast, we talk about politics, sports, pop culture, fatherhood, and marriage.

Forklore - iOS - SpotifyForklore takes you into the kitchen to cook with amazing cookbook authors and talk about the stories behind their cookbooks. Catch a new episode every other Sunday, and go to forklorepodcast.com for recipes, cookbook giveaways, BTS photos, and more.

For Colored Nerds - iOS -  Each week, BFFs @bmluse and@eeddings humorously deep-dive into the uncool topic of their choice while testing the outer limits of their friendship.

For The Culture (soundcloud) - iOS -  We are a collection of three young African American males, from the South Side of Chicago. We are young professionals, but are embracing our creative aspirations as well.

For The Culture Radio (soundcloud) - iOS - For The Culture Radio is a weekly online radio show created to bridge the gap between mainstream and underground hip-hop culture. FTC Radio curates diverse musical selections ranging from hip hop, R&B, old school and soul. FTC prides itself on providing a well-balanced mix of sounds new and lost, insightful interviews from everyday people, and live event coverage.

For Those Who Know (iOS) - Covering everything from Hip-Hop to Quantum physics, Addressing the world the only way we know how, talking about it. Everybody's telling stories— these are just the ones you should know.

Frank, With J and T (soundcloud) - iOS -  Frank With J and T is a South African feminism and pop culture podcast hosted by Janine Jellars and Tshego Senne. Every week(ish), we Co-Sign and No Sign the African pop culture landscape and shower Shine and Slay on black women doing amazing things. (Johannesburg, South Africa)

Fresh Yonge Perspective (SoundCloud) - iOS - A Music Podcast with discussions about hip-hop's ever changing landscape from a YYZ perspective (Toronto, Ontario)

Fresco's World (soundcloud) - My podcast is a comedic edu-tainment podcast fueled by trending topics, social media buzz blended with personal experiences.

ree Goods (soundcloud) - iOS - Free Goods is all about the find. I interview music nerds, snobs, and heads to get them to recommend everything from their last discovery to deep cuts and share their fave music hot takes.

Froesha's World (soundcloud) - iOS - Inspired by her off-the-cuff Snapchat rants, Froesha's World is born. Tune in as host, Mo, and her homies uplift people of color through relatable conversations about cultural issues, being young black and gifted, and most importantly, the problematic yet comical experiences in Froesha's World.

From Caterpillars To Butterflies - iOS - Google PlayYour number one resources for all things personal growth. Learn how to reach your goals, overcome obstacles, and be the best version of yourself.

Fros Woes (soundcloud) - iOS For 60 minutes on any given Sunday, this Harlem native and Jacksonville-bred southern belle welcome you into their journeys as young, black professionals protecting their fierce fros while balancing out life’s woes. Tune in as Lyric and Kim chime in on local shenanigans and current events related to the magical dopeness of the Black Girl experience.

#FYEMEUP ATL - iOS - soundcloud Based in East Atlanta, The #FYEMEUP ATL Podcast is a weekly podcast curated by DJ Fye Me Up. The #FYEMEUP ATL Podcast is a collection of indie music from the perspective of a DJ in the Atlanta area.

GEMS (twine) - A podcast evolved from a barbershop talk forum interviewing various dope guests to exploring new discussion series.

Generation Flex: The Podcast Mixtape (soundcloud) - Take a journey with us as we celebrate 10 legends of the Generation Flex era! We discuss a bit of everything from Eddie Murphy and his early 20's money moves to Tisha and Tichina, the duo who invented "Best Friend Goals." Listen in order or jump around to hear about your faves. Generation Flex: The podcast mixtape is here!

Get Hip! Radio - iOS - Google Play -  The intelligent hip-hop listener's podcast. Rap City meets Freakanomics. Business, Background & Beauty of the culture.

GeekKnight - feedburner - The GeekKnight crew discusses all things Gaming including, Video Games, Tabletop Games, RPG Gaming, War Gaming, etc..

Geek Soul Brother (blog talk radio btr)- iOS - Want to check out what’s happening in the world Sci-Fi or Fantasy from an older brother’s perspective, or if you want to get put onto some cool and classic stuff from back in the day, then stay tuned to GEEK SOUL BROTHER

Geekswagg BJ Bunneh3000, Jason DirtyHelmet, and Makeda The Grim Phreaker are here to help unleash the geek in you.

GenerationYus (soundcloud) - iOS - Google Play - GenerationYUs is a weekly podcast that is vested in all things pop and hip hop culture, realiTEA and life as millennials in their twenty somethings. Central to the show is the fact that we are all three divinely talented natives of Houston, Texas.

Get Into It! (iOS) - Your weekly dose of what should be getting into, from Beyoncé to Attack on Titans I will tell you what's the tea on everything! (London, UK) 

Getting There Podcast (soundcloud) - iOS"We're not quite there yet, but we're getting there..." A British Eritrean, British Nigerian and African American in London share their views and anecdotes on "getting there" while black... Black Pop Culture • Black Politics • Afro Alternative Living

Gibbs 501 Show (stitcher) - iOS - Three college friends kicking it old school about sports, music, politics and everything else under the sun.

Gidilounge - iOS - #Gidilounge - Gidilounge FM is Africa's All Mobile Radio Station and Entertainment hotstop for the latest in African music and culture Worldwide. Listen to live Naija hit Radio playing non-stop music 24/7 with live Talk & Mix shows, new releases and entertainment updates for a new generation. 

Gilmore Guys Show - iOS soundcloud -  Do you awaken in a cold sweat every night, fearing that two men will never start a podcast on Gilmore Girls? Kiss your night terrors GOODBYE. Veteran fan Kevin T. Porter and newcomer Demi Adejuyigbe go deep into Gilmore Girls episode by episode with special guests to analyze, praise, mock, and gab like gals about all things Stars Hollow and beyond. Seriously, these dudes are SUPER into Gilmore Girls.

Girl, Have You Read? - iOS -  GirlHaveYouRead.com is serving up black romance — and a little more — for whatever reading mood you’re in. Reviews, discussions, recommendations, blog posts, and a podcast, all centering around a need to see black characters represented on the pages. You want it? We’ve got it. If we don’t, we’ll find it. And the next time your reading friends ask you: “Girl, have you read…?” your answer will be “Yes!”

Girl Just Quit Podcast (stitcher) - iOS The Girl Just Quit Podcast is your favorite show for career transition, life transformation, entrepreneurship and MORE! Each one of us is a boss in our own right, 365 days a year. On Girl Just Quit, we push you to tap into your inner CEO, quit the things that no longer serve you, and commit to HAPPY.

Girl on Guy - iOS - a podcast about stuff guys love, brought to you by the ultimate guy's girl.

Girls Will Be Ghouls: Another horror podcast - From the horror-ed minds of The Real Queen Of Horror & the wizard behind Graveyard Shift Sisters, Girls Will Be Ghouls is just another hour of your existence listening to more opinions on the horror genre. These two tackle various themes and one film discussion where they measure the visibility of diversity.

Glen & Her (soundcloud) - iOSThe oddest couple in podcast. Social commentary about life, love, and laughter from the POV of Glen & Her.

GlobalDonnica ... A Cultural Dose (anchor) - Language travel and the global mindset

Goal Digger Approved (iOS) - Google Play - Featuring Fearless Women Changing the Game! Authors, Influencers, Entrepreneurs, etc. Listen as these amazing women share their own #GOALdiggerTips, accomplishments and their next SLAY!! "Celebrating Women Building Their Own Millions"

God & Grind (stitcher) - iOS - Google Play - GOD & GRIND is a podcast for Christian entrepreneurs and breakthrough believers. We glorify God, edify entrepreneurs, and share the testimonies of brothers and sisters making a Kingdom impact with their GRIND. Hosted by Ticora Davis, attorney for creative entrepreneurs and founder of The Creator's Law Firm, GOD & GRIND explores how entrepreneurs of faith balance business, marriage/courtship and the pursuit of Christ above everything else.

Golden Brown Girls (soundcloud) - iOS -  "Golden brown girl, it seemed so long since I heard your voice..." Has it? So listen up! The Golden Brown Girl podcast is a celebration of brown girls. From the guiltiest of pleasures to what's plaguing our world--every week I will chat with a new brown girl for their unfiltered perspective on subjects that every brown girl should care about. 

Gone Riffin' - iOSGone Riffin’ is an entirely spontaneous conversational journey between apparent friends Rich Fulcher and Abed Gheith. Follow Rich and Abed down the rabbit hole and see where it leads. They have no idea what they’re doing… or do they? No, they don’t.

Good & Terrible -  iOS  - stitcher - We're mostly good, sometimes terrible, but always a good damn time!! 

Good Culture - iOS - Kenny, Lauren and T. Lee welcome in special guests and discuss an array of topics that matter in urban culture. It's always high energy, fun, refreshing and enlightening. The squad is not afraid to put anything #OnWax

Good Morning Beautiful (soundcloud) - iOS - Google Play - We are the group chat that blows up your notifications with colorful commentary, unsolicited advice and the most rational irrational logic on everything from dating & mating to the ups and downs of life... #GMBPodcast

Good Together (soundcloud) - iOS - Good Together with Rhythm Keene and The Bul Bey. Talking music, current events, relationships, and a whole bunch of other stuff we're not experts on.

Got Damn Mondays - iOS - Google Play - People hate Mondays, we help them get through Mondays.

Grape Kool-aid (soundcloud) - An energetic podcast centered around the lives of two queer black men. We discuss current events, social issues, our experience being gay, our terrible dating lives, etc.

Grey Matter (soundcloud) - iOS - We're "The People's Podcast". It's not always black, it's not always white, there is always a grey...area that is! We're 3 average, working professionals turning entrepreneurs talking about everyday life w/o the sugar coating.

Grimelords (soundcloud) - iOS - Stab BKA Stab(Don't ask why!), Rustface and Penrose are the GrimeLords. It goes down in the DM....that's Detroit, MI. Follow us as we run the gamut of Podcast debauchery discussing current events, pop culture, news, politics and life. The world is a Grimey place, we're just here to share it.

GRIT: A podcast about life and the long haul (pippa) - RSS - Grit is associated with passion, perseverance, motivation, desire, tenacity and determination. It is essential to living life for the long haul. In this podcast, we are going to talk about how to recover from adversity and difficulties. Certainly we could all get better at that right? Subscribe to this podcast and let’s start this journey together.

Group Chat  - soundcloud -  Everyone has at least one group chat that gives them life! Our show is that, in podcast form. Tune in as we – The Brazen Foursome – turn our saucy group texts into colorful group chats that range from the profound to the absurd.

Grown Folks Music (Stitcher)  - Bridging the Gap: Paying homage to the old school while embracing the new through the variety of podcast offerings in our growing network all focused on great music.
Podcasts added 1-5th of each month.

Ground Ego (soundcloud) - iOS -  The London based podcast where we bring the intensity and depth of barbershop reasonings to the masses (UK podcast)

Guess What Podcast (soundcloud) - iOS - Hey People! Welcome to the Guest What Podcast, a show hosted by Jwande and Delz. Here is where no topic is off limits: daily dramas, controversial issues, the music world and even our crazy generation. whatever it may be trust we've got loads to say about it !!

#GYALCAST (soundcloud) - iOS - #BareGyal -  Brace yourself for sixty minutes of unfiltered, raw conversation about pop culture, sex, relationships and everything in between (CA podcast) 

Hannibal Is at the Gate - iOS -  Hannibal is at the Gate (Podcast) with Charbie & Ali Shakur 

Head Boss In Charge (H.B.I.C.) (soundcloud) - iOSYour co-hosts, Paul & Shimina, take you through an introspective, educational, and entertaining journey through various conversations surrounding personal and professional success. Our podcast focuses on how to be a "boss," not just in the work place, but in life, relationships, and society; and through the lens of being a social minority. 

HeadRAPS (soundcloud) - iOSIslam has been a hot topic given the political climate. While Muslims are speaking out there is a section of the Muslim community whose voice is missing, that of the Black Muslim American. HeadRAPS highlights the Black Muslim American Experience by giving Black Muslim American the platforms to tell there stories. Hosted by Malikah A. Shabazz

Headshots - iOS - Google PlayThe Psychology and Gaming Podcast

Heart + Hustle - iOS - soundclouda weekly podcast featuring two creative women entrepreneurs of color who talk business and life.

Henn and Apple Juice (soundcloud) - iOS - Transparent conversation combined with a 15 minute music mix that will get you twerking at your desk, in your car, or in your house! AceBoon and Fiya Angelou hold no bars and offer on air realness that cannot be found elsewhere. This will be undoubtedly the best 60 minutes of your day!

Henny Talks (soundcloud) - iOS - Henny Talks is a hilarious podcast where we discuss various topics all while drinking Hennessy.

Her Power Hustle - iOS - soundcloud -   Are you an entrepreneurial woman? Since the mid-1990's women entrepreneurs have grown by over 200%!!! Many of us lack mentors and access to the best information for our growth and success in business. Well, you're in the right place.

HeadRAPS - iOS -  Islam has been a hot topic given the political climate. While Muslims are speaking out there is a section of the Muslim community whose voice is missing, that of the Black Muslim American. HeadRAPS highlights the Black Muslim American Experience by giving Black Muslim American the platforms to tell there stories. Hosted by Malikah A. Shabazz

HBCU Lifestyle iOS - The spirit and camaraderie of black college living is a lifestyle - the HBCU lifestyle! 

Highwater - iOS - Overcast -  If you want to make more work, live inspired and amplify awesome, the Highwater Podcast is for you. Highwater is a practical pop-culture driven advice show for artists and creatives hosted by producer and writer Chakka Reeves. Each episode of the Highwater Podcast is dedicated to an aspect of the creative process and creative living.

Hile on Life (libsyn) - iOS - Google Play - Hile on Life is a podcast where the host, Noelle, gets to know more about people who inspire her. She finds out more about who they are, what they do, and what inspires them.

Hip-Hop NOW - iOS -  stitcher - Weekly Podcast on all things Hip-Hop Music and Culture! (Music mix)

His & Hers - iOSMichael Smith and Jemele Hill use their skill and personality to delve into a variety of topics from many different angles.

Historically Black (Spotify) - iOS - stitcher - Historically Black is a collaboration between APM Reports and The Washington Post. The podcast curates objects significant to personal black histories and brings their stories to life through audio, interviews and music. Each episode is narrated by Keegan-Michael Key, Roxane Gay, Issa Rae or Heben Nigatu.

Hit The Ropes Radio (stitcher) - iOSKings of Wrestling Radio, we aim to bring you the very best takes on wrestling news and rumors, while also slamming you to the mat with our opinions.

#hoochim - iOS - soundcloud - We are 4 Hmong women talking about things that matter such as EVERYTHING!!

Hold The Chaser (soundcloud) - An unembellished approach to Womanhood

Holistic Healthcare and Divinity (libsyn) - Holistic Healthcare and Divinity is a topic and interview based podcast, that educates and inspires listeners to explore and embrace alternative methods of healing from a Mental, Physical, and Spiritual perspective!

Honey Talk (soundcloud) - A podcast where two 20 something young women talk about current events, our days and advice we have for each other and you!

Hot 16 Show - iOS - soundcloud - The perspective of three young men that love, know and respect the art of hip hop and its effects on our culture. Join us as we discuss some of the biggest names, and stories in hip hop and even offer up album and concert reviews!

Hot Air (soundcloud) - iOS - We may be married, but this ain't a relationship show. Join us for a tipsy take on everything from Beyonce to Ben Carson.

Hood Geniuses (soundcloud) - Our podcast is the voice for the people, we have discussions about everything from entertainment to politics. We also provide a platform for business owners, artists to promote their brands.

Hope and Wellness Show - Topics on health and wellness and the social determinants that affect them.

How To Get Away With Parenting (soundcloud) - iOS - How To Get Away With Parenting is not going to teach anyone how to get away with parenting.  It's a podcast hosted by new mom, Malaika Dower. She talks to other parents, non-parents, and pretty much anyone she finds interesting, about all the things she probably should have thought about before she had a kid. 

HustleNRose (stitcher) - iOSHustleNRose is a podcast for business and tech-savvy women and people of color . Every week, we interview diverse entrepreneurs who have made their mark in tech, creative, and non-profit ventures. You’ll hear the lessons they've learned along the way while receiving practical advice and strategies to achieve your goals.

Independent Underground Radio Network - iOS - Michigan's sole African-American Owned and Operated Independent-Left Progressive Politics, News, Commentary and Talk Radio Network known as "Detroit's Voice of Progress"

IndieGold (iOS) - The founder of Golden Era Music Group Mr.B and Hip Hop artist Fat Caesar, talk about whats happening in Hip Hop, Politics, Entertainment and Current events. While giving a platform to up and coming recording artists and entrepreneurs.

Indie Press (soundcloud) - iOS My show is primarily a political show diving deep into human behavior and what makes people so partisan. As a multiracial person (black, white and Native American) I strive to include events that effect our people and possible solutions.

In The Lead - iOS‘In the Lead’ America’s Voice for Women in Leadership. We showcase leadership perspectives and the collective wisdom of powerful, influential women of color who lead across all sectors, walks of life, and in the world. It is full of leadership experiences, tips and insights designed to empower women to follow their call to lead.

In The Myx with Myxter Hyde (rss) - iOS - Each week, Myx. Hyde talks about cultural things (race, sex, gender, queer stuff, life) and talks to people making culture (usually podcasters). "Everyone out there has a story, and i intend to hear and share as many as possible." - Myx. Hyde

In The Rotation - iOS - soundcloud - A weekly podcast with one common goal, make Blue Ivy Carter proud. Covering pop culture, swapping customer service horrors, and why you should delete your dating app.

In Trouble For Talking  - iOSsoundcloud - Three brown girlfriends talking about celeb news, brand blunders, moral quandaries, and their lives as WOC navigating white spaces.

iGloo Empire (soundcloud) - iOS - We are a group of professional men that use this show as an outlet and escape from a typical day in corporate america. We talk about sports, current events and topics that span all realms of randomness. Everybody needs a brain break and this is OURS! Enjoy!

I'm Hear For It  (soundcloud) -  I'm Hear For It is an outlet to express our queer, black everyday conversations on justice, politics & culture. Hosted by three friends who are based in Oakland, we’re deeply rooted in black friendship, black creativity & black joy.

In Front of Company - iOS soundcloud - You know that couple that's known for having 'spirited debates' and acting a fool in front of company? The couple who sucks you into their argument and before you know it you've picked a side and joined in? Hi! Take a seat... get uncomfortable. .. we're unpacking everything !!

InJustice (iOS) - How well do you know your legal rights as a citizen? Are you comfortable in the eyes of the law when it comes to statutory situations? If your answer is "no", then check out InJustice! Here, we will cover civil and criminal weekly headlines and provide legal tips to give you the upper hand! You can reach us on twitter at @TheSphereTV with the hashtag InJustice.

iRose - iOS - Google PlayMeet Latrease Davenport, the self-proclaimed “millennial guru”. Join her as she explores the iRose ideology,pushing people toward finding and living in their specific God-given purpose. Somewhere between Buddha and a ratchet iPod playlist, she unconventionally brings together the life of the millennial with practices that have been proven to aid in soul/spiritual maturity. Stories, interviews and the occasional “Oh, my God! I can’t believe she just said that!”

Irresponsible Mentors (iOS) Watch the news & you will see irresponsible mentors daily. Comedic twist to everyday situations.

It's Lit In Color - iOS - Google Play "It's Lit In Color" is a podcast dedicated to amplifying the voices of emerging female writers of color. Each episode allows a new writer to open themselves to us and to share their work with the world.

It's In Season - iOS - The Anime Podcast that is watching this anime season right along with you! David Majors, Richard Waters, & Cody Anderson AKA The Midwest Crew cover the hottest Japanese anime series from the current airing season, and keep up with you while doing their best to keep up with Japan.

It's a Melanin Thing (soundcloud) - Shanice & Nikia both believe that educating society and uplifting individuals as well as being extremely transparent while doing so is needed in today’s day and age. “It’s a Melanin Thing” is meant to reach all people from different ethnicity and cultural backgrounds. It’s not only a black thing, but a people thing. 

It's Not A Race - iOS - pocket casts - Race, racism, identity, culture, difference: let’s talk it out! Blackface — what the heck? Asians — gather round. White people — you have a race too. A podcast sharing stories, experiences and perspectives on race and identity from all Australians. Frank, fearless, sometimes funny, dive in with host Beverley Wang.

Joblogues - iOS - stitcher Inspired by everyday experiences, Joblogues features conversations with young professionals about work, life & everything in-between!

Joint Accounts (iOS) - She's from the Oregon countryside. He's from the projects of Brooklyn, New York. A married couple who met on the internet let you listen in on their most candid conversations.

Just Thinkin' Out Loud  - stitcher -  Hosts, Lavinia and Boughetto Rising, are cousins living two very different black experiences. Boughetto's a former police officer from Baltimore City. Lavinia's a full-time mom from the outer edges of the suburbs. Tune in as they share their perspectives on news stories, politics, entertainment, pop culture, current events and general rachetness.

Juve Show (soundcloud) - A great show about Juventus FC

KaleidoscopeKaleidoscope is a podcast that centers voices of POC/LGBTQ folks through conversations about race, religion, and activism.

 Kasatime with Mike and Nana - iOS - Kasa Verb To speak or give information in the Twi language,native to Ghana,West Africa. Join Michael and Nana on their weekly discussions on lifes issues. Laugh,agree (or object) as they delve deep into the social issues of the modern day twenty/thirty something year olds.

Kayla Got The 411 (soundcloud) - iOS - She brought girl talk to a blog, & now she's bringing girl talk on air. She's the voice for the millennial women. Pop culture, relationships everything women chat about,. Right Here!

Keene Point of View (iOS) - Keene Point of View is the BEST intersection of Politics, Gay issues, and Christianity EVER.

Keepin' it PC (soundcloud) - iOS - stitcher - Join Andre & Vanessa every week as they break down the more interesting current events in pop culture.

KiKi the podcast: What You Thought You Knew (soundcloud) - iOS - Half Brooklyn & half Hollywood, Joshua JaiBz (an ex celebrity assistant) takes his distinct experiences and turns them into life lessons with a variety of guests. Unafraid to say what most won't and certainly not afraid to do what most don't. The depths of these lessons only match the juicy content.

Knights of the Turntable - iOS -  Koalition’s definitive hip-hop podcast 

KnottyByNature - iOS - soundcloud - 20 somethings, Courtney and Kyndahl, link up to giggle their way through a weekly discussion of whatever comes to mind. 

L'heure du punch (The punch hour) - iOS - soundcloud - Tea time is over, it's time for punch! L'heure du punch est un podcast montréalais qui soulève la communauté noire et qui croit en ses accomplissements. À chaque 2 semaines, on discute avec des invités contribuant positivement dans la communauté. Le punch, comme l'apéritif, représente le côté rassembleur et festif de la communauté noire. // (The punch hour is a french podcast that uplifts the black community and believes in it's accomplishments. Every 2 weeks, we discuss with guests on our they positively contribute in the community.) The punch, as the drink, represents the unifying and festive side of the black community.

Las Cafecitas (soundcloud) - iOSWe are the weirdos, mister. Journalists Isis Madrid and Maria Murriel are couple of empanada-loving weirdos. Las Cafecitas is their bi-weekly podcast chronicling their budding bruja friendship, a smattering of interviews with people they want to talk to and a parallel journey of Latinx self-discovery...or whatever.

Laughing Dead - iOS -  In comedy, there are at least a thousand ways to die on stage. LAUGHING DEAD is a podcast where comedians talk candidly about their worst ever gigs. Hosted by comedian Sami Shah, who has survived his share of cranky hecklers and depressing corporate shows, the show celebrates all the things that make comics weep. Sami’s guests include some of Australia’s best working comedians and internationally-renowned acts, reliving the shows that made them question their life choices. 

Lead And Be Legendary (soundcloud) - mixcloud  Independent music brand, L A B L (Lead And Be Legendary) presents a podcast hosted by Indie Music Artist, and Detroit native, Nametag Alexander along with special guest hosts and features. Hear them discuss topics not limited to just music, but also relative conversation we find ourselves speaking on any other day. 

Legacy of 1804 - iOS - Bringing you #Haitian citizen media since 2005! 

Leisure World Podcast (soundcloud) - iOS - previously featured on blogtalkradio now we're back Barking at everyone, NO ONE IS SAFE.

Lemme Tell You Somethin (soundcloud) - iOS -  Two college students covering social media, hip hop and anything relevant to this generation.

Let me Speak (soundcloud) - "Let me speak" is a podcast about 4 washington dc native brothers speaking freely about pop culture locally and worldwide and the influences certain events have on the masses

Let's Be Stupid (speaker) - iOS - Let's Be Stupid is a urban Talk/Comedy show that discuss various topics. For example, Relationships, Music, Current Events, and etc.'

LetGo, LetFlo; A Girlfriends' Apperciation Podcast (iOS) - A Girlfriends' appreciation podcast where we review and breakdown episodes from the iconic sitcom of the early 2000s.

Let's Talk About It! (speaker) - iOSDr. Rhonda Sneed & Pastor Tabatha C. Whitten discuss strategies to deal with life challenges through practical applications and spiritual principles.

Let's Toast (soundcloud) - iOSLet's Toast is a bi-weekly podcast that discusses the journey of young adulthood from the good, the deep, the messy, the marvelous, the bullsh*t, and everything in between! Let's Toast uses a creative, weird, queer, feminist, AND hilarious lens to foster magic in the girls while remaining true to the very trash that we are.

Level Edit (stitcher) - Spotify - iOS - Ever wondered what goes into making great video games? We discuss all things game development including the details of game design, the business side of things and the industry as a whole. Joined by indies and industry pros, we'll give you an insight into the world of games and making them better. Hosted by a developer, a game designer & a games UX-er who all have very strong opinions!

Lies & Receipts (soundcloud) - iOS - hilarious commentary from two friends on hot topics and millennial issues.

Life Comes At You Fast:The Podcast! (stitcher)- iOSDJ Knightmare, Moses Danileo, and love_jab are the voice of the people. Listen to them discuss real life shit through interviews, guest appearances, jokes, segments, and sarcasm every week, right here.

Look And Listen  - iOS - stitcher #LLBCPod -  This show is the podcast of version of the discussions held by the Look & Listen book club. In addition to the book discussions/review we’ll also have specialized episodes known as 101 episodes. Those Episodes will be used to fill in the gaps between book discussions and will cover a wide range of topics.

Loud Ladies (iOS) - A nine episode narrative podcast about 3 women who start a family business. All 9 episodes will be available on Jan 31, 2018.

Loudima Dreamer (soundcloud) - The Namibian native has been making music since 2003 from humble beginnings, and shows no signs of slowing down. He is known for his blend of hip hop, house, soul and electronic genres of music.

Lunarcoven - soundcloud - Black owned podcast about American culture art politics music mixed martial arts and technology

Mad Genre (stitcher) - iOS - Based right out of San Antonio, TX, we consider Mad Genre to be the "podcast for the generation". Join Jenise Jackson and Mardio Lattimore each episode as they give you a look on life from the young adult's perspective. From relationship discussion, to college and career advice and the latest in pop culture, you're sure to be entertained!

Madanddtalktv (iOS) - It's simple we talk TV.

MAH NAMEKS (Soundcloud) - iOS -  Is a predominantly african-american based Anime review show, Hosted by Antoine Lucus, from Newark, NJ, and his 6 co-hosts, Pauly, Chachi, Flip, Thomas, Kat and Ghong. Each week the cast of Mah Nameks watches and reviews new anime from the current anime season and provide a rating thematically based around the beloved Dragon Ball character Piccolo. If the show is good its awarded a rating of "Mah Namek"; if its okay its awarded a rating of "Needs More Training"; and if its bad its awarded a rating of "Special Beam Cannon". Our goal is to help the viewers make informed choices when viewing anime for that season and provide hilarious hijinks during the process.

Mama Soul Talk (soundcloud) - iOS - A platform for young mothers of color to have a safe place to express themselves, normalize their behaviors and share their experiences.

Markitta In Your Business: The Podcast (soundcloud) - iOS - Google PlayMarkitta In Your Business: The Podcast for all things transition and growth. Interviews with business owners and entrepreneurs about their journey. Tips and tricks on how to manifest your dreams and goals.

MarriageNThings (podomatic) - iOS -  She's from the bayou & he's from the Caribbean waters. Crazy & calm. Extrovert & introvert. Vegetarian & Carnivore. We're different, but our love is abundant. We are a married millennial couple navigating our post-graduate life through a podcast. Talking all things culture to relationships.

MASKulinity Podcast (libsyn) - iOS - Stitcher Brooklyn-based duo Samantha Nzessi and Remoy Philip invite you into their sometimes loud but necessary banter on masculinity. Hear Samantha and Remoy, sometimes with guests, discuss how masculinity affects men or even how the latest movie, TV and sports trends, etc. are helping or hurting the gender, and everyone else by extension.

mater mea - iOS - soundcloud - mater mea celebrates Black women at the intersection of career and family. We talk about the issues that matter most to Black professional women, from work-life balance and self-care to navigating career obstacles and whether or not we want kids in the first place.

Me and The Gay Homie (soundcloud) - iOS Bridging the gap between black homosexual and heterosexual males

MEDIA INDIGENA (soundcloud) - Weekly current affairs program about Indigenous issues and events in North America and beyond.

Meet Felicia Kid (iOS) - An open floor discussion about celebrity news, how I’m building my fashion line, and everyday conversations

Melanin & Mimosas (soundcloud) - iOS Every week Dannie K and Pretty Peets discuss pop culture, current events, and relationships over brunch.

Melanin Millennials (soundcloud) - iOS - Imrie and Satia are not your average 20- something Black Women from London. As Melanin Millennials they are determined to create a space for Black Women and Women of Colour across the UK to have their voices and opinions heard. The ladies discuss everything topical from pop culture, millennial struggles to Black Twitter with a distinct British point of view. (UK podcast)

Member's Only Discussions (soundcloud) - iOS - Members Only Discussion is a review style podcast with weekly banter and opinion from host 'Hakeem' (@Keem_O_Therapy) and Co-Host 'Ashley' (@DolledUpMonster). Join them every week as they review movies, TV, Food, Music, Events and many other things in pop culture! Thanks for listening.

Metal for Brains (shoutengine) - iOS - rss - A podcast on Metal music from the perspective of an all black cast.

Mindstream radio (iOS) - Real talk from real people

Minimalist Chics - iOS - Google Play - Minimalist Chics is a limited-series podcast about two long-time besties who are on a journey of figuring out how to adult and do it without all the extraness of life.

Minority Trailblazer (soundcloud) - iOS - The Minority Trailblazer is a weekly podcast posted every Thursday hosted by Greg E. Hill. This podcast is dedicated to minorities who are blazing a trail in a variety of industries such as education, business, comedy, entrepreneurship, etc. My goal is to share their stories in hopes to inspire, educate, and ultimately encourage others to live with purpose and passion.

Miss Jones' : The Potty Mouth Podcast (soundcloud) - Hot 97 Pioneer Miss Jones returns to your ears with a brand new Podcast discussing everyday life, love, celeb news and doing it all with a Potty Mouth :)

MissMatched - soundcloud - My podcast is dedicated to my dreadful but humorous dating experiences as a plus-size black woman.

Miss Understood (soundcloud) - iOS - 4 women giving our perspectives without any kind of sugar coating.

Missing What I Never Had (soundcloud) - iOSEdward and Tisa discuss this crazy thing called life and how they make it better. 

Mixed Kid Chronicles - iOS - libsyn - Mixed Kid Chronicles is a podcast about those who check the “other” box. Join your host, Katie, as she explores identity, race, and popular culture.

Mixed Reviews Podcast (Mixcloud) - Angela and Gabriella are 2 biracial women from the Bay Area living and thriving in NYC and Mixed Reviews is a podcast where we talk about the past, navigating the present, and being smart about the future.

Mmhmmgirl - iOS -  The podcast with lots of sass. Hosts Lola & Babz provide hilarious unabashed social commentary on all things pop culture, relationships, and whatever else comes to mind. And they drink while doing it.

M.O.C.H.A.A. with Bobby Rivers (podomatic) - iOSAs Men Of Certain Hue And Age, their opinions are exactly from that place. M.O.C.H.A.A. with Bobby Rivers, is the podcast hosted by highly recognized entertainment journalist, Bobby Rivers, co hosted and produced by comedian/actor/theater journalist, Keith Price. Both men are Out , black men over the age 50 with enough knowledge and life experience to talk entertainment, politics, and current events with enough wisdom and sass to go around for days.

Modern Mommies (soundcloud) - iOSRachael and Aziza are two Mom's in their mid to late 20s just trying to navigate the ins and outs of parenting. Join them as they share parenting tips while knocking down boundaries put in place by society and tradition.

Momish Unfiltered (SoundCloud) - iOS What forum are black women able to discuss the challenges of motherhood, without judgement, through the lens of someone who looks and sounds exactly like them? Momish Unfiltered offers women of color the chance to discuss the same things as other moms but also offer a perspective on unique challenges in America. It's a podcast about two Moms just trying to get it right and succeeding only half the time. Covering life, motherhood, and everything in between.

Morado Lens - iOS - SpotifyMorado Lens is a feminist podcast hosted by two childhood friends who discuss embracing your inner bruja, sex, and culture always funny, always real.

Mouthin Off (soundcloud) - Political and other much needed conversations from a milleniald loint of view

Mr. Moody's Next Door Neighbor - iOS - stitcher - What's a next door neighbor? A next door neighbor is where you can go and let your hair down, kick off your shoes, grab a brew and chill! No need to watch your mouth or worry about being judged or being pretentious.

My Token Friend (soundcloud) - iOSA podcast where you’re FINALLY not the only one! Mission: My Token Friend’s mission is to discuss culturally and socially relevant topics and issues, while narrating our growth and development as young, fly and woke women of color. Vision: A future where authenticity is the norm and not a niche for women of color.

MyPotnaB - iOS - soundcloud - I cover just about every topic. No punches pulled. Language can be explicit at times. Still learning.. Im not a pro or anything, but, I'm definitely working to get better for you guys.

Necessary Troublemakers - iOS - soundcloud - Necessary Troublemakers is a weekly podcast where we give our perspective on issues and events that directly or indirectly affect the black community.

Neck Of The Woods (soundcloud) - iOS - Hosted by Black Twitter's favorite cousin, blogger Freshalina invites listeners to take a seat on her front porch as she sounds off in her signature southern accent on hip-hop pop culture and beyond. Neck of The Woods is a hilarious weekly wrap-up of everything ranging from ratchet to righteous.

Negro Please - iOS - soundcloud - “Negro Please” pours it up like your favorite cognac, straight—no chaser. A smooth, yet rich and refreshing take on everything relevant to life of the young, educated, professional, and actively dating, urban male of the 21st century. The organic humor, and unique perspectives on life make this podcast a must listen!

NMA: Empowering God's Beloveds (player fm) - iOS - stitcherNo, we're not down on men, relax. This podcast is all about women. Issues of life, love, and following the pursuit of God's purpose in our lives as expressed by Lavinia Johnson. Lavinia has been through it all, so if there's one person that can speak to woman going through stuff out there, it's her.

Nobody's Trash (soundcloud) -  Ezra, Savannah, and Sheesh tackle everything from proper and diverse LGBTQ representation in media to the oppression of women and people of color in society in a series of comedic rants in our "Rise & Riots".

NoFilter Podcast (soundcloud) - iOS - A journey into the minds of Keiz and Nicole. Come join them in their weekly podcast... #NoFilter. Stationed in Boston, Massachusetts. These two fired up family members explore everyday issues and topics such as celebrity gossip, current news, and new music from upcoming artist. They'll have you laughing, crying, and screaming "YASSSSS" as you tune in to their weekly discussions.

Nola Knight (iOS) - Nola and Knight laugh loudly, talk about their weekly crush, and dish on black culture.

Noncast - iOS - Google Play - RD and Adi discuss the week in gaming, culture, and everything in between as only a Black designer and Indian scientist can.

No Nonsense Sports - iOS - Sports from the mind of Jamie Mack (The No Nonsense Show). Weekly digest dealing with todays top sports performers and biggest blunders.

Not For You (stitcher) - iOS - Google Play - a multicultural fandom and friendship podcast by your brown homegirls Luz y Fairuz

Normal Girls (iOS) - 2 Young Black Professional Women, Who have been best friends for 10 years Discuss Societal Misconceptions and Life with a sprinkle of wit and humor.

Notarized (iOS) - Notarized is a optimized podcast that focuses on black entertainment culture. TBT reviews , Music Debates, Artist Spotlights and Hidden Gems are just a few of the segments that I cover in my podcast episodes.

The S&L Lounge - Adding flava' to hot topic issues -n- interviewing the #CLT community!

No Shhh Sherlock podcast (soundcloud) - 4 guys who discuss Relationships, PopCulture, Politics, SocialMedia, Life and evertything in between and show it doesn't take a genius to have a clue

No Tea for the Fever - iOS - LibsynThe podcast that celebrates, elevates, and occasionally side-eyes some of the world’s most captivating films by and about black women.

NPR microphone check - iOS - soundcloud -  Microphone Check is a voice for hip-hop at NPR. We cover the music and the culture with knowledge, heart and experience. Conversations are hosted by Ali Shaheed Muhammad, DJ, producer and one-third of the legendary group A Tribe Called Quest, and NPR Music editor Frannie Kelley.

#OccupyABarStool (stitcher) - iOS - Fat Liver Jones and Reason Jenkins rant and ramble about current events & trending topics while drinking the fanciest of beers.

of10podcast - iOS - stitcher - of10podcast is a 10 episode series hosted by tech entrepreneur and former radio personality Will Lucas. On the podcast, Will interviews prominent tech personalities to discuss startups, venture capital, education, and the like.

Off White - iOS - OFF WHITE brings together a panel of minorities (and one token white hetero male) with host Dino-Ray Ramos to discuss the portrayal of people of color, women, the LGBTQ community and other minorities in today's movies, TV, music, pop culture and media.

Office Hours - iOS - souncloud - Welcome to Office Hours, A Podcast where a professor talks to her students about what is most important to them--from the ups and downs of college life to popular culture to social activism. Visit Office Hours--for things we don't talk about in class.

On My Mamma (SoundCloud) - Smart. Funny. Real. On My Mamma is the perfect balance of comedic intellectual ignorance. DJ Teddy B and Mr. Crumble explore and discuss high level topics in a digestible manner from the perspective of two college educated, street savvy best-friends from Inglewood. Tune in to laugh, think and enjoy!

Online Boutiquers (iOS) - The online Boutiquers podcast is about helping women who want to open online retail sites. We focus on traffic, marketing, and boutiquing. We feature guest and solo episodes that highlight how you can use online business marketing strategies in your Ecommerce business.

On The Couch with the Wilsons - Soundcloud - The Wilsons are a husband and wife team that took their years of late nights and lazy Sundays bonding over their love for great (and sometimes not so great) television and movies and decided to share their views from the couch. Join The Wilsons On The Couch. 

On the Low (acast) - iOS - soundcloud - Join Yvette, Simone and Jade as they bring you the week's most jarring, idiotic and sometimes insightful topics in pop culture music and current affairs. (London, UK) 

On The Shelf (soundcloud) - iOS - Come join us on the shelf every fortnight where two 30 somethings, Nemat and Sophie, chat nonsense and try to make sense of the world even though they probably should have figured it out by now.

On the UpSide (iOS) - On the UpSide is a podcast featuring a girl from OKC (Northside Nancy) and a guy living in Dallas, by way of Louisiana (Uptown Bobby.) We come together biweekly to discuss their the newest in music and film and also reminisce on old favorites.

Only Child Syndrome (soundcloud) - South Jersey's #1 Podcast bringing you all things NJ and everything under its sun

Open ended - iOS -  Cher Vincent and James T. Green take a weekly dive into tech news and code, to code-switching and gender. Wrapped in the comfort of two best friends disagreeing.

Operation Cubicle - iOS - podomatic -  If you have geeky tendencies that you can't fully express at work, this podcast is for you! Agent Jackson and JP Fairfield rant about job experiences and celebrate their geeky selves.

Opiniohated (speaker) - Helping people understand past telationship dysfunctions so they may ignite their life.

Ooh Honey Chile (iOS) -  A pretty sweet podcast brought to you by #RealSisters KC and Whit. If you know red kool-aid is the best flavor, every line from The Color Purple, and what a “pocka book” is this show is for you. KC and Whit will dish on entertainment and offer their 2 cents on family matters, all while trying not to kill each other during the process.

Other Guyz (soundcloud) - iOS Matthew Smith (@BlacktopMessiah), Ben Berry (@B3nBerry) and Michael Millz (@MichaelMillz) are the Other Guyz, discussing everything from current events, music/pop culture and sports. Featuring talented and influential guests from time to time, the Other Guyz put you on to some Other Guyz you should get familiar with. 

Our National Conversation About Conversations About Race - iOS - stitcher -Authors Baratunde Thurston, Raquel Cepeda and Tanner Colby host a lively multiracial, interracial conversation about the ways we can’t talk, don’t talk, would rather not talk, but intermittently, fitfully, embarrassingly do talk about culture, identity, politics, power, and privilege in our pre-post-yet-still-very-racial America.

Our Pink Thoughts (soundcloud) - iOS -  A podcast for girls! Want to listen to three cool girls talk about love, life, work and more from a female perspective? Then listen to Our Pink Thoughts! Welcome to the lives of Tobi, Shaniqua and Temi

Overqualified and Drunk (iOS) -  Two Overqualified & Drunk black lesbians living in New York City talk spirituality, lesbian love (or nah), and the two things that bind them together, music and booze. Thirty-something year-old Chanel and twenty-something year-old Chloe (going on 50) discuss what ultimately makes them 'overqualified' and drunk. Disclaimer - this is raw, extremely jaded and uncut. 

Parental Advisory (soundcloud) - iOS - Google Play - Parental Advisory Podcast is a one-woman show hosted by the Author/Blogger Teea Lynn. Join her hilarious commentary on life, sex, kids, and pop culture. “Telling it like it is”, no one is safe from her rants. Parental Advisory Podcast is meant to make people laugh and is not intended for the easily offended.

Pass Me The Aux (soundcloud) - iOS -  Pass Me The Aux is a podcast centered around music and popular culture, from the perspective of two frequently funny and brutally honest millennials living in NYC.

PermissionLESS (iOS) - A podcast that explores risk taking, industry jumping, and abandoning the old in favor of the new with artists and entrepreneurs.

Petty Chronicles (soundcloud) - iOS - Tunein - Join @Beejangles@ChaSoHard @VillySince1986 for petty advice to your petty problems, pop culture trash (like the Kardashians) & life in Chicago. Nobody is safe from being read to filth, once the liquor starts flowing for this trio. Whether it's talking about everyday life in the Windy City, or the petty situations of everyday life, these three are here to say what you've been thinking, drink what you've been drinking, and laugh their way through the struggles of adulthood.

Petty & Peeved (acast) - iOS - soundcloud -  Host, NieceyJo, uses her encyclopedic Pop Culture knowledge to tell some of the most petty pop culture stories of the past, present, and future.  

Petty By Nature (speaker) - iOS - Google PlayJoin us as we discuss life, love (or the lack there of), all things sexually inappropriate, and our many petty shenanigans. Our conversations are raw, unfiltered, and definitely not for the faint of heart. If you are overly sensitive and/or prone to get in your feelings then you may want to find something safe to do because this isn't it.

Pink Matter (soundcloud) - iOS - Join Jameela Joie and Sam-Rae for their fortnightly podcast covering issues that relate to women from the trials and tribulations of dealing with men to personal issues such as closure and friendships. Giving their real, honest opinions and sharing some anecdotes of their own, no topic is too sensitive or taboo.

Planet Tyro (iOS) - Media Reviews / Discussions

Plant Your Flags (soundcloud) - The unexpecting the unknown is all here. This is Plant your flags Podcast.

Play Cousins (iOS) - Play Cousins is a podcast that seeks to share a diverse group of voices with unique stories and messages. Have an amazing story to share? Contact us at Playcuz@gmail.com to be featured on an upcoming episode!

Please Finish Your Book with John P"John P" interviews Busy People who became published authors so that those authors can inspire busy people who want to become Published Authors. Most episodes contain a RAP session ("Read A Portion" session). The format of the show is BAM! (discussion about the Book, then Author, then Mindset).

Politically Re-Active with W. Kamau Bell & Hari Kondabolu - iOS - Google Play - With the political circus of the 2016 presidential election heating up, you can laugh or you can cry. Choose to laugh. Comedians and longtime friends W. Kamau Bell and Hari Kondabolu have a shared curiosity about politics and our constantly changing electoral landscape. Whether it's an interest in exposing the unjust or the absurd, you can count on Hari and Kamau to ask the important "why?" Why do we have super delegates? Why is it still so hard for people to vote? Why was Joe the Plumber a thing? They'll try to answer questions like those each and every week throughout the election.

Porshanality - iOS - SoundCloud Porshanality is a podcast that holds nothing back when it comes to urban tales of faith, culture, and the rollercoaster ride known as adulting. Porsha D. is an ordained minister, culture critic, writer, and a firm believer in the power of sisterhood. As an Oprah enthusiast with super dope friends, Porsha D. is on a mission to share good news and speak truth to power.

PostBourgie - iOS - Post Bourgie is a running, semi-orderly blog about race and gender and class and politics and media and whatever else we can think of. The PostBourgie podcast is the talk-y version of that.

Post Gods (soundcloud) -  iOS - Google PlayA podcast talking about football (soccer) from a black experience. So we’re covering race, gender, pop culture, and other important topics and how they intersect with football. Providing an analysis that most podcasts in general, but definitely sports podcasts seem to lack: black voices.

P Power Radio (soundclouod) - iOSP Power Radio features stories from extraordinairy, powerful and creative millennial women who are defining their own versions of womanness, with historical content narrated by host, Tribble. #PPowerRadio

Prismatic (soundcloud) - iOS - An Audio Series: With activism kept at its center, each episode builds up an important archive of knowledges, spaces, people, words, feelings, art, stories, affirmations, laughs, mantras, prayers, and love for ourselves. Prismatic wants to open up eyes, minds, and hearts and capture all the ways we have learned to survive. This is for US.

Private Conversations (soundcloud) - iOS - tuneinA podcast with hosts Ms. Michelle and T-Tokyo devoted to discussing EVERYTHING.

Productivity in Tech - iOS Googleplay Weekly Podcast interviewing people in tech who love productivity, at least talking about it. hosted by @kjaymiller.

Quantum Leap Fitness (soundcloud) - iOS Host, @ZeusOfQLF, and producer, @Focus_JRJ team up to share and discuss health tips, trends, as well as bringing the culture awareness to a better, healthier way of living, all while giving their share personal stories. Listen in for the in debt insight on how to enjoy the lifestyle.

Quirk Team Podcast (soundcloud) - iOS - stitcher - Join the Quirk Team, where hosts Ada the Activist and Trina the Writer discuss everything from politics and social justice to anime, video games and comics - all under the lens of gender, race, and sexuality.

Ra's Radio (iOS) - DesertStormRadio.com presents Ra's Radio the voice of the Young Gods hosted by Charlotte NC hip hop duo th3 Higher. A roundtable discussion where we talk to young creatives about trending topics effecting millennials, how to set goals and achieve them and how to make money living out our dreams. Underground music, Positive Vibes and Love are the 3 elements to create the hottest new podcast.

Race Card - iOS - Acast - Weekly show discussing current affairs, pop culture and politics through a critical race lens. (Australian)

Radio BSOTS (Both Sides Of The Surface)- iOS - stitcher - - Radio BSOTS is a music podcast that focuses on independent hip-hop, soul, jazz, funk, and electronic sounds from around the way to around the world. Past episodes include artist and record label profiles, continuous mixes, and sporadic life and social commentaries via the BSOTS GONE (buck)WILD shows. Lo-fi in approach, hi-fi in results.

Rantin and Ravin - iOS - soundcloudRantin' and Ravin' with Yamaneika and Friends is the incredibly funny podcast hosted by the hilarious Yamaneika Saunders.

RapRadarPodcast - iOS - #RapRadarPodcast Hip hop's premier website connects with our culture's most important voices. Hosted by Elliott Wilson and Brian "B.Dot" Miller. (could add back Tidal only)

Real Women, Real Talk (soundcloud) - iOS - Because life gets really real in your 30's. Sharing stories with women about what life is like in your 30's, goal-digging, career and education, dating and relationships, current events and so much more.

Reel Snobs - iOS -  Sassy chicks discussing flicks

REELYDOPE Radio - iOS - Live from Oakland, REELYDOPE Radio is a movie/media/comedy podcast about everything from your favorite movie to what the best chicken spot is in the Bay Area.

REELYDOPE Radio - iOS - Live from Oakland, REELYDOPE Radio is a movie/media/comedy podcast about everything from your favorite movie to what the best chicken spot is in the Bay Area.

Regular Black - soundcloud - A conversation about being black, as told by regular black people.

ReLaunch and Become Known in Your Niche iOS - soundcloud - How can you BE SEEN, BE HEARD and BE RECOGNIZED in this world of information overload? We share stories to inspire entrepreneurial confidence, TIPS to promote your visibility and business growth. #1 podcast in all 3 categories on iTunes N&N. Hosts Joel (media coach and #1 bestselling author) and Dr. Pei (Business coach and dentist).

Relationships & Bullsh*t Podcast - iOS - Honoring those who display sense and criticizing those who have NONE AT ALL.

Remember (stitcher) - iOS - Remember is a podcast about building community. Host Carla Saulter talks to guests about ways we can build connected, resilient, inclusive, interdependent communities to help us tackle our nation’s — and our world’s — most pressing problems.

Revelations (stitcher) - iOS - Revelations in an all-interview podcast/show that focuses on communicating truth to power. The platform is intent, and focused, and changing the world one conversation at a time!

Revive - My message is to empower the people to restore life, health, and consciousness through media and all forms of communication. With REVIVE, I hope to bridge the generation gap between the older and younger generations with conscious thoughts and ideas to create unity.

RnB and HipHop Essentials Show - PodOmaticCatch the live radio show every Saturday 3-6pm GMT on rhythmnationradio.co.uk. Do not miss it if you want to keep up to date with the fresh tunes, music developments and gossip!!!!

Roland Martin Reports Daily (stitcher) - iOS - Mr. Martin is a commentator for TV One Cable Network and host of “Washington Watch with Roland Martin,” a one-hour Sunday morning news show.

Rolling 12s (stitcher) - iOS - Google Play - Rolling 12's features audio drama like content focused on black characters and players. Rolling 12's is built around Table Top Gaming and the unique stories that can be told in this format. The main story - Monde Demasque/Hallows Eve centers on a vampiric court of black women fighting for survival in Houston.

Royal State of Mind - iOS -  Royal State of Mind is a platform built for and by 16-year-old journalist Amiri Tulloch. Join Amiri as he shares his opinions and takes on society, discussing everything from music to politics to sports to the black experience in America -- and much more

Royal Tea (stitcher) - iOS - Google Play - A weekly podcast about hot topics, current events, entertainment, music, film, television, self love, and more!

Runaway Jukebox - iOS - Your new favorite hip-hop podcast! Join us every Saturday as Jason, David and Kim tear into what you're listening to and why you should - or most likely shouldn't - be doing that! There will be pizza and beer, but not for you.

Sad Girls Club (Acast) - iOS -  Sad Girls Club is hosted by two young women of color, Gwen & Zuri. Each episode we talk about what we're listening to, reading, watching, and how the legacy of colonization has been affecting us that week. We also discuss current events, pop culture, race, feminism, academia, and so much more.

Safe Space - iOS - Google Play - A weekly show about news and politics. A safe space for bad takes hosted by Vicky Mochama and Ishmael Daro. A Metro podcast.

Sample Space (soundcloud) - iOS - Do you live outside the world of straight white males (or aspire to)? From Hirah Media, each episode of Sample Space is a collection of narratives centered around a theme, like This American Life, for non-white folks. These are our stories, sad and sweet, funny and dramatic, familiar and strange. They are the stories of our lives, the stories of color, gender, abilities, culture ethnicity, age, and poverty.

Saturdaying (Soundclooud) - iOSGet to Saturdaying with ya favorite homegril Venus as she serve up the must see in tv, movies and shows (streaming) from the Black perspective. Recorded in Chicago, ya favorite homegirl Venus, invites guests from across the country to weigh in on hit shows and blockbuster movies. She also picks a lesser known show or movie for you and your boo to Netflix and chill to. This weekly podcast is very smart, very funny and very Black. #Saturdaying

Savage House Live (soundcloud) - iOS - entertaining story telling of daily events that happen in the hood.

Say What Simone? (soundcloud) - iOS - stitcher - Join Bee as she gives you candid and comical responses to all of today's pop culture news and reality TV drama. Enjoy some of Bee's weekly rants about everything from Stevie J and Joseline's tumultuous relationship to some juicy Kardashian scandals.

Sayin it Plain RadioSayin it Plain is an upfront in your face issue based talk show that tackles many social and cultural issues along with politics and dating and relationships. The show delves into hot button issues, with a mission to spark its listeners into action and uplift there community.

Scandalous Beauty - iOS - The Scandalous Beauty podcast is a makeup and beauty show for beginners, enthusiasts and artists. Tune in to hear interviews from top movers and shakers in the field, plus beauty news and reviews.

Shamefree TV (libsyn) - We LOVE TV. We are two Gen X besties (black girl/white dude) who grew up on TV. This podcast is about many current Sci-Fi shows - typically anything that is supernatural, space, or superheroes, and sometimes we'll talk movies. Join us if you want to hear our chatty conversations and also get a glimpse of the poor man's version of Howard Stern and Robin Quivvers.

She’s Beauty And The Beast (soundcloud)- #ShesBeautyAndTheBeast is a mantra for our universe’s power gem – the multi-faceted, boldass young woman who cares just as much about quenching her spiritual needs as she does her sexual needs. Described as audio vision boards.

She Didn't Text Back Podcast (soundcloud) - iOS -  The She Didn't Text Back Podcast showcases Daren VonGirdner and William Haynes discussing everything from relationship issues to instagram baddies. If you desire more- well, go somewhere else.

She's the Boss (podbean) - iOS - She’s the Boss in an Austin-based podcast for and about young creators. Join Antonette for weekly interviews and discussions music, art, creativity, women’s leadership, and more!

SHEnanigans - iOS - soundcloudListen along every Thursday as Aisha, Bria, Brittni, Jenny and Tyra share the SHEnanigans of being black women, giving you a dose of melanin empowerment featuring edu-tainment about life, beauty and health. Send inquiries and questions to: shenaniganspod@thestrengthofshe.com #SHEnanigansPod

Short & Sweet (iOS) - Two women learning to adult one mistake at a time -- all with a little help from the Universe.

Shots Fired - iOS - soundcloud -  Shots Fired is a weekly look into the world of hip-hop with music journalist Jeff Weiss, underground hip-hop star MC Nocando, and special guests. New episodes premiere Thursdays.

Showgirl Sunday Dinner (soundcloud) - iOS - Showgirl Sunday Dinner is a weekly, sparkly burlesque podcast about three Black showgirls living, loving training and performing in San Diego and beyond from an unapologetically Black femme perspective.

SIAThePodcast (soundcloud) - iOS - Being Black in America is an exhausting exercise that we perform daily. We have yet to figure out the best way to navigate the perils of this journey, so we discuss topics critical to our culture to help us cope. We attempt to cope in order to survive.

Single Black Dating (soundcloud) - Unfiltered opinions on dating, relationships and pop culture. Includes heated debates, discussion groups, hilarious story times, dating advice and much more. Aims to support black culture, businesses and people all over the world. Based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Single Black Dot (soundcloud) - iOS - Google Play - The Single Black Dot podcast is about being the Black face in the White space known as the predominantly White institution (PWI). Single Black Dot gives a voice to the often voiceless issues of the Black experience on a white campus.

Sisters of Flow (stitcher) - iOS - Google PlayPodcast where we go with the flow about anything and everything menstrual cycles.

Situationships (stitcher) - iOS - Google PlayA podcast where Black Millennials share real dating stories.

Slate Represent - iOS - Megaphone - Slate's podcast about movies & TV created by and/or about women, people of color, people with disabilities, and those in the LGBTQ community. Hosted by Aisha Harris. New episodes every Friday.

SmartBrownVoices - iOS - Android - #SmartBrownVoices  A celebration of diversity - Smart Brown Voices is an on-going interview series that features diverse voices from Black and Latino Startup Founders, Entrepreneurs, Activist, Marketers and Creatives.

Snack Size Podcast - iOS - soundcloudEach week we will typically focus on a theme to help supercharge your content strategy so that what you post and how you post gets top results on all the top social networking profiles such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and more.

Snatch That Weave - iOS - soundcloud - Today, Snatch That Weave has become the unapologetic cross-section between ignorance and intellect as three Chi-Town friends, Choosey_D + Manniefreshest + Boss_Stance laugh, cry and shout as they host the weekly show to vent about their personal experiences, discuss current events and local influencers, and most importantly- inform people on the issues that matter.

Social Flunkiez (soundcloud) -  Platonic friends of the opposite sex talking shit non-stop. 

Social Justice Bullies - iOS - stitcher - Independent media has risen to become a check on corporate media spaces and how they function largely as corporate and government propaganda machines. But who's been holding independent media spaces accountable? Many independent media spaces are just independent spaces seeking to take up main stream media's role as propaganda spewing profit centers. Father Teresa's Wine Cellar & Americans United Again Present Social Justice Bullies is a podcast that focuses on accountability within independent media spaces.

Socially Awkward Gets Social (soundcloud) - Scott has awkward conversations with family and friends about any and everything from current events, pop culture, relationships, etc. We also take time to vent and get some things "off our chest."

So Fresh So Prince The Fresh Prince Podcast -  iOS -  The ONLY podcast talking about The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Will Smith's greatest TV accomplishment. Each week, we sit down and talk about how a full episode of the show holds up under a modern comedy microscope. Can Carlton still do the Carlton? Join us and find out!

Sol's Temple (soundcloud) - iOS - Google PlayI'm King Sol and welcome to my temple. I talk about anything and everything: movies, music, ideas, whatever! Aiming to be a voice of change, so please, step into my solar dojo!

Sound off LA - iOS - soundcloud -  Sound Off LA was created to discuss a wide range of contemporary issues affecting young Angelenos, with a mixture of sincerity and humor.

Somethin in common - stitcher - Husband and wife worlds collide on this weekly podcast. Michael and Kymberly Nichole discuss everything and anything. Relationships, money, Kids, Love, entertainment, celebrity news, and more. Join us as we bring you into our world.

Somethin' To BRAGG (soundcloud) - This is Somethin' To BRAGG About Podcast!!! Join Danni Ave and Dr. B for our biweekly conversations on HIGHER EDUCATION, COLLEGE POLITICS, & the ADVANCEMENT of BLACKNESS in Education. Every show we will be answering questions, giving advice and tackling the larges topics surrounding higher education from the black stand point. Let us give you "something to BRAGG about." #STBAP

Sooo Many White Guys (WNYC) - iOS - Phoebe Robinson is tired of being the token black woman in an ocean of white dude comedians. So in this podcast, Phoebe’s calling the shots. She’ll host intimate, funny and super honest conversations with musicians, actors, writers and comedians who are killing it in their fields--AND who aren’t white dudes! Stay tuned for the one token white guy (it’s only fair), cameos by Phoebe’s ball-busting executive producer Ilana Glazer, and a whole lot of hijinks. WNYC Studios is the producer of other leading podcasts including 2 Dope Queens, Radiolab, Death, Sex & Money, Freakonomics Radio, Note to Self and many more.

Sorry I'm Not Sorry (soundcloud) - iOS - Sorry I'm Not Sorry Podcast, or SINS for short, is our unapologetic view on life, current events, relationships, parenting, and anything else that comes to mind. Stayed tuned in and be enlightened.

souledFree Radio (soundcloud) - iOS - souledFree Radio is a weekly podcast promoting enlightenment through dope conversations, a variety of perspectives, and life lessons and experiences of myself and my amazing guest hosts. Tune in as we discuss everything from friendship to relationships, glow ups and growth, to anxiety and much more. vibe out, laugh and just maybe have an "Ah HA" moment.

so, BASICALLY (Soundcloud) - iOSWe are a London-based feminist podcast, allowing a platform for muted voices and everyday female survival. We discuss the world as we see it – both trivial and impactful. Topics range from sex, family, wellbeing, and social issues – just to name a few. (London,UK)

SOS in Oz (soundcloud) - iOS - Join the fam with Christine and Chido, two Melbourne sisters serving up trending topics and thought-provoking conversations about our society and culture. From talk about Beyoncé's unfailing slayage, to interracial dating, or trophy hunting -- everyone's got an opinion! (Melbourne, Victoria)

 Southern Soulcast - AndroidDante D. Long (author and blogger) introduces himself and his podcast of controversial topics, funny storytelling, guest dialogue, and music from independent artists.

Speak a Word (soundcloud) - Weekly show surrounds three cousins growing up in the black church. Each week is filled with cutting-up and inspiration, to help the twenty-somethings find Christ and to create a dope relationship with him and live the best days of their life. This podcast shares the understanding that being young and “saved” is not just for OLD people, but it’s for all who want to live WHOLE through Christ. Our show relates to young urbanites, our topics and music choices represent that.

Speed Dial - iOS - Google Play - SpotifySpeed Dial is your weekly dive into all the pop culture news you should be following or leaving behind. Hosts Doreen St. Félix and Ira Madison III navigate the excellence and messiness of music, film, and more through guests, analysis, and listener voicemails. 

#Spillit (iOS )- Two guys from Florida now living in New York City , talking about the latest in pop/ Urban Culture

Stay Woke (soundcloud) -  Stay Woke Podcast is a bi-weekly podcast and venting session with Olivia and TyLisa serving the truth on life, news and culture as we live it and see it. We encourage all of out listeners to stay informed, stay witty and stay woke. Stay Woke podcast is recorded bi-weekly by TyLisa and Olivia in Florida and New York City, respectively.

Stir It Up - Google Play - stitcher -  The "Stir It Up" comedy podcast is the brainchild of comedian, actress, and radio personality DOMINIQUE! Stir It Up features comedy, sports and pop culture from the perspective of an African-American woman and comics of various backgrounds. "Stir It Up" is Urban, hip, & unapologetically funny!

Straight Off The Boat (soundcloud) - Tune in each week as #SOTB features funny, cultured jokes, real life stories, and discussions about current events & more!

Straight talk with Dr. Mac - iOS - stitcher Have you ever seen your Dr. and just wanted 5 more mins so you could make sure you had the whole picture? Well, here you can take your Dr on the go!

Street Class - iOS - soundcloud - In Street Class podcast, we shutdown who society says we are and refuse to allow anyone to define us. We are not afraid to shine light on those who lost their way. -Or in other words...A.K.A... In Street Class, we put some folks on BLAST!

Success Bully (libsyn) - iOS - Success Bully is a fast growing accountability practice dedicated to supporting visionaries of all types in their goal attainment across their personal and professional lives. We believe success is a not just a journey, but a series of habits. On the Success Bully Podcast, Keita H. Williams (Success Bully Founder and Chief Strategist) breaks down those habits across time management, emotional state, goal setting, failure (#FailedIt) and accountability through relatable anecdotes and lively guests. 

Sunday Musings (iOS) - Because sometimes you need a kick start to your week. These weekly episodes are the perfect blend of motivation and accountability, designed to inspire readers to dig deep(er) and hustle hard(er).Sunday Musings will get you right and get you on your way.

Supa Fly Friends (iOS) - Supa Fly Friends is an interview show highlighting the everyday beauty of the lives of people I call friends and family. These people are entrepreneurs, educators, law enforcement professionals, artists, parents, people from all walks of life.

Super. Black. (Speaker) - iOS - Feed - A show dedicated to celebrating heroes and villains of all colors. Their histories, powers, popularity and quirks are all on display. Join us in the celebration!

Sweet and Sour - iOS - Google Play - A show by sisters Katie and Nicole Zhu dedicated to capturing the common threads and nuance of Asian America—the sweet and the sour.

Swirl Propaganda (soundcloud) - A podcast about the diaspora, media, cultures, womanhood, queerness & blackness hosted by Kyra & Amo.

Talkin' 4 Curry (stitcher) - iOS - Google Play - Born in 2010 on Brooklyn College Radio, Talkin' 4 Curry has grown into a weekly podcast that explores the different aspects of Caribbean culture through “Ole Talk,” interviews, guest appearances, live performances and musical segments.

Talk Like a Girl - iOSExplore the big questions, pitfalls, and stickiest issues with four curious hosts, a comedian, and an expert. Every week’s an adventure! So grab a flashlight and join us on the journey.

Talking to the Screen (soundcloud) - iOSThree panelist compete for points while debating, creating, and critiquing Black television shows and movies.

Talk360 - iOS - soundcloud - Two parts wit; one part grit. Talk 360 is two girls’ takes on current events, culture, society and relationships. Each week join Keesa and Djevna as they bring a pragmatic view to real life issues. Their musings are meant to provoke thoughtful conversations on controversial topics with some laughs along the way. You don’t have to agree, but you’ll always leave informed.

TaKenyahTalks (soundcloud) - iOSTo be honest, I'm a regular girl born and raised in Detroit/Farmington, who took a liking to talk about celebs and give unsolicited opinions. Not to mention I'm a 21 year old hot mess TRYING to grasp life by the balls ,or lack thereof.

Takeover - iOS - AudioboomJT Barrett & Cam Thomas host The Takeover Podcast for ESPN/SB Nation Radio in Houston, Texas. Might sound like a sports podcast, but it is much more. The guys talk about any and everything including music, news and entertainment. They even one time had an Adult Entertainment month to talk different people in the industry. The show is great and catchy so why not take a listen?

TAXSTONE (soundcloud) - iOS -  The only show bringing you an unfiltered view from the streets of Brooklyn as only Taxstone knows them. Tax Season is upon us and anybody can get it. Come Say Hi to the Bad Guy

Tea & Converse - iOS - soundcloudInterviews in the key of Rap.

Tea Time with Tay (soundcloud) - iOS - Tea Time with Tay is a weekly podcast series in which Taylor Lindsay-Noel, alongside her special guests sit down, brew some tea, then spill it!

Tha Haven (soundcloud) - iOS - soundcloud Come escape with Kera & Nataja Zanelle.Grab your lemonade and have a seat at the table because this shit is for us. This is where we come to escape. This is where we come to be free. This is your place. My place. Our place. No judgements, no fears, no restrictions. Just two black girls spreading their magic unapologetically. Welcome to Tha Haven.

That Pop This Life iOS stitcher - That Pop This Life podcast is where Karly and Cynthia take their experience as obsessive media consumers as a start off point to explore a variety of topics from all pop culture angles.

That's What She Said (iOS) - TWSS is a safe place. Eavesdrop as unadulterated opinions and peer-to-peer advice are exchanged in lively group talk sessions. Pressing and spirited discussions take place weekly on matters of love, money and life as we know it.

The 5th Sense (soundcloud) - iOS - Assane, Marcus, & Malik discuss the latest, hot, & thought provoking topics going on in the world today. We talk about anything going on from pop culture to current events, and even music. 5 topics, 5 rings at a time.

The 700 Block (speaker) - iOS - Welcome to my Block. Welcome to my show. I'll be talking about everything under the sun. Sports, Relationships, Real Life Situations, Music, Pop Culture and more

The 90/10 Rule - iOSA podcast about the little word, music...and the big word, BUSINESS. Industry professionals and special guests discuss music, contracts, marketing, technology & current events.

The Bad Advice Show - iOS - soundcloud - #BadAdviceShow -  Any advice given on this show is guaranteed to be bad and should only be followed at your own risk. Whether or not you follow it, chances are you’ll hear about it from your auntie at the next family gathering.

The Bad Boys (soundcloud) - Unadultered, vicious, filthy, loaded content from the views of urban city boys from Toronto. Our topics range from trending entertainment topics, to politics, sports, and issues surrounding the black and latino community.

The Barbershop Podcast (soundcloud) - iOS The home of terrible sports opinions and even worse relationship advice. Sturdy Show and his somewhat helpful compatriots will provide you with all the guidance you don't need.

The Basics From A to E (audiomack) - What do you get when you put an attorney and an educator together to speak on this thing called life? You get The BASICS from A to E! Alandrus and Emeka have come together to get back to the basics of things that matter in the world of the unheard. Whether you are seeking resources on how to navigate through adulthood, want to stay in the know, or want to listen in on thought provoking conversations, we’ve got you covered.

The Beautiful Struggle - iOS - soundcloud - A conversation series hosted by B3AR FRUIT creator Octavius A. Newman featuring various guests telling their creative origin stories.

The Beytheists (soundcloud) - iOS - Besides being dedicated to Beyoncé, we talk pop culture, music, social issues, and general nonsense.

The Birds, The Bess & The Bullsh*t - iOS A podcast dedicated to a new kind of sex talk. Each week your hosts and self titled relationship theorists, She Badkins and Sivart Le-Vell, will navigate listeners through the intricacies of modern romance, offering unfiltered answers to the questions we all have but didn't know whom to ask.

The Big Therm Show - iOS - Google Play -  The Big Therm Show is a weekly spin off from the popular Excuse My Adlib podcast. Excuse My Adlib is an hip hop podcast based in Baltimore and cohost Big Therm spun off the interview portion to promote some of Baltimore’s prominent figures in the community.

The BitchCode (soundcloud) - BitchCode is a podcast about love and relationships from the mean girls perspective. It is bold, hilarious, unapologetic, and R rated.

The Black Juice - iOS - soundcloud - The most important podcast to the culture

The Bodega Podcast (soundcloud) - iOS - Word around town is that this is the show that introduces new audiences to podcasts but is it true? How could a group of twenty-somethings possibly draw such a crowd? Is it Derick, Jeff, Mariah and RJ’s weekly interviews that showcase other young artists and entrepreneurs that draws in new "customers" and keeps them coming back? Could it be their up to date discussions of current events and trending topics that holds everyone's attention? Looks like you'll have to tune into The Bodega Podcast for yourself and see what all the fuss is about and just like you would in any other bodega... Come get what you need ;).

The Book of Huey (soundcloud) - Huey has the dopest, funniest, most inciteful conversations with his friends. Wthin all the shenanigans and jokes, there are frequent profound moments and lots of quotable gems. And with the idea that other folks could benefit from, or at the very least, be highly amused by listening in on these convos, he created a safe, judgment-free space to discuss love, sex, life, dating, relationships, fuckery and advice with raw honesty and humor.

The Black and Tan podcast (soundcloud) - Based in Austin, Tx, The Black and Tan podcast is a free flowing conversational show starring comedians Aaron Cheatham and Jacob James Garcia. It's a fun-filled show featuring insightful interviews, crazy games, and unexpectedly hilarious topics.

The Blkboard - iOS - soundcloud - Born in the era of Gameboys & Bruce Timm cartoons. We’re artists. We’re nerds. And we’re black. Join us (Michael Tré and Jermaine Dickerson) in our biweekly podcast.

The Black Dad Chronicles (speaker) - I'm black, I'm a dad, and I made a podcast to talk about it. Join me as I talk about my experience, and to other dads about theirs.

The Black Dad podcast - itunes - soundcloud - The hosts, Jamal Press and Murphy are two brand new dads who don’t know anything about being dads but are taking it one sleepless day/night at a time... It's all sleepless. Listen in every week as they discover with each podcast what it truly means to be a father.

The Black Geeks - iOS - soundcloud Bringing you the latest news from Geekdom with a Blackish twist. The Black Geeks lend our years of knowledge and passion for all things Geeks, as we talk about news, reviews, gaming, tech, social issues, movies, tv, comics, books, current affairs, and more. Our mission is to uplift diverse voices and perspectives into everyday conversations.

The Black Neighbors Podcast (soundcloud) - iOSThe Black Neighbors Podcast is Walt and Egypt Charles, a married couple with two kids, speaking on the ups and downs of being a middle class black family in a predominately white suburban neighborhood. 

The Blueprint Live (soundcloud) - iOS - Weekly podcast recorded live in Brooklyn, New York. A plethora of interesting guests join the show to talk about everything from relationships and sports, to society and culture.

The Boyz - iOS - soundcloud - We are 4 young African American gay men living in NYC. Our podcast is a mixture of sexuality, mental awareness, health awareness, lifestyle, and just real life issues. Our podcast is truly a conversation.

The Broken Elevator - iOS - SoundCloudWe pitch the films Hollywood's too scared to make. Join Tam, Deeby & Wumi as they come up with their dream sequels, prequels, remakes and more to some of Cinema's greatest (and not so great) feats.

The Brown Skin Mom Podcast (soundcloud) - The Brown Skin Mom Podcast is a space where black mothers can discuss parenting, lifestyle, and career with others who share their perspective of motherhood.

The Brut Point (iOS) - The #BrutPoint brings you 2 black "20-somethings" coupled with semi-irresponsible amounts of liquor as they navigate through topics we love to hate, tv, music, and more.

The Buffet Boyspodbean we touch on current events, pop culture. Latinos and the black community.

The Buppie Report (soundcloud) - iOSThree young black urban professional talking the issues you were afraid to discuss from race and religion to politics and gender. Follow us on twitter @BuppieReport, @RobertJAAbel , @z_youngjay , @StyxzTheSage

The Busy Creator - iOS - stitcher The Busy Creator is for you, the creative professional or entrepreneur working in arts, design, and media. You’ll hear direct from industry pros and learn the tools, techniques, and habits they’re using in their practice. We discuss strategies and pro tips you can use to be your most creative, productive self and excel in business.

The Call For Justice - iOS The Call for Justice Podcast is a weekly discussion about justice-related issues between a father-daughter duo, the Reverend Augustus Corbett J.D., and his daughter Chloe Corbett J.D. This dynamic duo passionately advocates for racial, economic, educational, political and legal justice.

The Cashmere Thoughts (soundcloud) - iOSThe Cashmere Thoughts Podcast dwells on the past present & future of the hip-hop culture. this podcast will be used as a platform for hip hop lovers to share our reasonably objective (& subjective) views on the hip-hop culture. also to enlighten the audience on facts, as well as knowledge, on what the music industry has become in recent years

The Church Letout (soundcloud) - iOS - It's easy to be a good Christian on Sunday mornings.... how do you conduct yourself when the CHURCH LETS OUT? TCLO is a show that takes a look at real world topics from a Christian's perspective.

The College Dropout - iOS - stitcherThe College Dropout Podcast is a podcast where our goal is to inspire, empower, and mentor those who take the unconventional path in life. Those who do not have a degree yet still want to go after and accomplish their dreams. 

The Color of Wine (stitcher) - iOS Google Play - Our podcast puts the spotlight on people of color in the wine industry

The Co-op Podcast - iOS -  The co-op podcast features discussion of everything games as well as a few choice words on various other subjects

The Critical Dump (soundcloud) - Discussing some of the world's uncomfortable topics with no holds bar but in an entertaining way. No feelings will be spared!!! So join the conversation.

The Cut with Pam margolis (podbean) - iOS - The intersectionality of kids books, diversity, and fun.

The Digital Life with Kevin Lockett (buzzsprout) - iOS - stitcher - The #1 Tech Diversity Podcast w/ a Pop Culture Twist in the Midwest!

The DSE Show aka Dame, Sports and Entertainment (iOS) - Google Play - The D.S.E. Show aka Dame, Sports & Entertainment hosted by Dee Dame is a look into the world of Professional Wrestling, NBA Basketball, Boxing, TV, and Movies.

The Encore Radio show - iOS - soundcloud -  The Encore Radio Show is the premier hip hop podcast for indie creators and curators. Based in NYC, The Encore Radio Show boasts an 100+ episode archive, and has become a well established medium for fans of the hip hop culture, to find new and established talent on a global scale. The Encore Radio Show reaches out to curators of the Hip Hop culture including musicians, yet not excluding designers, producers, writers, etc.

The Fameless Report (Soundcloud) - iOS The Fameless Report is a weekly review covering topics like news, politics, and pop culture.

The Fashionably Fit Life (stitcher) - iOS - Google Play - The podcast is centered on helping women live their best life in fitness, fashion, financially, relationships, beauty etc.

The FiteMe Podcast (soundcloud) - Fueling ideas. Triggering evolution. Mastering Existence. The FiteMe Podcast brings edgy commentary, analysis, debates, stories, & more! "Tiff the Golden Mean" (@isispaperzz) & co-host Alicia Fiasco (@aliciafiasco_) with new guests each week, bring jaw-dropping convo & unapologetic truth to the world. The purpose is to cultivate critical thinkers that will spark change in humanity!

The Fix (soundcloud) - iOS -  "The Fix" podcast is a weekly comedy show hosted by Jenni Ruiza and Jesenia, along with a regular crew of comedians, where they talk pop culture, hot topics, and life's bullshit with an uncensored tongue

The Fixxx (soundcloud)  - iOS - Google Play - THE FIXXX is your weekly dose of pop culture and sex served raw, real, and uncensored with co-hoes Jenni Ruiza and Jesenia.

The Fly Girl Guide (soundcloud) - iOS - I guide ladies to flyness one podcast episode at a time. I'm here to uplift, motivate, and spill the tea on getting to the best version of yourself! Let my testimonies help you get to your flyness. How fly are you?

The For the Culture Podcast - iOS - soundcloud -  This podcast is for folks that listen to trap music on the way to work and drink red Kool-Aid with Lobster Bisque for dinner. THE FOR THE CULTURE PODCAST is a show about the people and for the people. It is the most candid conversation you will hear on everything from dating and sex to Black Queer theory and politics.

The Frat House Chronicles (soundcloud) - iOSLong time college friends get together weekly to discuss pop culture, trending topics, the weirdness of their relationships and try to minimize the chaos & confusion as they navigate their way through life.

the get. - iOS - soundcloud - The Get. is hosted by Ivy and Rhiana, women of color who are committed to social justice, living, and being free. We are inspired by by LaVerne Cox's concept of "possibility models" and the growing representation of marginalized voices in all forms of social media. The Get is our effort to take up space, to share our voices, and to encourage our listeners to do the same. We're manspreading in the podcast world. Won't you join us?

The GaptoothDiva Show - iOS - BlogTalkRadioThe GaptoothDiva show is a weekly podcast filled with entertainment and creative motivation about today's issues and how they affect us. 

The Girth Podcast (soundcloud) - iOS - A show full of provocative pop culture commentary topped with humorous sexcapades. We go deep & hard into the week's f*ckery infusing sexual innuendo whenever appropriate, but especially when it's inappropriate.

The Good Life - iOS - soundcloud - Welcome to The Good Life! A lifestyle podcast with a moral center, where we SPEAK freely, THINK critically, and LIVE authentically. Join five college friends also known as "The Last Disciples" monthly to talk about life, current events and culture.

The Good Villains (soundcloud) - iOS -  We put ourselves in the shoes of your favorite tv & film heroes and villains to tell you what normal, cool people like us would do!

The Green Room - iOS Soundcloud The Green Room Podcast is a news and pop culture podcast that covers everything that's going on in the world!

The Hidden Scribes (iOS) - The Hidden Scribes podcast animates the stories of emerging writers.

#TheHYP3LifePodcast (soundcloud - iOSHalf Podcast/Half Mixshow. DJ TGIF Converses with some interesting people about some coolness & provides the quality vibes as well.

The Immigrant Entrepreneur - iOS - Immigrants create over 35% of Silicon Valley start-ups, including Google, eBay, Intel, Yahoo and PayPal. 40% of Fortune 500 companies were started by immigrants or their children. Over 27% of all new businesses in this country are created by immigrants. How do they do it? At the Immigrant Entrepreneur, I interview these successful founders to understand their struggles, breakthroughs, resources, and successes.

The Impact (soundcloud) - iOS -  #TheImpactPod is hosted by two millennial entrepreneurs; looking to inspire and empower people through their own honest experiences on love and leadership. .(London, United Kingdom)

The Imposter (iOS) - Weird art from Canada

The Insight of an Author Show (soundcloud) - iOS -The Insight of an Author show where upcoming authors, established authors can gather some helpful nuggets that they can apply to their own life as a writer or author. Inspiration is key in ones writing journey and as long as one can stay plugged in to an inspiring source, one can be successful in whatever endeavors are seeked. The show is where Authors, publishers and even booklovers can uncover the secrets to becoming an accomplished self-publisher like herself as she brings to you real experiences and share motivational tips to complete your path by learning from those who have faced the best and worst of circumstances on their publishing journeys. Nigerian Author.  

The Intelligence of Grit (iOS) - The Intelligence of GRIT (growth, resilience, integrity, and tenacity) podcast supports business and personal growth by providing stories, strategies, and lessons to those on the journey of living their purpose.

The Internet ToolBox Daily - iOS - stitcherAn audio spotlight on four links to websites and apps showcased that day on social media and the website for the podcast

The Introverted Nerd Watches (iOS) - The Introverted Nerd Watches is where I overanalyze and pick apart tv shows and movies as a way to avoid awkward social situations.

The ISM Radio Show - iOS -  Soundcloud - ISM - noun \ˈi-zəm\ : a distinctive practice, system, or philosophy, typically a political ideology or an artistic movement. Presented by Andrea Wilson, The ISM Radio Show is a podcast about music, culture, spirituality, art and ideology and features in depth opinion pieces and conversations with exceptional philosophers, writers, artists and entrepreneurs.

The Jaded Gamer - iOS Audiometric - Social consciousness through the lens of an avid gamer. Every week veteran underground podcaster The Jaded Gamer (formerly of Gamers With Attitude & Ballsrog's The Next Level Podcast) steps outside the realm of gaming to give you his point of view on the world outside of gaming. Stick this in your ear as you play your favorite games, allow him to holler at your psyche and let his A.D.D consume you. This is Rated J. (CA podcast) 

The Knights of Nerdom (rss) - A group of lifelong nerds gather to discuss the nerdiest things in life all while trying not to kill each other in the end. 

The Kugali (Stitcher) - iOS - Google Play 4 Nigerian men all located in different continents come together on Skype to talk about games, comics, TV, animation, film and more created by Africans and people of African descent in the diaspora. We interview some of these creators too.

The Kween's Vernacular  - Soundcloud Love podcast staples like The Read, Throwing Shade, Another Round, and the Friend Zone? Then come through, mama! Matty (@mattyhunty) and Teej (@fluckery) are two Midwestern Queens inviting you to join in on their weekly, progressively-drunken kiki. People/things/creatures that are not safe: racists, bigots, Becky with the Good Hair, the Rupaul's Drag Race reddit feed, Rupaul's Drag Race Brazilian fans, and #PoliceLivesMatter c*ckgobblers. Girl, you are not ready. Come for the majestic shade -- stay for the royal tea.

The Ladycast Alex Laughlin - soundcloudThe Ladycast brings you conversations with women of all backgrounds who are doing amazing things in lives in careers, from writing books to starting their own businesses. Each conversation is meant to inspire listeners to take control of their lives and "do the thing," whatever that might mean to them. Listen to the Ladycast on iTunes, acast, Stitcher, or wherever you listen to podcasts.

The Lady Kickback (soundcloud) - iOSCreatives K.Mack (Filmmaker), TamekaB (Photographer) and V.Fogg (Mixed Media Artist) join forces to bring you Art, Life & Laughs as they discuss their respective careers and life as creatives with loads of laughs in between.

The Legends Room (soundcloud) - iOS - The Legends Room is a space for thinkers to be creative, informed, and provocative. In today’s changing society, it is important to be knowledgeable of current events that effect all of us. So why not receive that knowledge in an entertaining format? That is where we come in.

The Lemonade Show (soundcloud) - My podcast is my sweet/sour blerd perspective on pop culture, comics, tv/movie news and everything inbetween. 

The Life of Lex Podcast (stitcher) - iOS - Google Play - As an awkward black girl who was always silenced, I'm finally speaking out. Prepare to hear the real scoop and opinion on everything from pop culture to black social justice issues. This podcast is not for the faint of heart or those who shy away from controversial issues.

The Life X Times of Eric - iOS - soundcloud - The Life X Times of Eric is a Podcast where I discuss relatable topics like life, business, relationships, sports, books, shows and everything else under the sun. Along with uplifting, motivational and inspiring messages to motivate and drive you. Plus friends of Eric will pop up here and there to discuss their opinions on topics.

The Link Up - iOSsoundcloud The Link Up is a podcast based out of the Washington, D.C. area. The topics cover a variety of social/cultural issues through the eyes of three very outspoken, educated and unapologetically black women. 

The Lioness Den - iOS - soundcloud The Lioness Den is a place where young, educated Black women convene to discuss the latest trends, politics, entertainment gossip, social discrepencies, taboos and constructions or whatever else needs to be addressed. Like lionesses, Black women in America have served as the backbone for their families for centuries - both by choice and force. In light of today's intense racial interactions, my goal is to enlighten those willing to listen by sharing my truth as a double minority, but not as a victim.

The Lit Review (soundcloud) - The lit review is a podcast where organizers interview organizers about books relevant in this moment of urgency / age of Trump. Think sparknotes in podcast form.

The Loving Project - iOS - Libsyn - The Loving Project podcast commemorates the 50th anniversary of Loving v Virginia, the Supreme Court decision that struck down state laws banning interracial marriage. Each episode features a different couple talking about what it's like to be in an interracial marriage 50 years after that decision.

The M.A.N (soundcloud) - iOS - It's a safe for people listen to men, queer men and black folks to talk about issues amongst ourselves.

The Magic Hour (iOS) - This podcast is focused on the emotion intelligence required to sustain #blackgirlmagic beyond the hashtags and memes.

The Most Extraordinary Ordinary (libsyn) - iOS - The Most Extraordinary Ordinary Podcast is an interview based podcast that brings stories of life, business, success, failure, and triumphs from Pro Athletes, Coaches, Business Owners, Musicians, and Sports Agents.

The Messy Booth (soundcloud) - iOSNeed a little mess in your life? Join Jamel and his eccentric cast with their factual opinions that's not up for debate. Get up to date with candid reviews on the latest entertainment and news and weekly "live" performances from up and coming artists.

The Mixed Experience - iOS - Through interviews, essays, reviews, and ruminations, Durrow talks about the varying aspects of The Mixed Experience in the arts, culture, academia, and history. We’re also excited that a rotating crew of guest hosts will join us as well.

The Morning Punch-In Show w/ RB & Jae (iOS) - A sports talk show focused on boxing & combat sports with up-to the minute news, interviews, skits and giveaways.

The Most Extraordinary Ordinary (libsyn) - iOS - The Most Extraordinary Ordinary Podcast is an interview based podcast that brings stories of life, business, success, failure, and triumphs from Pro Athletes, Coaches, Business Owners, Musicians, and Sports Agents.

The Music Snobs - iOS - soundcloud - THE MUSIC SNOBS is the podcast where Scoop, Isaac, Jehan, and Arthur discuss, debate, and deconstruct the music and musicians who both fascinate and frustrate them.

The NerdGeekNinja - iOS - Iman, Greg, and The NinjaBaby discusses movies, tv shows, and books. Shows include The NGN, ReadUp, and NiteNite NinjaBaby.

The New MORE (stitcher) - iOS - Google Play - An honest conversation among parents about the space where work and family intersect.

The Newlyweds Podcast - iOS - soundcloud -  The Newlyweds Podcast is Dallas Penn and Chocolate Snowflake, a married couple and song and dance team, speaking on current events, general news and relationship issues.

The Pay Day (soundcloud) - Weekly interviews with REAL LIVE STRANGERS on the streets of New York about current events and entertainment.

The Official Bozcast (soundcloud) - iOS - Google Play - This is a Cleveland based podcast where each week we dive into the week's events with a unique perspective and a healthy balance of Spirituality and Ratchicity(a form of ratchetness). We will also regularly have guest on to share in this healthy balance. Tune in every Saturday at 2:16pm and then some!

The Oreo (soundcloud) - iOS - Join culture correspondent Miles G Harmon be black and change the meaning of a word meant to put him down. Miles shares with you his pet peeves, have multi-layer dicussions with guests, all with an honest tone. 

 The OTAP Show - iOS - Everybody has a story, everybody has a journey, everyone has been somewhere and everyone has learned something. This podcast interviews everyday people from twitter, Facebook, your neighborhood and anywhere else there are people like you to hear about it.

The Outer Drive - iOS - Soccer. Detroit. Something interesting.

The Oyster Ninja Podcast (libsyn) - iOS - Spotify - The Oyster Ninja Podcast is educating the world about Oysters one shuck at a time. In our Oyster world you will meet people that are clearly connected and some that are not so clearly connected like nutritionist, sommelier, and food bloggers just to name a few.

The UnMute Podcast - iOS - I have conversations with young, extraordinary and cool philosophers. These diverse philosophers give their take on controversial issues, pop culture, and the political and ethical dramas of our day. We learn. We laugh. We plot revolutions.

The Palava Hut - iOS - Soundcloud -  Join the ladies of the Palava Hut podcast as they explore life, friendship, and what it means to be Liberian-American. #thepalavahut

THE PARLEY: WITH DESTINY J or THE PARLEY (soundcloud) - The Parley is a Podcast on Itunes and that is a mixture of pop culture and a little bit of consciousness. Check out my latest episodes! #TheParley

The Pennymon Doctrine - podomatic - The Pennymon Doctrine is for millennial's by one. I care about the topics of the younger generation, because hell, I AM THE YOUNGER GENERATION. The difference is, I really really really really really really want to do something about it. I don't want to be a politician, so I'll settle for the the voice of the next generation that is soon to take the reigns of leadership in this world.

The Pequilar Podcast (soundcloud) -  The Pequilar Podcast is an audio exploration of what it means to be a young polymath while black in the 21st century. Come with me, learn with me, laugh with me, and spend this bread with me. In all seriousness guys, this is for the people, the culture, so no matter where you or I are, we can purchase from our community and help make it a stronger one. No you don't have t be black to listen.

The Perfect Podcast - iOS - Stitcher -  The Perfect Podcast celebrates the highest achievements in music, film, literature, food, visual arts and more! In each episode I talk to a different person about the creations they believe achieve perfection. From the perfect short story to the perfect music video to the perfect cocktail to the perfect skyscraper – the show explores and celebrates the artists who have achieved the elusive, intimidating, confounding and 100% subjective state of . . . Perfection!

The PHX Podcast (stitcher) - iOS - Sam and Erika are two women of color looking to create a space for people of color here in the booming city of Phoenix, as well as to encourage others to find the fix in their own communities beyond. We want POC to have a voice in every space, including sports, politics, entertainment, local business, etc.

The PlaywrightPreneurs - iOS - libsynThe PlaywrightPreneurs Podcast, hosted by Tracie Bonnick encourages, inspires, and empowers PlaywrightPreneurs to mount professional productions, even if there is no professional theatre background. Together, we pursue Success without the Stress. Guests share valuable tips, resources, and help independent playwrights understand the challenges of producing great shows.

The POC Report - iOS - Google Play - The POC Report podcast highlights entrepreneurs with businesses and products catered to a POC audience. Conceptually designed as a Business-Satire podcast, hosts by Wize Soul, Cool One and Lorenzo Gordon provides an safe place for entrepreneurs to break out of their hardcore business exterior to get these jokes off and showcase their business products directly to the people of color community.

The Poor People's (soundcloud) - We're a brother and sister team giving our opinion on the world from the viewpoint of siblings who grew up poor in America

The Polar Opposites - iOSsoundcloud The Polar Opposites explores sex, society and culture from the unique perspectives of experts, eccentric characters and everyday people. Join Sean-Vincent and Annika as they search for common ground between polar opposites through candid interviews, powerful testimonies and raw conversations. 

The Quad Podcast (soundcloud) - iOSThis is the Quad, a student podcast collective bringing you voices from our very own world: the UChicago quad and beyond since 2013.

The Radio Failed - iOS - soundcloud - The Radio Failed is a millennial talk show hosted by media personalities: E, Perkins, & Austin. With a focus on millennials, the radio failed speaks on topics effecting the millennial generation. We speak on Hip-Hop culture, Pop culture, politics & life. If you're a millennial and want to stay updated on the current news effecting you or just want to watch something you can relate to. This is the show for you! #Takebacktheculture 

The Real A-F Show (Speaker) - We love to talk about what's new, what's crazy, and everything in-between! You'll probably laugh and get mad all in the same show. We don't give AF, but we hope you enjoy the show anyway!

The RecorDads (stitcher) - iOS - Weekly shows that talk social/life issues, effective distractions in consumable media and the other challenges found when trying to be a good father. Black men, speaking intelligently, about things that matter.

The Reel Scumbags (soundcloud) - iOSThis is the podcast for the casual movie-goer. Join Alan "The Voice" & Slick Vic as they disect and discuss films, both old and new. They are unapologetic, outrageous and perhaps a little too honest. They are the Reel Scumbags. New episodes every Monday.

The Roguish Gent (soundcloud) - Somewhere in Mississippi, someone decided to give these people microphones... 

The Roundtable (podbean) - From local to global we cover it all and give you the truth as we see it from our center of the universe. Sunny and humid Jackson, MS

The Rush Hour Mentor (Soundcloud) - iOS The Rush Hour Mentor is a podcast hosted by Monica Clark dedicated to empowering, motivating and teaching professionals to live their best lives inside and outside the office.

The (Secular) Barbershop - iOS - speaker - A podcast hosted by an atheist of color having conversations that are commonly found in the barbershop.

The Safe Space (soundcloud) - The Safe Space Podcast is two sisters with a significant age difference navigating through life in their 20's and 30's. The Safe Space Podcast covers careers relationships pop-culture commentary and whatever else these women have on the mind. Also, Shyanne tries to include bits of her holistic and spiritual journey with the listeners while keeping it light and fun. The Safe Space is a place where these women can say whatever they want how they want because it truly is a safe space. #safespacepod

#SafeWordSociety (libsyn) - iOS - Google PlayProduced by Collectively Speaking, a #QPOC visibility platform, #SafeWordSociety is a place for hosts - Kristen & Lamika - to chat with guests & each other about living, loving & thriving in NYC.

The Sativa Experience ( soundcloud) - iOS -  This podcast is a merge between 420 and pop culture. Sativa Jones and friends give their prospective on social issues while sitting around the peace pipe

The Savage Sessions (soundcloud) - iOS The Savage Sessions is black operated podcast covering everything from sports to politics and pop culture in our own wicked sense of humor. The host are DJ 9 Eight and Sweet James and we have an assorted crew of other who join us on the show to share they opinion. Join us for our debauchery.

The Savage Social Club (soundcloud) -  Brutally honest and raw we tackle various topics from the urban lens. Whether it be views on politics, or if one of Kim K’s butt cheeks is bigger than the other, we bring it very episode. Listen, learn, and away laugh.

The Second Shift (soundcloud) -  Our podcast is about living in color while illustrating struggle and inspiration. We express and visit these various topics through comedy, culture and of course good conversation.   #SecondShift

The Screen Plug (iOS) - Two Baltimore Brothas bring the comedy weekly as they review TV and film. The best news, rumors, reviews, of Hollywood by way of the 410.

The Shade in Full (soundcloud) - iOS - Get into the shade full throttle with LC and Kels with their overly opinionated and witty rundown of all things hip hop, pop culture, politics and everything in between on this weekly podcast.

The Shady Lady (libsyn) - iOS - A media and culture show hosted by a queer black female comedian.

The Slacker Society - iOS - stitcher -  Living hours apart from each other, The Slacker Society is a weekly best friend date and a chance for them to procrastinate instead of doing what they should be doing... like homework. Or finishing that half-written novel. Or cleaning her bedroom (Monique).

The Slept On (soundcloud) - iOS Hosts Vision and Rhythm discuss what you've been sleeping on in music, TV, and movies. Check out their blog at www.theslepton.com. Don't sleep.

The Soul Glo Project - itunes -  "The Soul Glo Project" is a podcast (and a live show!) that celebrates diversity in comedy through inclusion. All are welcomed and all are celebrated. Let your 'SOOOOUUL GLOOOOOO!' with "The Soul Glo Project".

The Speed Metal Graves - A Black metalhead discusses power metal, speed metal, and thrash--and everything adjacent--with shows focused around album reviews, views, metal history, suggestions and lyrical themes of albums and songs.

The Spill - iOS - libsynThe Spill, hosted by Daschielle, is a weekly podcast bringing you into the personal and often times chaotic existence of Florida breed and Haitian fed poet, writer, and recent don’t give a f*ck host Daschielle, whose topics span the spectrum of issues affecting the life of the modern day black woman.

The Spin - Radio Host THE SPIN via BBC Accra & NPR New York; Adjunct Lecturer AUCC - Sex & Politics in Ghana; Playwright; Creator of 'Emotional Justice'

theSPOT Podcast Pamela Matta - iOS - Real women. Real answers. A podcast where we answer questions submitted anonymously by women. We tackle relationships, friendships, the relationship you have with yourself - no biases or judgments!

The Stormy Show (soundcloud) - The Stormy Weather Show is a weekly podcast recording from Pennsylvania's Lehigh Valley. The show is hosted by Jahzid, Soulja, Payshence, & Greg B. Each week is an in-depth discussion regarding the pros and cons of love, happiness, & relationships.

The Studio Q Podcast (podbean) - iOSI interview the stars you love in Black Hollywood

The Swirl (soundcloud) -  Kodi is black, gay, single and living in the big city. Ruby is white, straight, married and living in the sticks. No topic is off limits.

The Swirl Suite - Soundcloud - A glam squad of wine & spirit professionals. Check out our monthly discussions every 2nd Tuesday of the month.

The Three-Handled Moss Covered Wrestling Podcast (audiometric) - iOS  - A fun wrestling podcast with a dumb name. We'll be talking about everything from Monday Night Raw to NXT to TNA to Ring of Honor and even a little Japan. 

The Tipsy Testament - iOS The Bible. The best-selling book of all time; now you can listen to 3 drunk scientists attempt to navigate it!

The Vocal Minority Report (soundcloud) -  Are you apart of the silent majority? Or are you apart of The Vocal Minority?! The Vocal Minority is a podcast covering arts, entertainment and culture live from Dallas, TX featuring opinion makers and special guests.

The Wes & Woo Show (soundcloud) - The Wes & Woo Show, where raw millennial topics, are discussed and sometimes debated, in a Group Chat like manner. Along with help from “The Good “Bruvah Streets”, Co-hosts G. Wes and Ozzie Woo, will keep you coming back week after week. Each week Wes and Woo will be joined by a new group of guest, as they recall classic nights, hold healthy conversations on risky topics, and challenge many common millennial beliefs.

The Way We Move (Google Play) - iOS - rssLife is hard. We learn and survive by listening to others discuss their lives, and these six people have led interesting ones.

The Wrap Party (iOS) - This podcast features 2 dope girls that love film! Hosted by Damnyo Lee and Danielle Porter. The Film Jack a$$ and the Film maker! Discussing all aspects of film from production to Hollywood politics. Get ya drink and your favorite artisan popcorn because you're invited to The Wrap Party!

The Yard Podcast (soundcloud) - The Yard Podcast is a millennial podcast where two southern guys and girl talk about pop culture, politics, and social issues. Continue the conversation with us at @ethanztill, @LosOsorio and @tantalizing_tay

The Young n Creative - iOS - stitcherThe Young n Creative is a podcast giving people a platform to share their passion. Artists of all kinds ranging from designers to disc jockeys give you their side of how life is being young n creative. 

The Young Old Souls (iOS) - Chicago Red & NateTheActor attack issues that are of importance to the millennial generation. Their view points are hilarious, intellectual, and insightful. The Young Old Souls aim is to bridge the gap between the younger generation and the older generation.

They Met Online - iOS -  They met online, they dated, they broke up. Really. Now, Michelle and Ricardo focus on YOU, that sexy urban man or woman who is ready to have the relationship YOU desire.

This Miserable Job - iOS - Craig is an artist. Coleen is an educator. They're both self-employed. Listen in to their crazy antics around entrepreneurship.

The THRST (libsyn) - iOS - The THRST is the entertainment podcast destination for no sugar- or cream-added, best-friend, kitchen-island conversations on dating and relationships, celebrities and pop culture, the craziness we call life, other people’s problems, and relatable social issues. Stop by and pull up a chair or simply eavesdrop; you're invited to be the hip fly on the proverbial wall. But watch out, we sling humor, attitude, shade, and opinionated-truth! Bring snacks; the tea is here.

The Toronto Code (soundcloud) - iOS - Ocean The Street Connoisseur, from Toronto, Canada, shares his views and opinions with weekly guests from all over the world. Listen everyWednesday as he shares his POV about popular culture and world issues.

The Trash & Truth - iOS - Google Play Chicago born and raised Nia 1 & Nia 2 give you the TRUE trash & truth on everything from pop culture to politics to personal adventures. They eat fries while doing squats, listen to House music and spread joy into your lives.

The UNmASTERED Presents Creepsville (libsyn) - UNmASTERED Presents Creepsville is a horror themed podcast with original fiction and true creepy stories narrated by Connie.

The Versus Podcast (audioboom) - iOS - TVP features in-­depth analysis of the pressing sports issues of the day as well as compelling live guests in sports radio. It will be a destination for sports talk radio fans to get their fix and direct access to the opinions and insight from Eddie and Bonta as they display their devotion to sports radio

The Whovian Report (iOS) - A diverse Doctor Who podcast with a unique take from three friends who love all things Whovian.The Whovian Report (iOS) - A diverse Doctor Who podcast with a unique take from three friends who love all things Whovian.

The Young OGs - iOS Google Play - The Young OGs Podcast is a weekly podcast in panel-style featuring young black men in their 30s giving you a young OG perspective on current events, politics, entertainment, sports, and everything else in pop-culture with an emphasis on urban culture

This Dummy (soundcloud) - iOSWelcome to This Dummy, a pop culture podcast about dumb things, fun things and ANOTHER thing! Have a listen, we promise you won't learn anything.

Tone Podcast - iOS - Soundcloud -  The Tone is a weekly podcast from the minds of Wendell Britt and Nate Zablan covering all the topics you like to hear about- TV, Movies, Sports, Kimyè, Pokemon, and other sundry things, all with a healthy dose of #wokeness.

Trill Withers (podomatic) - iOS -  Sports. Music. Twitter. The bane of my existence. You know, the usual

Trini Trent Radio - iOS - soundcloud -  Tune in as blogger Trini Trent and his guest co-hosts tackle pop culture issues. From under his mango tree to the streets of New York City, this opinionated Trinidadian shares his thoughts on music, television, race, culture, gender, sex and sexuality.

Through Thick & Thin (iOS) - Google Play - Ashleigh grew up watching Girlfriends. Edwin started watching because Ashleigh asked him to. And here we are, 17 years later from the show's premiere, discussing it and the timely topics brought to us by Mara Brock Akil. Listen as we reflect on Joan, Toni, Lynn, Maya, and William and their lives and friendships.

True Crime Asia (stitcher) - iOS - playerfm - Join us each week as our host walks you through one crime from one country in Asia.

Truthful Trolling (soundcloud) - iOS -  Who says millennials are apathetic? 3 sharp tongued millennials tackle the hard issues like cultural appropriation, workplace woes, and who sleeps in the wet spot after sex. The podcast includes music reviews, celebrity gossip, wellness tips, and everything you need to get your mind right. Listen up as Linda, Delly P, and Cynia give their honest and unabridged versions of their truth. All while being shadier than the tree of life.

Truly Enchanted - iOS - Truly Enchanting is a show to inspire, motivate and propel personal growth. We cover hustling, career growth, finances, love and the intersection of things that affect young modern Africans with help from guests and various African influencers. ( Cape Town, South Africa )

Tuesdays with Toni - iOS - soundcloud - This short-form podcast, as featured in the New York Times, explores what young people are really doing and talking about on the Internet – and what it could mean for today's brands. Join MRY's expert-in-residence for a rundown of these breakout trends. The good, the bad, and the hashtaggable.

#TweetTrends (anchor) - iOS - CastboxTweet Trends covers what is trending on twitter and other topics that are of interest. Topics include politics, pop culture, national days, movies, celebs, charities, etc.

 TWiB After Dark - iOShipcastHost N'jaila Rhee hosts TWiB's sex positivity show. Let's get naughty.

Twisted Storytellers - iOS - Stitcher - Twisted Storytellers Real people, True Stories, Recorded Live With: Satori Shakoor

Two Brown Girls - iOS -  soundcloud -  Two Brown Girls is a pop culture, film, and television podcast hosted by writers and critics Fariha Roisin and Zeba Blay.

Two Girls on the Mic - Two Girls On The Mic, was born of an online connection turned friendship between Alysia S. Christiani of Rewind and Come Again and myself . Champions of Caribbean culture in our hometowns (New York City and London respectively) we decided to work together to further amplify the voices of those not often heard in mainstream media. Every month we will showcase a new guest and a new perspective on life in the Caribbean and throughout the Diaspora. Our Stories. Our Voices. Our Time.

Tokenblacks (stitcher) - iOS -  Hosted by Tila Grant and Romane G, The Token Blacks is a weekly comedic, not-holds-barred look at pop culture, sports and everything in between.

Tomboy Tirade - iOS - stitcherTomboy Tirade is Asia’s biggest & only all-female comedy chat podcast! (Singapore) 

Too $hort's Boombox - iOSThe weekly podcast features Too $hort and his co-host Bobby Loco, and a wide range of guests including Too Short's celebrity friends, social media influencers, taste makers, moguls, athletes, and many more. It wouldn't be a Too Short show without beautiful women, each episode includes the "BoomBox Girls" Leli Hernandez and Evelyn Gonzalez who liven up the party and ask the questions that the ladies want to hear.

Two Guys One Show -  iOS -  A humorous and helpful lifestyle podcast where we talk personal and professional dev, relationships, life in the 30s, and more.

Two Fools Talking (soundcloud) - iOSJoin Keira and Soulay as they talk about everything from philosophy and popular culture to Aliens with flatulence & Ugly Babies. Follow them as they look at things through their comedic & unique South London shaped eyes, but try not to be too impressed or disgruntled by anything they say as they are just Two Fools Talking.

Two Nerdy Black Guys - iOS - David Majors AKA Djm and Brandon Cooper AKA kingkaz, and occasionally friends discussing nerdy stuff with race occasionally coming up, too.

Two Nine's podcast (SoundCloud) - aspiring to inspire a generation to but down their phones and talk to their neighbor

unbotherd (iOS) - Spotify - Every week, Meikle (@hellomeikle) and JWilliams (@itsjwilliams) share their awkward life experiences and brutally honest perspectives on pop culture's latest headlines.

Underground Funk - iOS - soundcloudJoin Dj BTB and Goldie aka Tiny T as they navigate a mixture of topics from Underground hip hop, to sex, to hood topics with a comical unique twist no topic is off limits

Unique Views (soundcloud) - iOS - Unique Views is TheRoot's unflinching & melanin-rich podcast hosted by Stephen CrockettJr, Yesha Callahan & Danielle Young, covering #blacktwitter, current events & entertainment.

Unscripted Podcast - iOS - stitcher - Black pop culture and real life topics from the perspective of 5 fun, intelligent, and ambitious women. Listen as we cover topics ranging from relationships to food to books and everything in between. This is basically the Seinfeld of podcasts.

Urban Error (soundcloud) -  Similar to the title, we narrate the ways in which the actions of a man may demonstrate his likelihood of being a scumbag or treating another person poorly in the long run.

Upfront & Straightforward with Alan Roger Currie (btr) - iOS -  This show emphasizes discussions related to the lifestyles of socially active and progressive singles; dating and relationships; sex and seduction; and overall self-improvement

Unsupervised Adulting (stitcher) - iOS - soundcloudWelcome to the Unsupervised Adulting podcast, hosted by the bay area's own DreaMissLady. A no-nonsense approach to self awareness and personal growth through laughter, hindsight, and practical advice. Get into your reality!

Unwritten - iOS - Google PlayDayton Writers Movement presents Unwritten, a new audio drama podcast series. Unwritten is dramatic and funny, happy and sad, entertaining and powerful. Season one is made up of eight episodes with a full cast and narrator.

Up Next Radio - iOS - soundcloud - Welcome to UP Next Radio! This is the RAW and UNCUT discussions that you think about in your head everyday. Here's your chance to say it to the world...well we're not there yet, but say what you want and one day your voice will be heard to the world!!!

Upfront & Straightforward with Alan Roger Currie (btr) - iOS -  This show emphasizes discussions related to the lifestyles of socially active and progressive singles; dating and relationships; sex and seduction; and overall self-improvement

Uptown Talk (soundcloud) - iOS New Podcast Alert! Uptown Talk Podcast brought to you by the young millennial's @Button_Bullets, @Damnnn_D, @youngmantoot, and @LightSkinPaid_ #UptownTalk

Venting and Vino (soundcloud) - iOS - TuneinThis podcast centers around three women of color (Georgette Pierre, Tionni Warren, and Nicky Trendz) who enjoy vino and venting about pop culture, relationships and everyday life. And they do this all right after work. Cheers! 

Victory Unlimited show - iOS -  The Victory Unlimited Show is a "tongue-in-cheek", self-help show for men that's reminiscent of programs from the Golden Age of Radio like The Shadow, The Green Hornet, and Buck Rogers. However, rather than telling stories of fictional adventurers, during each broadcast, the host codenamed "Victory Unlimited", answers dating, relationship, and general life questions by addressing them with a motivational, military-like intensity.

Victorious VIC - soundcloud - My podcast is a lifestyle podcasts that covers various different topics. Sometimes I do invite guest to come chat but most episodes just include myself.

Views From A Dreamer (soundcloud) - iOS - Views From A Dreamer was created to prove that dreams are real and regular people just like me and you are out here dream chasing and getting it to it!

Views From The Cube (stitcher) - iOS - soundcloud - Being black in corporate America is never easy. You have to constantly bite your tongue and hold back on doing things you enjoy. We're two black men, Lonald & Thomas, currently going through this and to make things worse we are both piled into the same cubicle. This should be fun

VsTheNerdWorld (Stitcher) - iOS - Rob & E go on to talk about Video Games, Movies, Comics TV and Books. 

We Da Best - iOS - stitcher - We are an NBA podcast which talks about various interesting NBA headlines, with a focus on off-court, macro level NBA analysis, rumors, news, and more. The show has a fun, loud, entertaining vibe, offering a no-holds barred opinion on all things NBA-related.

We Did That S#!+ (Stitcher) - iOS - We Did That S#!+ is a weekly podcast hosted by two professional black women, Mya Hilton and Bibbi Stokes. Mya and Bibbi are hilariously insightful in their view of the world, current events, and pop culture.

We Got Some Issues Thomas and Tarin (soundcloud) -  We are Thomas and Tarin, a young vibrant urban couple and..... WE GOT SOME ISSUES! We make fun of everyday life ,push issues, and step over lines ..join us! We have LOTS of stories and never short on opinions on our candid views of urban life and relationships (including our own)

We Nerd Hard - iOS - #TheNerdery hits the ground every Wednesday at 8pm and Sunday at 6pm talking Nerd 'ish and pop-culture. You want this in your life.

We Should Write That - iOS - Spotify - Silly & DAHM retell popular movies with all POC recasts and dope soundtracks.

Wednesday Word (speaker) - The Wednesday Word is a weekly program that mixes powerful biblical teachings and practical principles delivered by Pastor Tabatha C. Whitten of Remnant Fellowship Church in Houston, Texas. The Wednesday Word is a power-packed 30 minutes of inspiration that streams live every Wednesday at12noon CST on the FLORadioNetwork.com. 

Weekend Flex (iOS) - Join Shakuwra and Ryan every Thursday as they talk cultural phenomenons and all things love related, in case you stay in that weekend you will have something to preoccupy yourself with. We are your fun weekend distraction, it’s nice to meet you.

Well Blactually (soundcloud) - iOSTwo Black British girls trying to make it in a white man’s world. Listen to us speak ~blactually~ about music, pop culture, dating, and everything in between.

WERK (soundcloud) - iOS - Join Brent & Laurelle weekly as they discover what it's like to chase their dreams and navigate through New York City while being Black, Broke & Single.

West Coast Wednesdays (soundcloud) - iOS - stitcher - Join Les and Blesd every Wednesday as they sit with guest and talk about music, life, current events, conspiracies and whatever tha f@&k else under the stars! Les735 and Blesd1 have been Dj’s in the Phoenix area for over 15 years and are a part of the Hip Hop collective known as Avenue of the Arts. Every week they features a guest and sprinkle West Coast Classics and Underground Hip Hop in between.

We Got the Jazz - soundcloud - We Got the Jazz (WGTJ) is a podcast hosted by Autumn Woodland. WGTJ can best be described as an enlightening and entertaining verbal jam session. Each episode, Autumn shoots the breeze and has a quirky conversation with a new cohost.

What Are We (soundcloud) - iOS - What Are We is hosted by two proud millennials, Lotanna and Sandra, and produced by Tori. Subscribe to hear us chat about everything from feminism and politics to memes and houseplants. You can also find us on Twitter, where we post even more unfiltered thoughts at: https://twitter.com/whatarewepod.

What's Goodie with Blujay (soundcloud) - I talk Pop Culture, Art, Coding and Life hacks

WhatsGud DesiMeetsCongo (soundcloud) -  'WhatsGud' is a live radio show on PieRadio. Presented by DesimeetsCongo - a duo creating & promoting all things Congolese & Desi (Indian/Pakistani & Bangladeshi). We play music, interview artists, and chat about all the good stuff that doesn't make it in the mainstream.

What's The Tea (stitcher) - iOS - What's The Tea is a comedy podcast hosted by two best friends who share a brain, a love of food and all things outrageous.

"What Ya'll Fail to Realize..." (iOS) - Nigey and Poe discuss politics; pop culture and the conundrums of society with humorous, sarcastic and passionate delivery.

What You Need (stitcher) - iOS - A safe space where minds meet to discuss the joys of life, the struggle to find yourself, and the lessons learned along the way.

What You Need When You Need It (stitcher) - iOS - Google Play - A weekly podcast with young aspiring individuals sharing tips and tricks to navigate the world through their experiences and life stories.

Where Do We Start (soundcloud) - iOS -  WhereDoWeStart...... out'ere having conversation about everything and anything. Join us every Friday 18:30 GMT.....BLESS BLESS BLESS

Who Is Raising Who? (soundcloud) - iOS -  DEE&MO are a mother and daughter having conversations about life. Our generational differences and views will beg the question: who exactly is raising who? You tell us.

Who'z Talking with Karla Patin - iOS - stitcher -  Who’z Talking provides a daily boost of motivation. Listen to get inspired, find balance and master the art of living a happy life. Karla Patin delivers a straight forward, girl next door approach to living your best life. Reduce your stress, laugh and discovery a new way of approaching old issues-give Who’z Talking a listen and find out why so many people tune in each day

WhoYaWit The Podcast (soundcloud) - iOS - Garnett Briscoe is just a player with an opinion and the sophisticated hoodrat ImPepperAnne as they host WhoYaWit: The Podcast. Follow them along with their guest as they share theories and views through comedic relief on life topics. #WhoYaWit

Why You Mad Son? (btr) -  We have come to begin a Revolution of the mind. We speak out against injustice and expose the hypocrites wherever they exist. We are the MadMen....join us.

Wild + Woke (soundcloud) - iOS - Wild + Woke Podcast is an audiowave network production. Half of the show is Wildly entertaining and very transparent. The other half is Woke where we educate and discuss important social justice topics. Our podcast is very pro black and pro community and we love sharing our viewpoints every week.

Wine and Popcorn - iOS stitcher - A hilarious black bourgie podcast about ABC's hit show Scandal, hosted by Krista Summitt, Wine Gladiator. Also discussing pop culture, fashion, wine, music, and the social media created around the show. 

Wine o'clock Podcast (soundcloud) - These are the ridiculous wine-fueled rantings of two bffs who talk about everything and nothing on a weekly basis. Nik & Wums speak openly and honestly about maintaining friendships, relationships, tv and social media/pop culture. Wine o'clock is brought to you by Chipped Diamond Magazine.

Wine Over Chatter (iOS) - Wine Over Chatter is hosted by Emma and Michelle. Two native New Yorkers with a Dominican background in their 20-somethings, which means they have some strong hilarious opinions! We try to figure out the ins and outs of career, love, school, and everything in between!

Wining with Doctoral Students - iOS - There is no graduate program that is as difficult as a Doctoral Program. There's so much involved in the program and it can literally suck the soul out of you. Providence introduces you to other Doctoral students that can prepare you for what's ahead. You can also find a healthy dose of humor, snark, sarcasm, levity and education in every episode!

With That Being Said with Esther Boykin LMFT - iOS - Stitcher - With That Being Said is a long conversation between friends, edited into weekly episodes that give you 2 therapists' take on life, love, and everything in between. Hosted by Esther Boykin, LMFT and Erica Turner, MS, this podcast is dedicated to giving you fun, smart, relatable, interesting, honest & actionable insights on the things that matter most in this life. Every episode is designed to help you learn a little more about living a happier life and having healthier relationships.

Wolves Den Podcast (soundcloud) - iOS - Hot topics from men's perspectives

Women In Food - iOS - soundcloud - Truth, Food & Business through the experiences and stories of women in the food and drink industry globally. Perfect podcast for food creatives and entrepreneurs.

Women on the Verge (Acast) - iOS - Paula and Sabrina are women on the verge of enlightenment (among other things). In this podcast, they talk to other verging women who are making moves in media and entertainment. 

Word Of Mouth Radio - iOS -   a new radio station founded by Q. Shepard, co-founded by Taqee Bond, Co-hosted by Cleverly Chloe. We discuss the latest in Entertainment, Current Events and Gossip every single week. The shows mission is to promote, highlight and uplift the budding talent, entrepreneurs and philanthropists of our generation. The LIVE SHOW broadcasts live every single Wednesday at 7 PM EST.

Word to the Mutha (podbean) - A retrospective on ’90s R&B and hip hop.

Working Progress (libsyn) - iOS Working Progess is a weekly show by husband and wife David and Madeline McQueen, were they explore questions on marriage, parenting and working together.

Wrasslecast - iOS  -  Pro wrestling color commentary with color. 

Yang Theory (soundcloud) - iOS - 4 eccentric Black Irish ladies podcasting their opinions on issues that matter and ones that don't. (Dublin, Ireland)

You Did What?! (soundcloud) - iOS - Curious conversations about love and sex. I made a point to be comfortably steeped in my blackness and my gayness while still making room for other marginalized voices. My intention in creating this show was to be the spark in creating social shifts; to use my vulnerability to have difficult conversations and give others license to find their voices and perspective based of that space we created.


Young Free and Coupled  (iOS) - rss - A young married couple with 4 children discuss their views on all aspects of society through their "realness" filter. This podcast is our way of putting our unique views out into the world and staying off the beaten track of celebrity news and other fodder out there. (London, UK)

Young, Black, & Over It (soundcloud) - iOS Black and Fearless, "Young, Black, & Over It" is a podcast that focuses on Social and Political Issues and Pop culture news from a Black millennial Point of view. Join Girl Kia and King V every Wednesday for their Raw, Uncut, and Uncensored breakdown of what's been happening. No topic goes untouched.

Zexy Genius (acast) - iOS - Google Play - Blerd comedy podcast discussing black culture, politics, dating, and other random topics.

Zorafied (soundcloud) - iOS - Hosted by four black women, Zorafied is an hour long exploration on topics such as as health, education, culture, relationships, and more. Join Safronia, Sarah, Peaches and Sweet Thang as we share our own truths.