Podfest Multimedia Expo February 8-10 | Orlando, Florida

On Air Fest  March 1-4 | Brooklyn, NY

Detroit Podcast Festival March 30th | Detroit, MI

NY Pod Fest  April 6-8| New York, NY

Podpalooza April 26-29th | Las Vegas, NV

We The Culture Podcast Conference  April 27-28 2018|Washington, DC (postponed)

Flyover-fest April 27-28th |Iowa City, IA (Podcasting 101 Workshop w/ She's All Fat)

PodSummit May 5th 2018 |  Edmonton, AB

Audiocraft June 2, 2018  | Australia

Philly Podcast Fest June 22nd - July 1st | Philadelphia, PA

Podcast Movement  July 23rd- 26th | Philadelphia, PA (Berry participating) 

PodernLove Convention August 10th -12th | New Orleans, LA (postponed)

Mid-Atlantic Podcast Conference (MAPCON) SEPTEMBER 7-8 | Philadelphia, PA

London Podcast Festival 7th September - 14th September | London, England  

Dublin Podcast Fest 26th September – 17th October 2018

Third Coast Conference October 4-6 | Chicago, IL

A Pod Connection October 6th | Atlanta, GA 

Hot Docs Podcast Festival November 1-5th | Toronto, Ontario, Canada

DC PodFest November 9th-10th | Arlington, VA 

Werk It November 13th - 14th | Brooklyn, NY 


Live Shows


Slate Represent  Jan. 23

Flagrant 2 Feb 7th | New York, NY

Thirst Aid Kit February 12th | New York, NY

Angela Yee’s Lip Service February 13th | New York, NY

Schoolin Life Live February 15th |  Chicago, IL

The Read February 17th | New York, NY

Pod Save The People February 18th | Washington, DC

Cheers and Queers February 19th | Brooklyn , NY

The Casey Crew February 19th | New York, NY

Little Miss Entertainment February 24th|Atlantic, NJ

The Receipts Podcast March 4th | Birmingham. UK

Late Night Whenever March 13th| New York, NY

Late Night Whenever March 20th| New York, NY

LeVar Burton Reads March 23rd | Chicago, IL

The Bodega Boys March 24th | Providence, RI

The Receipts Podcast  March 25th |London, UK

Late Night Whenever March 27th| New York, NY

The Bodega Boys March 31st | Baltimore, MD

The Friend Zone March 31st | Atlanta, GA

Late Night Whenever April 3rd| New York, NY

Late Night Whenever April 10th| New York, NY

Late Night Whenever April 17th| New York, NY

All The Fly Kids April 19th |Washington, DC

The Read Pop Up April 20th|New York, NY

Jade And XD April 21st | Los Angeles, CA

The Read Pop Up April 21st|New York, NY

Late Night Whenever April 24th| New York, NY

Alternative Facts April 24th|Chicago, IL

 The Extra Negroes April 24th Baltimore, MD

Late Night Whenever May 1st| New York, NY

The Read May 5th | Saint Louis, MO

The Bodega Boys May 5th | Boston, MA

The Bodega Boys May 12th | Detroit, MI

The Friend Zone May 12th | Chicago, IL

The Read June 2nd |Toronto, CA

The Bodega Boys June 9th | Chicago, IL

The Read June 9th | Oakland, CA

Bag Ladiez June 9th | Brooklyn, NY

The Friend Zone June 16th |Beverly Hills, CA

The Boonie Breakdown June 23rd|Baltimore, MD

All The Fly Kids LIVE: The Power Player Series July 26th |Washington, DC

Couples Therapy August 4th | Los Angeles, CA

The Bodega Boys August 7th | Atlanta, GA

DMD 12th August | London. England

The Bodega Boys August 14th | Seattle, WA

Truth's Table August 16th | SEGrand Rapids, MI

Say Your Mind 18th August | London, England

The Friend Zone August 18th | New York, NY

Extra Salty September 1st | Austin, TX

Boston Come Through September 15th | Boston, MA

The NWO Podcast September 15 | Miramar, FL

Gettin Grown September 22nd | Philadelphia, PA 

The Friend Zone September 23rd | Toronto, CA 

He Man Woman Haters Club September 27th | New York, NY

Radio Menea September 30th | Brooklyn, NY

The Friend Zone October 5th | Charlotte, NC 

Truth’s Table October 5th | Rochester, NY

Clearly Misunderstood Live October 6th | Atlanta, GA

Gettin Grown October 6th | New York, NY 

#Qmmunity October 8th | London, UK

By The Book October 14th | New York, NY

The Friend Zone October 14th | Seattle, WA 

Black Coffee October 15th | New York, NY

Black Coffee October 19th | Washington, DC

The Read October 21st | Glenside, PA 

Last Name Basis ft Jordan Carlos October 22nd | New York, NY

It's A Mans World October 25th | Dallas, TX

Pass The Mic October 26th | Washington, DC

Snap Judgement October 27th | Chicago, IL 

Black Girl in Om October 28th | Palm Springs, CA

LeVar Burton Reads October 31st | Washington, DC

Thirst Aid Kit November 2nd | Toronto, Ontario, Canada

LeVar Burton Reads November 2nd | Toronto, Ontario, Canada

LeVar Burton Reads November 5th | Brooklyn, NY

No Need For Apologies ft RoyWood Jr. November 8th | New, NY

LeVar Burton Reads November 9th | Boston, MA

Meet Us After 7 November 11th | London, UK 

LeVar Burton Reads 11th | Austin, TX

Gettin Grown November 12th | Atlanta, GA

LeVar Burton Reads November 12th | Dallas, TX

LeVar Burton Reads November 14th | Atlanta, GA

Last Name Basis ft HeyFranHey November 14th | Brooklyn, NY

The Read November 17th | Nashville, TN 

My Taught You  November 17th | Atlanta, GA 

My Taught You November 18th | Atlanta, GA 

LeVar Burton Reads November 27th | Collingswood, NJ

The Read December 2nd | Denver, CO

The Read December 8th | Seattle, WA 

Tea with Queen and J. December 10th | New York, NY

The Friend Zone December 15th | Washington, DC 

The Read December 15th | Miami, FL 




Denver #PodsInColor Podcast Meetup 3/31/18

PodinLiveNYC done by Tea With QJ  4/10/18

DMV Podcast Meetup (Hosted by The Remedy Podcast) 8/29/18




live shows conferences festivals and such



Asia Pacific Podcast Conference - February 12-13th 2017 New Zealand

She Podcasts - Pod Fest Multimedia Expo February 23-25th 2017 Orlando, FL

NYC Podfest - April 7-9th 2017

ShoutOut Live! - August 8th 2017 Russell Square, London

Podcast Movement - August 23-25th 2017 Anaheim, CA

Chicago Podcast Festival - October 2-8th 2017 Chicago, IL

Werk It - October 3-5th 2017 Los Angeles, CA

L.A. Podcast Festival - October 6-8th 2017 Los Angeles, CA

Third Coast - November 9-11th 2017 Chicago, IL

DC Podfest - November 10-11th Washington, DC

Pod Con - December 9-10th Seattle, Washington


Live Shows


The Read Live - February 4th 2017 Washington,DC

Another Rounds Blacker History Month -  February 10, 2017 NYC

 Africanist pod - February 11th 2017 DC

The Casey Crew Live - February 13th 2017 NYC

For Colored Nerds - February 22nd 2017 NYC

The Read Live - February 25th 2017 NYC

Melanin Millennials Live - February 25th 2017 London, UK

Jade & XD Live - March 17th 2017 Cal State -LA

Tea with Queen and J - April 5th 2017 NYC

Jade & XD Live - April 15th NYC

For Color Nerds - April 22nd 2017 NYC

For Shits & Giggles - May 6th 2017 DC

Gimlet Media’s 'The Nod' Live - July 12th 2017 NY

Call Your Girlfriend - July 15th 2017 Brooklyn, NY (2 shows the same night)

Naming It - July 27th 2017 Oakland, CA

Friends Like Us - July 27th 2017 Montreal, QC

My Taught You - August 12-13th 2017 Atlanta,GA

Represent Live (Slate) - August 16th 2017 NY

Salon Talk Live - September 1st 2017 Buffalo, NY

First Year Project - September 9th 2017 Boston, MA

Unofficial Expert - September 17th 2017 NY

The Read - October 7th 2017 Chicago, IL

The Thick - October 7th 2017 NY

Mostly Lit - October 9th 2017 London

Another Round - October 14th 2017 Toronto, Canada

Slate Represent - October 14th 2017 New Orleans, LA

The Friend Zone - October 22nd Philadelphia, PA

2 Dope Queens  - October 23rd Brooklyn, NY

2 Dope Queens - October 24rd Brooklyn, NY (2 shows same night)

2 Dope Queens - October 235d Brooklyn, NY

Mash Up Americans - October 30th New York, NY

Reveal Live (Third Coast) - November 1st 2017 Chicago, IL

The Friend Zone - November 4th 2017 Dallas, TX

The Read - November 11th 2017 Charlotte, NC

The Receipts Podcast - November 12th 2017 London

Podcast Mixtape - Black Folks - November 6th 2017 New York

Podcast Mixtape - Black Folks - November 13th 2017 New York

The Read - November 19th 2017 Los Angeles, CA

The Friend Zone - December 1st 2017 Washington, DC

The Read - December 2nd 2017 New Orleans, LA