Being Yourself In Podcasting ft Renay Richardson

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Guest: Renay on Twitter @RenayRich


Current podcasts:

About Race With Reni

The Receipts Podcast on BBC

Nevertheless Podcast

That’s When You Get A Dog


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The Read

The Friend Zone

Stance Podcast

Help I Suck At Dating

The Receipts Podcast

Still Processing

Today Explained

Start Up with Arlan

Scene on Radio - Men


Top 5

Radiolab - 60 words (April 2014)  

Scene on Radio - Seeing White

Three Shots of Tequila

The Receipts Podcast 

About Race with Reni


Future Podcasts



The Receipts on BBC 1xtra

Nevertheless (season 2)

That’s When You Get A Dog (season 2)

The Last Bohemians (an episode)  


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