#PodsInColor News

Lots of things have been happening in the podcast community lately and her are few things that caught Podcasts In Color's eye... 

Black Girl Nerds & Fan Bros had a live show#NYCC 

Also Jamie from Black Girl Nerds also made an appearance on Melissa H Perry - MSNBC

The girls over at Another Round interviewed President candidate Hillary Clinton & they made an appearance on Thomas Roberts (msnbc) also. 

Revision Path celebrated 100 episodes & Mmhmm celebrated one year anniversary.

Danyell & Elliott Wilson shipped HRDCVR one many projects the two have going on  together.

And ICYMI Crissles has the most hilarious episode of Drunk History EVER! 

A few episodes back someone sent a letter into the read saying they wrote a thesis on The Read. Well it looks like you have to go to Berkeley to see the paper but the title is "Between the Lines: Where Intersectionality and "The Read" "  guess we will all have to wait until a student there puts us all on, looks like a great thesis, cannot wait to read. 

Did we miss something? Let us know in the comments and it will be included in the next news post  :)