Pitch to Podcast @WNYC

WNYC is leading the way in podcast live shows. In June of 2016 they held panels called 'Pitch to Podcast' a panel with indie pod-casters & station/media group pod-casters 

The Media Pod-casters:

Panelists: Tracy Clayton of Buzzfeed's Another Round, Tricia Bobeda of WBEZ's Nerdette, Manoush Zomorodi of WNYC's Note to Self, and Anna Sale of WNYCs Death Sex and Money. 
Moderator: Mary Harris, Senior Editor WNYC Health Desk.

And The Indie pod-casters:

Panelists include Kaitlin Prest of The Heart, Lauren Spohrer of Criminal, Lynn Casper of Homoground, Crissle West of The Read and Hillary Frank of Longest Shortest Time.