A Few Ways To Stop Asking For Donations


       I am over donations. GoFundMe, YouCaring etc are not welcome in my internet life. I bought the twitter client tweetbot, my mute game is STRONG and I plan to stay that way. Do your listeners really have money to support you monthly? I mean Ciara can't get her fans to buy her albums, once a year but you want someone to support your podcast...monthly? Think bigger or well ...smarter. Sell something!

        Here are five ideas to make a few dollars off your podcast:

1. Wine glasses - I found a great post on DIY custom wine glasses. A few different podcasts drink while recording including Another Round & MmhmmGirl, what if they did this? It worked for Scandal listeners everyone has "Liv" wine glasses. 

2. Custom decals that can be placed on cell phones, water bottles, back packs, anything. These can be ordered on etsy or you can also look up idea on how to print yourself. 

3. Key Chains - Here is a great DIY way to make those too! . Id put a hashtag on one side and a funny saying on the otherside. With Twitters integration into google you dont have to work as hard, if you use it correctly. If someone googles a hashtag tweets with that hashtag show up in the results. BAM, someone has found your podcast by simple marketing while you are making money. 

4. Sunglasses - I sat in line for a gift card at a restaurant and they gave me sunglasses that I wore for all of last summer. I buy expensive glasses and lose them but cheap ones always stay.

5. The world is a dirty place so a personalized sanitizer pen would be just another thing your fans might like.