5 Black Podcast Networks, They do Exist!

There are many podcast networks on news sites, espn has one, lawyers have one and I've seen many people say "Where are the black podcast networks?" well THEY DO EXIST! Below are five podcast networks, that have multiple podcasts that are ALL worth a listen...

1. Loud Speakers Network - The Loud Speakers Network. We produce your favorite podcasts.

2. Nerdgasm Noire - Nerdgasm Noire Network is a weekly podcast featuring 5 nerdy women with strong opinions. - 

3. Coldsilther podcast network - The Cold Slither Podcast Network (or CSPN) is a collective of different podcasts under one feed with the goal of providing entertainment, information, interviews and variety to listeners worldwide. Assembled under the influence of the Cold Slither Podcast, this network will carry on the legacy of the original show.

4. This Week in Blackness - TWiB Prime is a news magazine series hosted by This Week in Blackness founder Elon James White. Featuring the latest in news, race, politics and pop-culture the award winning and critically acclaimed TWiB Prime bring real talk on all cylinders. 

5. The Black Guy Who Tips TBGWT - We're your hosts, Rod and Karen-- a husband and wife team that broadcasts 5 times a week

       Loud Speakers was the first network I found because they host #TheRead. TBGWT was second, I was referred to them when I asked for other podcasts to try, when I was only listening to one. TBGWT I like because they have built their network off providing a product people pay for monthly to hear. Their base of fans is solid and really take to them providing premium content for a price, instead only depending on donations to keep their podcasts going, great way to build a network. 

         TWiB was third and that's because Elon's presence on twitter is huge! I saw him being retweeted, checked out his page and found another place not msm to get black news. ColdSlither I found after listening to #GoodAndTerrible. Last but not least Nerdgasm Noire, which I happened upon on twitter search as I was starting this site. I was excited to find NNN because it was by black women! So not only a black podcast network but one being ran by people who look like me, pretty dope.

Check them all out! I get my news from the black media above because if something happens, at least one of them is talking about, tweeting about it or ending up in the news because they were talking/tweeting about current events. 

- Berry