5 Podcasts Episodes You Should Listen to Vol 2.

Another Round - Caribbean Vibez  ~ An interview with BuzzFeed's News App Editor Stacy-Marie Ishmael, listeners call in their microaggressions, and Heben and Tracy get to know each other better. (submitted by elliquinn)

Bare Gyal #GyalCast - Sweeter Mans  Trap Goddesses ~ @JaeFiasco, @TikaVsTheWorld, @DijahPalmer, & @STDYMBBN speak about sex, relationships & pop culture on #GYALCAST. (Because I now know who Jungle Pussy is and I I love the song Feelin' Myself

Reel Snobs - Kalena’s Mom Talks Movies ~ Prepare to LOL as Kalena sits down with her Mom to chat about movies. (submitted by KalebaPlz

The Read - The Upheaval ~ This week has been rough but we're here anyway. Danity Kane gives up again, Ciara leaves her Future, and we have a special word for the NAACP. (submitted by jazzsquares

Gravy - A Migration Reversed ~ Once you’ve left home in search of a better life, what might make you return? During the Great Migration, six million African Americans left the South for the North. Farmer Donnie “Pen” Travis was one of them. But that was just the start of his journey. In this episode of Gravy, Eve Abrams brings us the story of one man’s migration, and how farming prompted both his departure… and his return.