Podcasts’ Biggest Problem Isn’t Discovery, It’s Diversity

An Overlooked Opportunity
A huge advantage of podcasts is how easy they are to make, and an increase in demand has led to a wonderful range of what the medium can accomplish. Scroll through the iTunes store and you’ll find hundreds of podcasts covering improv comedy, true crime, serial dramas, sports, politics, history, and more. And the proliferating podcast networks make it easier for previously unknown voices to reach our ears. But that increased ease shouldn’t only empower every young, white dude with an idea and a Soundcloud account.
The communal support gives networks an opportunity to actively seek out diverse voices—like Chris Morrow, CEO of the Loud Speakers Network, did when enlisting Crissle West and Kid Fury to host the extremely popular podcast The Read. The Loud Speakers Network prides itself on cultivating a brand around diverse voices, which in turn prompts new podcast ideas from a diverse community: an evolving conversation of new perspectives. ...read more