5 Podcast Episodes You Should Listen To Vol 4.

THE BIG PODCAST WITH SHAQ - the interview the sports world has waited for - Shaquille O'Neal and Kobe Bryant reunited on this week's show! It's an entertaining, candid and revealing conversation between two NBA superstars. They guys get a chance to hash out their differences and have a laugh at some of the craziness that surrounded their time in Los Angeles. They are both in great spirits when discussing their locker room disagreements, their missed opportunities to win more titles, and their relationship with head coach Phil Jackson. It's Shaq and Kobe like you've never heard them before! 

#BlerdBookClub (youtube) -  Black Girl Nerds and Thelonious Legend host IssaRae to discuss her best selling book Awkward Black Book

girl on guy 101: chris rock - this is girl on guy 101. the guest is chris rock. that is all.

Britain's First Black Woman MP - In 1987 Diane Abbott became the first black woman elected to the British Parliament. The daughter of first generation immigrants she was one of only four black MPs. Diane Abbott has been speaking to Witness about her election and making political history in the UK.

Am I Allowed To Like Anything w/ Michael Arceneaux -  This week's guest is Michael Arceneaux. Michael is a writer who has contributed to some of your favorite publications: Complex, Gawker and The Toot. He’s also contributed to New York Times Magazine, Buzzfeed andFusion and appeared on MSNBC, NPR and Huffpost Live.

We cover a lot of ground this week: We talk about everything from our love for Janet Mock to the importance of popping off on twitter, to Ann Friedman's pie charts to Ebony Magazine and The Weeknd.