Who stanned out harder for @MissyElliott, @Kidfury or @KyeraChristine?

Missy Elliott is a great artist and KidFury of The ReadKyeraChristine of The Back Beat both took a moment to remind us of her greatness. I love that they both went back to the history of what made Missy the artist she is today. Kyera touched on the careers that probably wouldn't be, without Missy's touch. Listen below...

Kidfury (@ 1:25:00) Took a moment to remind us all that Missy has been around.

"Missy does the girls favors."

Or Kyera ( starts @12:40)  she addresses the Complex article The Best Rapper Alive, Every Year Since 1979 leaving out women & specifically Missy 

They both stanned out for different reasons and we all won in the end.