5 Black Podcasts From Detroit

Sam Show Nation

Just talkin with Sam - The Just Talkin with Sam Podcast is a podcast hosted by Sam McClain. The JTWS podcast is a comedy, music & entertainment podcast that talks about any & everything and can be heard weekly on iTunes, TuneIN, Stitcher & www.samshownation.com. The podcast is hosted by Sam McClain who had interviewing some of the Best and brightest musicians, comedians , entertainers who have inspired, trial blazed and/or has a influential mark on pop culture .

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Diary of a Working Actress


A podcast for the "i like art" types talking all things Hollywood, creativity and realness. Iman N. Milner is an actress and writer who hails from Detroit, MI and lives in Los Angeles. This podcast serves as a way to discuss her journey to success, provide listeners with tips for a creative life and promote the art of other aspiring artists. (pictures from tumblr)

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313 Live show.jpg

The 313 Live Show - The 313 Live Show is one of the rawest podcast shows, that actually comes outta Detroit, Michigan. This podcast is hosted by That Guy Rell & 2 time BET Comic View all star, Dorian Black. This podcast show is for the local artist of Detroit, and every city in America. Tune in and find out how your music and other talents could end up on The 313 Live Show.


The Sneaker Box 

The Sneaker box.jpg

The Sneaker Box is the ultimate source to keep sneakerheads updated weekly with news and information about upcoming sneakers. The show is hosted by Afrikan Caesar, Guru, Juan Neal and various other guests. The podcast features discussions on sneaker news and Air Jordan Release Dates information for Air Jordans, Nike, Adidas, plus many more brands.


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The N.W.P. 

NWP’s mission is to cause its listeners to think, laugh, and become emotionally compelled to not only promote, but to become advocates and agents for positivity, laughter and happiness. So people, please like, subscribe, share, tell a friend ( to tell a friend), and come chill with NWP each week. 

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