If I Had A Newsletter 2



Podcast Newsletters 

As I work my way into what I want this this newsletter to become, I want to check out other newsletters doing well. Here are a few podcast newsletter sent to me on twitter and some I've found searching around. 


7 on 7 (Link)                    Welcome To Night Vale (Link on bottom on page)

Mmhmm Girl (Link)        Paychecks and Balances (Link

Another Round (Link)      Hot Pod (link) A fav 

Audible Feast (link)            Bello Collective (link

The Audit (link)                 Lore (link)

Adolescence is a marketing tool (link) Ann Friedman (Call Your Girlfriend) (link)

Reely Dope (link              Joblugues (link


#Podin - What I Listened to this week 


Joblogues featuring Darian Symone 


The Soul Glo featuring Mandi Masden 

Girl on Guy 

My Mom


Hard Lessons Featuring Cassandra Freeman 

Dormtainment's podcast The Comedy Trap House 

Porkchops On The Ceiling


What podcasts are you listening to? Comment below!