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#Podin New Listen of the week



The Awkward Minority

This week on The Awkward Minority: Jesus Shuttlesworth & Lady Godiva are joined by Danee to talk about Lady Godiva running up on a Priest, undercover boss, the American standard for hair, one hit wonders, Elton John, Frank Ocean, John Legend and coming out (Awkward Mail). We also give out some tickets, to something. Enjoy.

New Podcasts Spotted


Three Unicorns HQ

Twitter - Facebook 

A podcast about three Black women in tech | Cohosts: @techgirlmagic@reddyourmind @michmac202
"We are three Black women in tech, telling our stories, one podcast at a time." SoundCloud


Working File

Twitter - Website

Working File is a podcast about design practice and its relationship to the world.  workingfile.co


This podcast has multiple hosts, covering different subjects about design. What I love about this new podcast is all the episodes seem to already be recorded! The website workingfile.co lists the upcoming episode names and hosts. A new an already consistent podcast, love the concept. Maurice Cherry of Revision Path is on the first episode, check it out! - Berry


#PodinLive Live Shows by State



December 3rd The Friend Zone Live Tickets  



December 4th The Read - Tickets


New York

December 9th The Soul Glo Project is a variety show w/Mara Wilson More info - Tickets



December 17th Ignorant Philosophy Live - Tickets

December 17th The Read Live - Tickets