Podcasts in Color Top Ten Podcasts of 2016

These are my top ten podcasts of 2016. They always have content that is original, full of quality and always interesting. I added ten episodes below for you to check out why these podcasts are so dope! 


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My Taught you 

How I Found Peace & Happiness: A Chat with Necole Kane

I had a really fun conversation with Necole Kane (formerly known as Necole Bitchie). We unpacked so many things. We talk about the old site, the new site and how difficult it was to actually get going. Did she EVER date celebrities? How fitness saved her life. How she truly found peace & happiness and she also answers your questions! Acast

girl on guy 212: sheryl underwood part I0

join comedian, producer and aisha's the talk co-host sheryl underwood as they discuss family, transformation, service, bravery, grief, finding your voice and discovering strength in the midst of unbearable loss.

plus sheryl and aisha figure out which one is michael and which one is tito. it's a toss up. Libsyn

Revision Path w/ Andrea Pippins 

Andrea Pippins claims many titles — educator, designer, author — but above all, she’s an artist first. Andrea just finished her latest book Becoming Me, so this interview came right on time! Webiste 

Another round

The Greatest (with Claressa Shields)

Boxer Claressa Shields won the Olympic gold medal at age 17. Now, 21, she's off to Rio to win another. She walks us through her mindset before and during a match, then talks about her confidence, her grandmother, and her hometown of Flint, MI. Plus, Tracy reflects on what it meant for her to go home to Louisville for Muhammad Ali's memorial.

Read Tracy's essay, 'Here’s What Muhammad Ali Meant To Black Louisville Natives Like Me' at http://bzfd.it/292cHZX.  Acast

The Bodega Boys

Rather be shot than screenshot

Desus Nice and THE KID MERO are the Bodega Boys giving you their irreverent yet hilarious takes on all things pop culture. Recorded at Red Bull Studios in NYC. This week: Azealia Banks, Drake's beard, screenshotting, The Real world, Mero's Birthday, Chik-fil-a and more! Soundcloud

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Mo’ Better Blues w/ Ava Duvernay


Selma director Ava DuVernay joins Kamau and not Kevin (he was probably busy doing something great since he has everything) to discuss the 1990 Spike Lee directed Denzel film Mo’ Better Blues. They talk about this being hands down Denzel’s sexiest film, how Mo’ Better Blues played a large part of Ava’s first summer of independence (alongside her love for milk) during her time at UCLA, and why Out of Time makes Ava’s Top 5 Denzel films. Website

The Read 

Gross letters and ratchetry.   Soundcloud

The Friend Zone 

Dustin is taking baby steps.
Assante is considering it more and more.
Fran is all the way in.
Welcome to The Friend Zone.

Watch Shameless Maya's video response to this episode bit.ly/giveitupboo and check out her new website - shamelessmaya.com -  Soundcloud

Mash-Up Americans

The World According to Maria Hinojosa

Maria Hinojosa, executive producer of the award-winning radio show Latino USA and founder and president of Futuro Media Group, sat down with Amy and Rebecca to talk about her new PBS special, “The New Deciders.” Who gets to decide elections, define objectivity, and shape the future? Hint: It’s Mash-Ups. Also, she dishes on the best tortillas in Chicago and her biggest indulgence.  Website

Am I Allowed to Like Anything? w/ Nicole Taylor

Southern food and Soul food continue to evolve though the hands of Black cooks, black chefs and those a part of food culture. I talk to Nicole Taylor, author of 'The Up South Cookbook'. Nicole is an amazing cook, a podcast host and food culturist. We discuss food as the new Hip-Hop, Rock and the new radio — all of us are talking about food more than ever. Soundcloud