How To Share Your Podcast

For the podcast industry sharing is the issue. Podcasters seem to  see someone with a following, get huge spins on soundcloud and think "I'm as funny as them" BUT they rarely are. People want to be able to post a link, wait for it to become twitter's subject of the day and become internet popular. It doesn't work that way. People are attracted to greatness and people who seem like they just want to be popular, their podcasts show it. If'd you'd like social media to talk about your podcast, give them a reason! Make it easy. 


Give people options to share your podcast

1. Just tell people what to tweet or post on Facebook

 Happy Black woman & #hashtagsandstilettos ...get this right

They include an already written tweet on their websites, that people can share easily. This is something I think will help in the long run for podcast discovery. Its the conversation about podcast that will lead more people to listening. Also finding other fans is important because if even they are talking shit, they are listening and chatting about it online.

2. Clammr -  You can use Clammr to share audio clips of your podcast. This should be used not just for regular conversation a host might think is funny but for what audiences react to when listening. If you don't have listeners yet, get a friend to listen and see what stands out. Now if you have a new podcast and your friends won't listen? Maybe you should ask more questions about having a podcast or give a shorter podcast a try. Clammr in a tweet below...

3. Hashtags! Hashtags! Hashtags! 

Now if you follow me on twitter, you know I love a podcast hashtag. Search #TheRead on twitter, find fans and links to the show. This is how it should be on every social network. You should have an hashtag so people don't need to @ you on social media just to talk about your podcast. Not every comment on your podcast is something a listener wants to give directly to the hosts. You should want comments good or bad, unlike how people ask for iTunes ratings. 

Kerry Washington doesn't let Scandal drop, one of the most popular shows on TV right now, without tweeting the hashtag + retweeting other actors on show. If you want your show to grow, you can't depend on just being popular to grow the show. You need to put energy in weekly, after recording show, editing the show, writing a description, there's still more to do. It makes me sad to see people post their podcast and nothing else, you aren't trying win. You're losing and it shows, with every drop.