One Year

It's really been a year! Of bad grammar, live tweets and my many thoughts about The Read. I can't believe I've made it this far. I am passionate about the industry of podcasts, who knew it was a thing other people would also like. I started this site to find other people talking about The Read, I really do love them. I knew there was a missing link between promoting podcasts and conversations about podcasts, here we are today. The support over this last year has been overwhelming some days. I am a girl from Denver who gets social media, loves podcasts and wants to help market them in a better way. 

My one goal is for Kid Fury and Crissle to never ask me not to be a fan anymore, see Trey Songz. Before starting Podcasts in Color, I would @ them to remember to use the @ThisIsTheRead twitter account, when they would use their own for promoting things. Each time expecting them to ask me fall back but they never did, even if they felt that way.

They are the reason I saw a podcast, thought about the way they could be marketed. After manyyyyy conversations I am now getting other people do not sit around and think about the way podcast accounts tweet, how links are presented, how to connect the audience to the hosts but with boundaries. Not sure why but people don't, it's fun to me. Not sure what this next year holds. Hopinng to make it the Podcast Movement conference in Chicago. Looking into ways to work with podcasts to help them grow. I didn't get to do a March Madness with podcasts but Podcast Summer Madness is coming....


Best thing to happen this year: Crissles mention of Podcasts In Color on #TheRead. Just, everything. 

Acast link (takes you to the exact moment 😁 )