<3 #TheRead

The Monday before Crissles shoutout on The Read, I decided to let this site go. I had just came back from having some great conversations about podcast jobs in NY. I came back to Denver and my current job became...a situation. I live in Denver and it feels like I am sooo far from everything.

I was posting 25 podcasts a day, went down to 13 because between Buffer (limits even when I'm paying? WHAT) SocialPilot.co, thought this was the answer and they post to Tumblr! I looked at my app at the end of a long day & half the podcasts didnt post to different social networks! Who knew wanting to post 25 posts a day on three different social networks, would be this complicated? It felt like I was hitting too many walls & I'm open to changing things when something isnt working but even my changes weren't working. 

Then...I get a tweet Thursday 

I immediately turned on The Read and scrolled to the end, because I knew whatever it was, it was at the end. When Crissle shouted out this site,  still can't find the words. I've been trying to for seven days! It felt great to be appreciated for the things I do. 

A few weeks ago another podcast tweeted about building a podcast directory, I wanted to shut my site down that day. It felt like they would just copy and paste what I have been doing for a year, and their company would be able to do things I can't. It hurt because they are one of my favorite podcasts to listen to and the support I've given them is right under The Read, maybe more because I try not to talk about The Read.

I never want to be second best. I'm not trying to build something so people have another option for a podcast directory that is non-white, I want to be it and I am, for now. I understand now that others see the power of this space and that makes me happy. I want us all to win which is why I created this.

My job situation makes it hard to keep this going but it lets me know I have to find a way to monetize this site. Without regular trash ads because nah, before I can't afford to keep up with this site anymore. I love podcasts but I also love food, my bed and having a roof over my head.


Feel free to listen to the episode and my shoutout at the end