.@Forbes Podcasts

Forbes, which covers business news and financial news, has added a podcast network to their site. On the first look I saw no color, which I expected BUT after going back through the podcasts I did notice two out of the ten, do have color! I also listened to Hiding in the Bathroom and Other Unlikely Secrets of Success  because HerAgenda founder Rhonesha. She let me know while I was discussing Forbes Podcasts on twitter that she was a guest and not to write them off yet, lol. Check them out below...

Well, Technically - Sarah Kunst and Terri Burns host Well, Technically, a talk show podcast where we interview founders, celebs and makers to talk about the work they are doing and the tech they love. If you’re a startup junkie, early adopter, or just interested in the intersection of technology and everything else, this podcast is for you. 

Creating Espacios - A resource for aspiring entrepreneurial women and to act as a first step in closing the gap in information and resources for diverse communities who want to become a part of the media or startup world.

Now see, Forbes still has a way to go. There's no way you should add a podcast network, not just one podcast, to your site and nothing talking about audio is in your drop down menu. The way the pages on Forbes.com/podcasts do not have any playable audio, speaks volumes to me. The thought they put into sharing these podcasts, how people would find them outside of itunes, no effort was really put in. Right on the heels of WNYC's roll out @2DopeQueens, Forbes should feel shamed. It seems like they had ideas around creating podcasts but didn't start with first answering the question "How do we start with making this easy for people to listen?". This is laughable to me. To put this much work in and not showcase the work in a way for it to be easily shareable, not sure I get it.