Five Podcasts Under 30 Minutes

Food Heaven Starting an Exercise Routine episode 7 (Site) (iOS) 19:34 - Wellness Whisk Maxine Yeung, a Certified Personal Trainer extraordinaire and a Registered Dietitian at Stanford. 

AIATLA  Emmelie De La Cruz episode 11 - (soundclooud) (iOS) 28:39 - This week’s guest is social media strategist and founder of The Branding Muse Emmelie De La Cruz. Emmelie is someone who has found cool ways to teach people how to make money doing what they’re good, and finding jobs they like.

Behind The Brilliance Comfort Zones + Failure episode 56 - (site) (iOS) 18:56 - This episode was inspired by some reflections of my own and conversations with super achievers. For folks interested in fully maximizing their brilliance, being out of the comfort zone regularly and learning how to turn failures into lessons is what’s necessary. I discuss this and more in this ep of BTB. I also share my brief review on The Hidden Brain, a book I recently read and absolutely LOVED. Whether you’re white, black, orange, red or transracial, you should read it.

Blacticulate Business Management Consultant - (Acast) (iOS) - In this episode Paul Henry, Business Management Consultant, gives us in a matter of fact way solid advice and resources should we wish to choose a Business Management Consultant path.

Tea & Converse Frannie Kelly episode - (soundcloud) (iOS) - Got the opportunity to sit down with the co-host of one of rap's most important podcasts. We spoke about her history at NPR, her move to the west coast and the origin story of NPR's Microphone Check podcast. Ladies and gentlemen...Frannie Kelley.