Books! Books! Books! + Podcasts

I am a book lover and podcasts have given great book recommendations on improving your life, fiction books that take you away from your life and/or books filled with information you never knew you needed. Here are a few that have stuck out to me. They all talked about the books in a way that made me want to follow up and read later. Check out the episodes below...

New Year, Do You - Behind The Brilliance - In this solo episode, Lisa shares her thoughts on why resolutions suck, how she likes to use the Wheel of Life at the top of the year, and her favorite book recommendations for each key area on the Wheel of Life.

Girl,WYD?! - Girl Have You Read? - Paige, WYD? Theo, WYD? Trista Russel, WYD? These are the questions we asked ourselves by reading Trista Russel’s Fly On The Wall, released in 2009. In today’s podcast, we have a special guest, Porsha A. from to discuss the book (with HEFTY spoilers) 

Live from LA! with Rebecca Traister - Call Your Girlfriend - We discuss the Supreme Court’s “smoking hot feminists” and ending the tampon tax. Rebecca Traister shares from her new book All the Single Ladies, including the brief history of single women in America and the origin story of Amina and Ann.

Listener Recommendations Vol. 1 ft. @Vivaciously_Val - Better Than The Movie - This week we have a special guest in the honeycomb hideout, one of our favorite listeners--Valerie (aka @Vivaciously_Val on Le Twitter)! She's here to kick off our listener recommendations segment with a treasure trove of AMAZING books to read.