#PodcastProfile @TheCurePodcast

Name of Podcast: 

The Cure podcast

Hosts of the Show:

Rell (@iam_Rellz) & Marcus(@onewavvy_7) . The shows social media Twitter & Facebook

Who is your podcast for?

...other black mid 25 y/o who may or may not have the same thoughts as us. We're the voice for them

Where in the world is your podcast recorded? 


Podcast Pitch! Why should the person reading this check out your podcast?

The cure podcast is about two young black men who discuss noteworthy current events and voice their own opinion. They are not to worried about being politically correct, but only giving their complete honest unfiltered input. They also pay homage to their childhood with the start of a theme song from a different popular throwback tv shows, every week. They also speak about the love of music with old school song of the week and cartoons they watch growing up, even comparing certain one with celebrities and their situations.

What is your favorite podcast, as of today? 

The Read, Brilliant idiots, Serial, Lip Service,The Friend Zone, Jade & XD, Sword and Scale