New podcasts from 6/20/16

*New* podcasts 6/20/16

1. Just Talkin With Sam  

Feat. Lalah Hathaway

Audioboom * iTunes 


2. P4P Boxing Report  

''Loma" Destroys "Rocky" & The Return of "Boo Boo"

Soundcloud * iTunes 


3. The Pop Life  

Featuring Actress Anna Maria Horsford  

Soundcloud * iTunes  


4. The Black Guy Who Tips  

Cocaine Fried Chicken

TBGWT * iTunes  


5. How To Get Away With Parenting 

Life Insurance and Birth Control  

HTGAWP * iTunes  


6. #Lof1804 w/ @Kiskeacity

Haiti News and Blog Review 

Kiskeacity * iTunes 


7. Another Word for Lesbian  

Who's Gonna Make It Safe?  

Soundcloud * iTunes  


8. Halfcast w/ @ChuckieOnline 

Culture Clash 2016

Soundcloud * iTunes  


9. Not Your African Cliché 

Na Craze Dey Worry Am ( A discussion on mental Heath)  

Soundcloud * iTunes  


10. Like Minded

Father's Day  

PaulAndShay * iTunes  


11. Brothas Comics  

Battle Of The Bastards  

Soundcloud * iTunes  


12. Strange Fruit  

 Faith After Violence

Soundcloud * iTunes 


13. Am I Allowed To Like Anything 

Author Angela Flournoy  

Soundcloud * iTunes