#CatchTheTea #PodcastProfile

Name of Podcast? 

Catch The Tea Podcast 

Hosts of the Show?

A Tru Lady (@suchalady85)

Who is your podcast for?

Catch The Tea podcast coincides with my blog spillinthetea.com where I keep up with the latest in pop culture, the news, trending and more with various guest. PLUS I have "Ask A Lady" questions.

Where in the world is your podcast recorded? 


Podcast Pitch! Why should the person reading this check out your podcast?

Seeking to be informed, looking for laughs, want to be caught up on the latest tea? Catch The Tea podcast is for you.

What is your favorite podcast, as of today?

My favorite podcasts right now or Brilliant Idiots, Neck of the Woods, Man Law, and Chico's Dose of Reality.