7/14 New Podcasts

1. *New* #RapRadarPodcast ft @ScHoolBoyQ ~ Playit: http://bitly.com/29Vy4bR iOS: http://apple.co/29Vy3oA

2. *New* @WordOfMouthShow The 1 Year Anniversary Episode ~ Soundcloud: http://bitly.com/29Vxqv0 iOS: http://apple.co/2a14Z1U

3. *New* @embodiedcast Masters Of Suspicion ~ Stitcher: http://bitly.com/29VpFWd iOS: http://apple.co/2a162P5

4. *New* @WeComeFromQns Situationships ~ site: http://bitly.com/29Vt1Zh iOS: http://apple.co/29VAbMN

5. *New* #CrownAndCollards ft @huny ~ site: http://bitly.com/29VowxA iOS: http://apple.co/2a16Svm

.6. *New* @raopodcast ft @OGJOHNNY5 ~ PodOmatic: http://bitly.com/2a0VY8S iOS: http://apple.co/29VAXJM

7. *New* The Idea of Manhood - Other People's MF'n Kids ~ Scloud: http://bitly.com/29VCmzY iOS: http://apple.co/2a18lSf

8. *New* @TheCornerLSN (see pic) ~ Scloud: http://bitly.com/29VEJ5O iOS: http://apple.co/29VEyI4

9. *New* @HotFiyaStarter #MenaFee2DC ~ podomatic: http://bitly.com/2a19vgP iOS: http://apple.co/2a19rxh

10. *New* Sports Social w/ Ed Easton - Duncan Done ~ Scloud: http://bitly.com/29VFY59 iOS: http://apple.co/2a1bQrR

11. *New* #AIATLA ft @terr ~ Scloud: http://bitly.com/29VGO1D iOS: http://apple.co/2a1dnOQ

12. *New* @mediocre_parent We Know ~ Acast: http://bitly.com/29VHZ1r iOS: http://apple.co/29VHUdW

13. *New* @ThePOCReport ft ME! @PodcastsInColor aka Berry not Barry ~ Soundcloud: http://bitly.com/29VJ60P iOS: http://apple.co/2a1ffa5