7/15 New Podcasts

1. *New* @JadeAndXD Black AF ~ Soundcloud: http://bitly.com/29Ztoli iOS: http://apple.co/29ZtIQZ

2. *New* @3BlackGeeks Tha Eastsidaz ~ Libsyn: http://bitly.com/29ZryRn iOS: http://apple.co/29ZtXM0

3. *New* @partnerspod ft @LeeTerbosic ~ Site: http://bitly.com/29ZraT6 iOS: http://apple.co/29Zuwpj

4. *New* @Wm40A Ride-or-Diabetes: Part 1 ~ site: http://bitly.com/29ZsCon iOS: http://apple.co/2a4In0o

5. *New*@BROSpod NBA Stars Make a Statement at the ESPY's PlayerFM:http://bitly.com/29Zsjdz iOS: http://apple.co/29ZuIom

6. *New* @BitchMedia Best-of: Activism ~ site: http://bitly.com/29ZsPbp iOS: http://apple.co/2a4INUw

7. *New* @BossipDBS ft @premadonna87 ~ site: http://bitly.com/29ZsZ2B iOS: http://apple.co/29ZuJbZ

8. *New* WhoYaWit - Cease & Alamo ~ Scloud: http://bitly.com/29ZvkdA iOS: http://apple.co/2a4K2To

9. *New* @TheISMRadio Greenleaf Review ~ Soundcloud: http://bitly.com/29ZvnX1 iOS: http://apple.co/29ZwDJq

10. *New* @BrownAndScoop ft @DavidHasselhoff ~ playit: http://bitly.com/29JwE3V iOS: http://apple.co/2a4NkpQ

11. *New* @ArbitersofAnR New Music Friday + more ~ Playit: http://bitly.com/29JmcNO iOS: http://apple.co/29ZADtL

12. *New* @WrassleCast The New Final Dayletion ft @Terrysboy ~ Soundcloud: http://bitly.com/29JlJLB iOS: http://apple.co/2a4NTzV

13.*New* @Marauders215 A Review of Blankface ~ Stitcher: http://bitly.com/29JmO6b iOS: http://apple.co/29ZAyWF