7/18 New Podcasts

1. *New* @BGNPodcast Business Development & Ghostbusters ~ Soundcloud: http://bitly.com/29OfeBi iOS: http://apple.co/2aac684

2. *New* @fuseboxradio 2016 For Black America Feels Like 1966 with Smartphones ~ Acast: http://aca.st/2a4d8e iOS: http://apple.co/2a5ynB5

3. *New* @heyyouknowit Dude, Where's My Liver? ~ Podbean:http://bitly.com/29OkzIB iOS: http://apple.co/2a5yNYn

4. *New* @CUTTHECHAT Cut The Chat Live in Liverpool ~ Soundcloud: http://bitly.com/29Oetbd iOS: http://apple.co/2aae7kC

5. *New* @BlackMeetsWorld ft @tytryone + more ~ Soundcloud: http://bitly.com/29Od1FQ iOS: http://apple.co/2aadtUe

6. *New* @htgawp Do We Need A Will? ~ site: http://bitly.com/29Of38O iOS: http://apple.co/2a5BxVt

7. *New* @CakeAndSausage D.N.A. ~ Scloud: http://bitly.com/29OfCiU iOS: http://apple.co/2aafLmk

8. *New* @ssnpodcast #MediaLiesMatter ~ site: http://bitly.com/29OgmVf iOS: http://apple.co/2a5BQj5

9. *New* @2BELTZPodcast The Pokémon Glo Up ~ Scloud: http://bitly.com/29OeEmX iOS: http://apple.co/2aafxvp

10. *New* #SitWithUs Sick and Tired ~ Acast: http://bitly.com/29OhpVh iOS: http://apple.co/2a5DUYf

11.*New* #MoniqueSidneysOpenRelationship Is there a double standard with white people vs people of color? Playit: http://bitly.com/29OFBqI iOS: http://apple.co/2aasghP