7/25 New Podcasts

1. *New* @SamShow11 ft @that_guy_rell ~

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2. *New* @TheBackBeat1 Receipts Paid ~

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3. *New* @ComedyOutliers Dan Perlman ~

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4. *New* @AllPodsMatter Trainwreck movie review ~

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5. *New* @thisishotair Lies and Allies ~

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6. *New* @WJGBpodcast How I Met My Mother ~

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7. *New* @NWAPcast Alton Sterling, Philando Castile, and Police Violence ~

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8. *New* @Sativajones_ 1yr Recap ~

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9. *New* @RealThinkersPod The Day Sanchez Birthday Episode ~

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10. *New* @str8outdaden How To Setup Up Your Own Tour ~

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11. *New* @THENWPPODCAST NWPTurns1 ~

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12. *New* @dreamsindrive founder of @Sesimag ~

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