7/28 New Podcasts

1. *New* @SoulGloProject Sandra Valls + bonus episode ~

Soundcloud: http://bitly.com/2aAd1Po iOS: http://apple.co/2aAd7q6

2. *New* @TheCurePodcast The episode made it though ~

Soundcloud: http://bitly.com/2aAahBL iOS: http://apple.co/2aAdBN1

3. *New* @nerdsofpreycast We've Drifted Into a Civil War~

Soundcloud: http://bitly.com/2aAa80X iOS: http://apple.co/2acYF3Q

4. *New* @mediocre_parent Amy's Writing Checks ~

Acast: http://bitly.com/2acTv8c iOS: http://apple.co/2acXPUN

5. *New* @WWTSNpodcast The Haunted Podcast ft Ghost ~

Soundcloud: http://bitly.com/2aAcKMa iOS: http://apple.co/2aAdSPZ

6. *New* #ClimateVoices Faith Rising in New Orleans ~

site: http://bitly.com/2aAcKMa iOS: http://apple.co/2acZidI

7. *New* @WordOfMouthShow The Word Of Advice ~

Soundcloud: http://bitly.com/2aAeAg8 iOS: http://apple.co/2acYju6

8. *New* @HotFiyaStarter A Shoe In ~

Podomatic: http://bitly.com/2aAeG7s iOS: http://apple.co/2aAfbi3

9. *New* @FsgPodcast Your Speech or Mine? ~

site: http://bitly.com/2ad0puj iOS: http://apple.co/2aAgVYr

10. *New* @BROSpod Bill Says Goodbye to the NY Times ~

Soundcloud: http://bitly.com/2aAfNnH iOS: http://apple.co/2ad09LC

11. *New* @BrownAndScoop ft @mcuban ~

Playit: http://bitly.com/2ad1nX5 iOS: http://apple.co/2ad1S3B

12. *New* @InterracialJawn Black Excellence ~

site: http://bitly.com/2ad36vH iOS: http://apple.co/2aAjaej

13. *New* @Thanks_ForAskin Geriatric Raps ~

Soundcloud: http://bitly.com/2ad4deM iOS: http://apple.co/2ad3Hxz