Dealing with Imposter Syndrome? These podcasts have your back

Imposter syndrome comes at you FAST! One moment you are confident in your abilities and the next you wonder are you playing an adult or faking it? These podcasts talk about dealing with your feelings of being an imposter an a variety of cases, listen in, level up! 

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The Friend Zone

Imposter Syndrome Featuring Chescaleigh

Dustin knows how to slate now, though.
Assante wants to get better about asking for help.
Fran is working through the nerves.
Welcome to The Friend Zone.

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Carry On Friends podcast.png

Carry on Friends


It’s another minisode – short and sweet. If you’ve battled with originality and/or impostor syndrome, take a quick listen to this episode.

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 Audacious Kay

Stealing your Own Joy

Life can be tough, but thank goodness for the successes, wins, and joyful moments! Well, that’s if you can actually enjoy those moments. Too often Imposter’s Syndrome, Survivor’s Guilt, and other neuroses prevent us from basking in the great things that happen. How ’bout we stop stealing our own joy? 

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Tiny Leaps

How to Get Rid Of The Impostor Syndrome 

In this episode we talk about the imposter syndrome and what you can do to deal with it. But don’t worry, I know you deserve to be here because you are now listening to Tiny Leaps, Big Changes.

In This Episode:

- What is the impostor syndrome?

- What are the signs?

- How do we tackle feeling like a fraud?

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Black Girls Talking

Black Girls Talking 

Imposter Syndrome

We talk about Imposter Syndrome, what we've earned and why we're afraid to ask for what we deserve. But first: BIEBER WATCH, THE FORMATION TOUR, The Malcolm X of cornrows and some other stuff (a lot of stuff).

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Call Your Girl friend


We discuss wardrobe pare-down techniques, as Ann records from inside her closet. Why red carpet season turns us into human garbage monsters. Women who don’t want other women to have abortions. Sophia Grace shouts out her girlfriends, but where is Rosie? This week in Shine Theory, the delightful contestants on Masterchef, Jr. This week in menstruation, an IUD update and don't flush tampons. And, how to deal with imposter syndrome.

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