Tea With Queen & J's Top 2017 Podcasts

1. Fanbros show! Finding this podcast was a lifesaver, it's where I learned that there were Black ass lovers of fandom like me and I was welcome to play. Also live for their offshoots like Scream Squad which specifically focuses on horror. Love their analysis and can enjoy it without actually watching horror flicks - J.

Android: fanbros.com

2. #MyTaughtYou She's literally my online mentor for business, motivation and many other things in life. She has a real upfront tell it like it is approach, but the delivery is still gentle. There's love in what she teaches and advises. Never leave without a lesson when I listen to Myleik Teele's podcast-Queen

Android: MyTaughtYou.com

3. Politically Reactive Love listening to Kamau & Hari get into everything political with detailed analysis, guests, while including explanatory commas with information for listeners at every level of political knowledge - J.

Android: PoliticallyReactive.com

4. 2 Dope Queens Phoebe Robinson and Jessica Williams are hilarious, smart and their chemistry is really , REALLY good. I also like the format of the show, it's like Def Jam comedy meets Podcast, minus the Misogyny. I really miss going to comedy clubs so I can get this feeling again. I get to meet new comedians, and I have no idea why I haven't gone to a taping yet. It's on my 2018 list though -Queen

Android: WNYC

5. Queer WOC Money & Nikeeta explore all things Queer & Black and I love learning about the shit that I'd never considered as a work not to be cis straight trash - J.

Android: Queerwoc.com

6. Joblogues Most career podcast are generally for entrepreneurs, and although that is great, I think getting tips as an employee is important and a market highly looked over. I also love the hired or fired segment, its cute -Queen

Android: Joblogues.com

7. Inner Hoe Uprising - These four hoes are educating the masses on all things sex, sexuality and beyond as they learn, share their personal stories, responding thougthfully to listener letters, and having amazing guests. - J.

Android: innerhoeuprising.com

8. Therapy for Black Girls LOVE this one! I don't know how i found it, but I'm glad I did. All her topics are very Black women specific. I also love to share this podcast with friends or family who ask me for advice, she almost has helpful insight on everything-Queen

Android: TherpayForBlackGirls.com

9. Bag Ladies - I always say I wish I could listen to my own podcast as just a listener because I think it's Tea with Queen and J. is so fucking dope lol. This is what I love about Bag Ladies podcast. They're two Black women from the Bronx with womanist race nerd tendencies and they say what I'm thinking or wish I had thought lol. Love them - J.

Android: Soundcloud

10. Extraordinary Negroes In addition to their weekly episodes Alex and Jay treated the world to an amazing series of Insecure reviews with insightful guests and Black ass deep dives into the psychie of every scene and character. - J.

Android: TheExtraordinaryNegroes.com