Listener Submitted Top 2017 Podcasts #PodsInColor

1. Paychecks and Balances - When I think about the podcast that has inspired and helped me the most, it's definitely Paychecks and Balances. They share so much useful, practical information about money and work and, for me, have taken a lot of fear out of managing credit cards and negotiating salaries. Plus, I love hearing two young black men thrive at life and be so passionate about passing on what they've learned to others who are still trying to figure it out.

2. Revision Path  - It's a fantastic podcast with Black designers and coders and creative people that you don't hear from anywhere else. As a design student at a PWI, it really helps me get though tough times by showing that there are people who look like me who are doing what I want to do.

3. 3 THE HARD WAY - Smart, funny, and current with issues

4. Toxic Heart - It's really nice to hear about Black relationships, issues and lives in such an honest and candid way. Sean and B do a great job of making their guest feel comfortable, and they are funny!

5. Normalized - Everyone has a story but how many people really tell theirs? How many people really reveal their flaws, mistakes, repeated mistakes and fears in way that makes people reflect on their own lives and experiences? This podcast uses music to set a mood, enabling our minds to open up and become empathetic to an imperfect human working each day to overcome. Conversation on race, masculinity, addiction, and fatherhood meet somewhere and help us all get to a place of reflection, forgiveness, and vulnerability.

6. The Boonie Breakdown - Boonie is relatively new to podcasting, but seems to be a seasoned pro at delivering the real, relatable info people want to hear and discuss. Her show is fresh, irreverent and hilarious.

7. The Friend Zone - Because they compelling to listen to and makes me feel like I am listening to my three best friends have deep convo's every week!

8. #CareFreeBlackGirl - In 2017 #carefreeblackgirl Podcast has grown an audience of over 700 in 10 months . This podcast serves as a voice for the #carefreeblackgirl movement. The host have been invited to panels , events and festivals . Many of our listeners tune in for girl talk , wellness information and the latest social / political conversations .

9. We leave you this - It’s about a couples legacy and thoughts that they leave to future. The bonus is that their a black successful married couple with valid thoughts on today’s topics.

10. Schoolin Life - Schoolin Life Podcast is a top podcast of 2017, because it is an independent podcast hosted by 3 thoughtful and hilarious black women authentically telling their stories and the stories of other women who they think are smart, funny and can add value to the lives of their audience, in a time when the world needs to listen to black women!

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