EssenceMag has new podcast by all women

Essence has a new podcast called "Yes,Girl" 


Podcast Graphic: C- Could be better. A good graphic, to me, tells you places to find the podcast, has social media & a the shows hashtag. 

Podcast Audio: A+

Podcast Episode Notes: C+ Didn't include links to podcast. Nothing on how to contact or interact the podcast. Great guest biographies. 


I checked the debut episode out of Essence's new podcast, interested to see where they go with the podcast. The Uzo interview was good but felt like it could've been edited down to be even better. Loved the Remy/Pap conversation. They were really open about Remy's time inside and how they stayed a unit. 

I was surprised Essence didn't have ads about the podcasts future subject matter or how to share and listen for new listeners. This month #TryPod is happening an it would seem like if the podcast industry is making a push to talk about how to listen podcasts, a new podcast would use that information when starting one. 

Overall it seemed "nice" like an entertainment show. Upbeat voices, to make everyone wanted to seem EXCITED! They ended the podcast with asking people who comment to "keep it cute". I took that as they aren't pushing any boundaries, if they are asking for only nice comments. All my favorite podcasters have people who truly don't like their podcasts but they aren't trying to be for everyone.