5 Podcasts not in New York!


It can seem like all podcasts are located in New York but there are many that aren't. Here are five you should try out with the descriptions of their latest episodes below.

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New Orleans, LA

Fly With Bats - EP. 21 sideB: Respek Mah HumaniTAY - Stitcher

-Transexuals fighting for their humanity, Trans killing epidemic in NoLa?, The Misgendering Problem, DisneySoGay, The Straight Agenda, 7th Ward Going Crazy!, LQBTQ Rights are Civil Rights, Acceptance is a process, The problem with 'misgendering', The PSA, Race Changing?, The Pursuit of Happiness, The Fall of Uncle Ben Carson, SLAVES ARE NOT IVANKAS MUTHAF*#%$!, Obama VS Context, NoLa Removing Racist Monuments, Cop bullies 13 yeear old?, 

Chicago, IL

Unlearned Podcast - EPISODE 38: FREEZE, FIGHT OR FLIGHT - website 

Are you a horse or a buffy? Mesha explains why she is hitching a wagon in this month’s edition of slay or nay. Mesha gets personal and reflects on a recent encounter with street harassment and threats of violence. How does pacifism and self preservation interact? Opt out of White Feminism: Part 5 Womanism. Kat and Mesha discuss their connection and love for the concept of womanism while Kat basks in the queendom of Alice Walker.


San Francisco, CA/Austin,TX

Paychecks and Balances - PB45: The Anniversary Episode - website

  • Ok, we may be a generation raised on credit and buried in debt, but we’re ready to prove we’re also more than capable of digging ourselves out of this mess
  • Why we’re focusing more on our journey instead of comparing our progress to others – there’s “levels” to the game of life and we’ve finally found our lane
  • What has and continues to motivate us about personal finance, debt and career management
  • What’s next for Paychecks and Balances

Detroit, MI

#FRMSCRTCH -  The #FRMSCRTCH Podcast featuring @LowkeyUHTN - 

On this weeks episode we have Lowkey on the podcast during his Trap Karaoke tour stop in Detroit. We talk about the tension on social media with Trap Karaoke vs. a few Detroit Promotors. We also get into his journey growing up from New Jersey. We talk about how his website YouHeardThatNew.com took him from hotel front desk to BET. We get into the beginnings of Trap Karaoke,Hennypalooza, Beats1, FRMSCRTCH 5, and what's next with LowKey.



Houston, TX

Houston's POV Podcast - The Jail Episode/When loving TWO people goes wrong 
In this week's new episode we read our first fan-mail from a listener, as well as discuss how male friendships can dissolve as you get older. We also tell the story of what happens when you go to jail at 17 for being black...