5 Podcast Episodes By Women You Should Check Out (1)

Five podcast episodes Berry loves, by women



It's a Trap! 

From the podcast description: '90s icons return: Amina discovers the sexiness of Keanu Reeves & there's a a new ::fire emoji:: Calvin Klein campaign featuring the cast of Moonlight. This week in menstruation, that labia glue to stop period flow you heard about? It's a real patent, but also fake news. Cheeto Watch continues as Kellyanne gets too comfortable in the Oval Office and HBCU leaders realize they got played. Plus, a "feminist" manifesto.

From Berry: Amina is everything! Her words on the HBCU's visiting POTUS, I FELT! I didn't think a podcast like this existed. It's the conversations I wish I could hear. Sometimes I wonder where the women are that don't just go to work and go home, Ann & Amina give me a podcast friendship I never thought I needed. 

"No, you couldn't even get like the right person elected, so I think we've learned you cannot be effective from the inside".

Gutting! but true. Love I found this podcast! 

Acast: http://aca.st/b2f009

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Meal Planning & Time Management

From the podcast description: As a somewhat reluctant stay-at-home mom I've been dragging my feet when it comes to meal planning and general household management. So I recruited Mimi from Unlikely Martha to help me get it together. She's got sooo much wisdom to share. But, don't get it twisted! She'll be the first person to tell you that she's not perfect either. I think that's why so many folks love her. We chat about everything from giving our children plenty of affection and tenderness to "time chunking" mundane tasks with a stop watch. She's doing it all.


From Berry: I never plan on being a mom but love hearing other women share stories! Crying it out is something us single people do too! lol! This was a great conversation on different types of parenting and boundaries with other parents on parenting comments. 

Website: www.htgawp.com

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Bag Ladies ft. Natalie Lue

From the podcast description: It’s our relationships episode!!! We are unpacking it all. This week we are joined by Baggage Reclaim’s Natalie Lue who shares with us all relationships expertise. #MelaninMagic goes to the people behind History Matters Young Filmmakers awards www.chi.ac.uk/HMyfa. Your Comment Shouldn’t Be Free is back. 

From Berry: Fun conversation from the U.K. perspective. I felt twitter old because half my timeline has hooked up with each other lol. Lots of subjects covered. 

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The Spot 

From the episode description: My goal was not to push Magen or "solve" any of her problems. I just wanted to be her sounding board. To really listen and maybe flush out some ideas, if she wanted. It took a lot of courage for Magen to put her story out in such an open and honest way. In the end, there was no resolution and there didn't have to be. She had an opportunity to just speak.
From Berry: Really liked how open and truthful Magen was. Felt like many a conversation I have had with girlfriends over the years and getting over guys. 

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Pat Brown

From the podcast description: Goofy-looking standup Pat Brown comes upstairs to get real about PC Culture, to advocate for "maximum inclusion," and to discuss purpose in comedy. Plus, we have different experiences with uber.


From Berry: I've heard Pat Brown on Friends Like Us and immediately downloaded this episode to listen. Truly witty people who know how to still be regular are far and in between. Love the comedians podcasts have been helping me find.