#PodcastMomTalk Podcasts with the hosts moms as the guest!

Berry is a huge fan of parents appearing on podcasts. You really never know what they are going to say, for example Hadiyah's mom on What is the podcast now changed to Black Ass Podcast


Berry cracked up on this episode when Rome of Dormtainment interviewed his mom. Because you have to ask yourself are you REALLY ready to hear your parents story? (iOS - soundcloud)






Two Dope Queens

On Two Dope Queens Jessica's mom joined the ladies for a bonus episode

Girl on Guy w/ Aisha Tyler 

Aisha is a next level interviewer! Berry has loved all episodes she has listened to, so when she saw her mom on an episode she pressed play right away. 

Site link

Another Round 

Tracy is a fav, a fav I say! Have you heard that laugh? Have you heard her jokes?  A FAV! Tracy's mom has made an appearance on Another Round before but this one was more detailed. Tracy had her DNA tested an then talks to her mom about Indian being in or maybe not in, their family. LOVED THIS! 


A few other podcasts with hosts talking to their moms...

- My Taught You Has TWO episodes! 10 Lessons From My Mom (Only 10 minutes Acast - iOS) - My Mom on WORK (Acast - iOS

- How To Get Away With Parenting (site - iOS)

- Naked Beauty has an episode with her mom AND grandmother! check out this multi-generation episode  (souncloud - iOS)

- Broke And Bougie Naya has her mom on to talk growing up (soundcloud - iOS