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Looking for a new podcast to try? Here for four new podcast episodes and what they are about! Check one of them out...

Clapback Calamity - Clapback interviews Jill is black to discuss a world where we don't strive for acceptance of the majority Caucasian ruling class and other issues plaguing Black America. Is it possible to get along? How do we repair am entire psychology and system set up to keep people down? Jill is Black drps some gems on the hosts of Clapback Calamity.

Sweats and Suits - This episode we bring on two women who probably know us the most Kourtney(Seth's Wife) and Celeste(Mother of Eric's daughter) There were a lot of things put on the table and talked about. Things really heated up in the FB live segment! Lots of great convo!

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SHEnanigans - Listen to the SHE Team as they discuss situationships! The Bri-Game is a game of "Two Truths and a Lie". Girl Talk features how to identify emotional abuse, 7 ways to save money on natural hair products, importance of breakfast and ways to de-stress.

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Hope and Wellness - site - Apple Podcasts -  Chef Jerome Grant is currently the executive chef of the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History. During our interview, he was the executive chef of Mitsitam Cafe in the National Museum of the American Indian. Chef Grant's road to the Mitsitam Cafe began in Maryland, with stops in Pennsylvania, Oklahoma and St. Croix, and the influence of Jamaican , Native American and French cuisines. At Mitsitam Cafe, Chef Grant sources ingredients such as wild rice, chocolate, bison and wild elk to feed over 500,000 museum visitors authentic Native American dishes, and, just as importantly, support Native American tribes and small business owners. Whether preparing spiny lobster in St. Croix or bison, the national mammal of the US, in Washington, DC , Chef Grant understands food as the cultural heritage that both distinguishes and connects all of us .