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New Additions: Larry Wilmore Black On Air, Deray Pod Save The People , Janet Mock Never Before, By The Book, Mixed Race


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Revision Path -


Maurice interviews Datrianna a Senior Product Designer @ Spotify  

PHDivas - 

Surviving the Job Market, Setting Up a Lab: Interview with Dr. Nadia Chernyak -If you survived the academic job market, what comes next? Xine catches up with Dr. Nadia Chernyak who will be tenure-track at UC Irvine in the Cognitive Science department. 



Hey, Sis -

Erika is the writer behind the blog A Black Girl’s Guide to Weight Loss, where she chronicles her journey from 330-lb couch potato to nutritionist and personal trainer. 



Gettin Grown - 

Jade and Keia discuss the things that they wish they would’ve known in their 20’s with the help of 12 of their friends and faves. ISSA whole lot of Brilliant Black Woman Wisdom Featuring: @IssaRae, @ReignofApril, @KishaAyana, @mayasworld, @crissles, @reagangomez, @_maleficentt, @dreaontv, @heyfranhey, @Steenfox, @brookeandthecity, @corporatebarbie Shoutout to My Sis/Graduation Announcements- 6:40- 43:41

Kerning Cultures - 

Often the hijab is perceived as a static, monolithic thing. Whereas its representation and the stories of the women who choose to wear it are varied in background and complexity. At Kerning Cultures, we're always interested in the in-between. In this special 2-part series, Not Just My Hijab, hear the stories of 4 different women from different parts of the world share their relationships with their hijab. 



Loved this clip! All my friends have never ending laundry LMAO!

A Highlight of podcast from May

My Taught You


May 20th 2017, 50 ladies gathered in the offices of Spotify. They drank and talked podcasts. It was a dream come true. Thankful for the leaders of of the conversation Brittany LuseTatiana King, Neena Pathak and Rana Campbell

Also ALL the love and thanks to Joymarie (Joblogues) and Datrinna who partnered with me and helped plan and make this event happen. 

Podcast News 

Apple Podcasts is updating in iOS11

ISOJ 2017 podcast panel starts @ 2:09:25 - Watched this a few times, great insight into where the industry is going

Don't call a black woman exotic ... ever

Why Are Black Babies Dying?

Why are #PodcastsSoWhite? (Podcasts in Color quoted) 

10 great podcasts to diversify your listening lineup (Podcasts in Color's picks) 

Hot Pod did a interview on my fav Jonathan Mena of LSN 



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